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The DuckTales Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg. No really, you never know quite what you're going to get, and a hurricane is just as likely as a moon invasion, witch attack, or a battle with gods and titans. Actually, after watching "DuckTales," it doesn't seem like the safest place to live, but it sure is a blast to visit. After all, there's a reason the original 1987 Disney classic got a reboot 30 years later in 2017.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie got distinct personalities — and voices! — while minor characters like Mrs. Beakley got major overhauls. Beyond that, new Duck family members were added in, from the relatively obscure Della to some of Disney's biggest names, like Donald and Daisy. For three glorious seasons, 2017's "DuckTales" told surprisingly deep tales of derring-do, bad and good luck tales, with three-dimensional characters who managed to reflect a little something of ourselves back to us. 

In fact, the show does such a great job of giving us well-rounded ducks, it can be hard to decide just which character we identify with the most — or even which character we want to identify with the most. So we thought we might give you a hand and compare the characters to astrological signs so you can see how well you truly line up to these ducks. So sit back and read on to see which "DuckTales" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Donald Duck

Starting the zodiac with Donald just feels right. Yes, "DuckTales" is very much centered around Scrooge, but Donald was the first Disney duck, and the rest of the world grew around him. Making Donald an Aries feels just as right because, well, close your eyes and think of Donald Duck. What do you see? A duck in a sailor uniform? Or maybe an arms flailing, beak flapping, quacking ball of anger in a sailor uniform? When it comes to the zodiac, few are as quick to anger as an Aries, and when it comes to Duckburg, no one beats Donald for sheer rage.

Even though they have a short fuse, Aries are also bold, heroic, and caring. More often than not, Donald uses his anger to protect those he loves. In "Daytrip of Doom!" once he finds out the Beagle Boys are trying to ransom his nephews, Donald's berserker rage singlehandedly takes the Beagles down as a stunned Mrs. Beakley watches. And long before the triplets ever came along, he was traveling the world, adventuring with his sister, Della, and their Uncle Scrooge.

While he doesn't always show it, Donald is just as much a leader as any Aries. He takes charge during "The Shadow War!" to take down Magica de Spell and rescue Scrooge. Though Donald may sometimes have confidence issues, like any Aries, when he sets his mind to something, he makes it happen.

Taurus: Mrs. Beakley

Fans old enough to remember Scrooge's housekeeper from the original "DuckTales" were probably more than a little taken aback when they met 2017 reboot Beakley. Where the original was a gentle, grandmotherly housekeeper prone to fainting, this Beakley is a tough-talking former superspy who has probably thought of a hundred ways to incapacitate someone before they even finish introductions.

Solid, dependable, and unfailingly loyal, the Taurus is the anchor keeping everyone else grounded. She's the one who tries to keep everything and everyone orderly, whether it's the mansion or the wayward Ducks while on adventures. While everyone else is running around panicking, Mrs. Beakley handles the problem, whether it's dirt or ghosts, with the same calm, stolidity. 

Tauruses, of course, have a reputation for stubbornness, and yes, they can be set in their ways, but they aren't inflexible. Sometimes, though, they may hold on longer than they should. This is seen in Mrs. Beakley's insistence that Webby train the boys in "Escape from the ImpossiBin!" She pushes both the boys and Webby too far and refuses to listen to their fear and worries. She does back down, eventually, and realizes how far out of line she got, but it probably would've been better to figure that out before hand-to-hand combat with Webby begins on the roof of a mansion.

Gemini: Lena Sabrewing

When we first meet Lena, she quite literally has two sides to her. There's Webby's friend, then there's her secret shadow side as the nefarious Magica de Spell. Like most of those born under the twins, Lena's great at blending in, which makes her the perfect tool for Magica to use to ingratiate into Webby's (and therefore Scrooge's) life. 

Geminis, though, aren't really the two-faced creeps that so many folks make them out to be. Lena and Magica may have originally been a part of each other, but Lena isn't the conniving betrayer she seems to be. Once a Gemini befriends you, you're pretty much guaranteed to have their loyalty and love forever. While Lena, for a time, does give in to Magica's wishes, she proves herself true in the end.

With Webby's friendship bolstering her, Lena defeats Magica in "The Shadow War!" It just comes at a great cost. Magica destroys her body, leaving everyone to think she'd died. Instead, Lena attaches to Webby's shadow until she's eventually returned back to life. Her dual nature, no longer tied to her twisted "mother," allows her to live her own life as a teen and power magic user who can always help her friends out in a pinch. Like a true Gemini, Lena becomes a friend that anyone would be lucky to have in their lives.

Cancer: Daisy Duck

Let's face it — not everyone can handle dating Donald. Or understanding him. But Daisy somehow manages both. Like most Cancers, she seems to have a touch of the psychic as she's one of the few people who can perfectly understand him. Not even Donald's family can say that.

Granted, Daisy, like Donald, is prone to anger, and Cancers aren't known as walking balls of rage, but they are very emotional. When those emotions get overwhelmed, leading them to feel slighted or not taken seriously, watch out, as a Cancer will hide their feelings right up until they let them out in an explosion. That's how Daisy handles hers when a waiter spills a drink on her coat in "Louie's Eleven!" Daisy hides her feelings, calmly walks away until she's alone, and smashes the first vase she sees. 

Then there's the empathy. Cancers can be prone to falling for the wrong person because of it and getting stuck trying to save someone who doesn't want to be saved. That's exactly how Daisy feels on her date with Donald in "New Gods on the Block!" Between Storkules' well-meaning but woefully inappropriate attack and Donald's disgusting garbage problem, she runs off, declaring that she doesn't need to be his mother or to fall for anyone else who needs saving. However, he's cute, so she goes back for him anyway. No, that's not something that should ever happen in real life — but in this case, Donald's worth it. 

Leo: Dewey Duck

Without a doubt, middle triplet Dewey is a raging Leo. He's bold, daring, outgoing, and, at times, impulsive. Like a true Leo, he's always trying, and often succeeding, to be the center of attention. He even hosts his late-night talk show (kind of), "Dewey Dew-Night!"

Dewey's also got the protective aspects of the Leo and more than a touch of a leader in him — though sometimes that involves making decisions for others and bearing the weight of them on his own. When his and Webby's search in "The Spear of Selene!" leads him to think his mom stole from the family and ran off, he decides to keep the secret from his brothers. He doesn't want them to suffer the same heartbreak he's feeling. 

It turns out he's wrong, and if he'd just talked to others about it, he could have saved himself from the suffering he went through in much of Season 1. He thinks he did it to help, but his brothers can't help question this when they find out his secret. They believe he wants to feel special, and the secret was more about his insecurities — a problem even the sunniest of Leos have to face. There can be a surprisingly fragile core at the center of all that attention-seeking, and few embody that better than Dewey.

Libra: Louie Duck

Ah, Llewellyn. There are plenty of things that can be said about the youngest triplet, but hard worker isn't one of them. Louie is a dreamer and an entrepreneur and, like many of those born under the scales, enjoys the finer things in life. Louie's the one most likely to be by Scrooge's side at work, but do not expect him to put in the same effort as his uncle to make his millions. He likes coming up with get-rich schemes, but he's never been great at following through.

With that said, Louie's got all the charm and bubbly personality of a Libra, so he's darn good at getting others to get their hands dirty for him — like tricking Dewey to do his laundry. Okay, okay, it may sound like there's not a lot of good in Louie (but to be fair, he is known as the "evil" triplet), but that's not true. He does love his friends and family and, like a Libra, is happiest surrounded by them.

Libras put a lot of stock into making their lives look and feel the best they can be, which perfectly describes Louie. His smooth-talking confidence is mostly an act. In "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!" he admits to Webby that he's mostly just a scared kid who doesn't know what to do in most situations. So he's remade his life to look better than he feels it is.

Virgo: Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera

When we first meet Fenton, he's an unpaid intern working for Gyro. Unpaid and underappreciated. He's certainly not getting the respect he deserves from the crabby inventor, as he's a more-than-competent scientist in his own right. Airy Virgos are some of the most intelligent, adaptable, quick-learning signs out there, making them excellent scientists. Maybe if Gyro leaned on Fenton's meticulousness more, his lightbulb tech wouldn't constantly be going haywire and trying to murder everyone.

Gyro, though, does create one decent invention that actually helps people instead of hurting them — Gizmoduck. That's where Virgo's other significant quality comes in. They have such a strong sense of duty that they prefer putting their talents towards helping and serving others. Once Fenton gets in that super suit, he's more hero than scientist, and he's always willing to lend a hand. 

That's all well and good for Duckburg (or, occasionally, St. Canard), but for Fenton, it can get him into trouble. Since Virgos aren't big complainers, they prefer to suck it up and get the job done. It's what allowed Fenton to endure Gyro's abuse, and it's something Gizmoduck can appreciate. However, even if Darkwing Duck brushes him off while, say, calling for help to keep Bushroot's vines from tearing him apart, Fenton will simply call back at a more convenient time.

Scorpio: Webby Vanderquack

Webby Vanderquack is one of the few members of the McDuck household who isn't a literal part of the family. However, that doesn't stop her from bonding with the Ducks almost immediately upon meeting them, and those strong social ties are something that Scorpios excel at. 

When the triplets first meet her, she's already utterly enamored by Scrooge, determined to learn everything about him and be just like him. She then becomes friends with Huey, Dewey, and Louie in no time, and it doesn't take long for them to think of her as family. When she meets Lena, she pretty much immediately finds a forever friend. In fact, it's their friendship that saves everyone when Magica takes over the Money Bin.

It's hard not to love someone as fearless and willing to go her own way as Webby, but that fearlessness can make Scorpios downright intimidating. For a kid (or, let's face it, even an adult), Webby can most definitely be daunting. Trained by Mrs. Beakley in all manner of survival and hand-to-hand combat has made her more than capable, and when she turns that on others, watch out. At least it's fun to watch, like when she stalked Huey and Dewey in "Escape from the ImpossiBin!" She promises them a sneak attack and proceeds to scare when she keeps popping up when least expected. Sounds like family to us. 

Sagittarius: Della Duck

Everyone loves a Sagittarius. Charismatic, fun-loving, and adventurous, they make friends wherever they go — even on the moon. They're the wanderers and the truth-seekers of the zodiac sign, which makes sense that they'd make great adventurers. Della and Donald both traveled with Scrooge in their youth, but when it came down to it, she was the born adventurer who got the lion's share of their uncle's praise. 

The archers of the zodiac are optimistic, independent risk-takers — which is just as likely to get them into serious trouble as lead to great things. They're definitely traits that cost Della years with her family. When Scrooge builds the Spear of Selene to surprise her with a spaceship, she learns of its existence before it is ready and swipes it for a test flight. When she runs into a cosmic storm, she ignores Scrooge's warnings and presses on, crashing into the moon and leaving Donald to raise her boys in her stead.

That's another potential pitfall for Sagittarians. They're too used to going their way. It's something Della struggles with upon returning home and trying to figure out how to bond with her sons in "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!" She tries, but as Scrooge said, she just doesn't know how to be a mother yet. After being so independent for so long, it is something she has to work on. However, she puts the effort in and eventually becomes the mother her boys always wished they had.

Capricorn: Scrooge McDuck

Much like the earthy Capricorn, Scrooge McDuck is intelligent and hardworking, which is exactly how he became the richest duck in the world. Capricorns fit perfectly with the seemingly immortal duck whose motto is "Work smarter, not harder." The other signs may peak at a young age, but not the rams. They work their entire lives to stay on top — and that's no small feat for a duck who's lived as long as Scrooge.

Hardworking Capricorns believe they can accomplish anything they set their mind to, and it often inspires others to try and do the same. That's what makes Scrooge not just an unbelievably successful businessduck, but also such a great adventurer. He's got the confidence and the can-do attitude to tackle any challenge and inspires those adventuring with him in even the toughest of situations.

With that said, Capricorns can be a bit too focused on their goals — like when Scrooge and the kids fail to get the helmet of Henghis Khan in "New Gods on the Block!" After going through disappointment and depression, Scrooge vows to work harder than ever with a new team. He doesn't notice that replacing the kids hurts them, nor does he remotely mean to, but it takes Della's heart to bring Scrooge back down to earth and remember what's truly important.

Aquarius: Huey Duck

As the oldest of the triplets (by three seconds), Huey often comes across as the most mature. This isn't entirely fair to his barely-younger siblings, but Huey's intellectualism does put him a bit ahead of Dewey and Louie. The red-capped triplet is the consummate Junior Woodchuck, and he has full faith that with careful research, thought, and planning, he can tackle any challenge. That's pretty much Aquarius in a nutshell. They're the minute analysts of the zodiac who believe careful prep is always better than just jumping in. 

Huey, like others of this watery sign, does his best to maintain his calm exterior. But he's full of hidden depths -– like the Duke of Making a Mess, Huey's crazy manifestation of rage which he lets out in "The Split Sword of Swanstantine!" Huey, though, also has a number of Aquarius' weaknesses, like his tendency to always think he's right. Granted, who doesn't, but most folks don't have such rock-solid logical conviction bolstering their self-importance. 

Huey's way is the best way, of course, and the entire "McMystery at McDuck Manor!" episode revolves around this particular foible. Huey ignores everyone's warnings not to throw a birthday party for Scrooge and does it anyway. Things go horribly wrong, as all their enemies end up being the party guests and the richest duck in the world disappears. Things do work out in the end — but it's not because Huey's right. It's just dumb luck.

Pisces: Launchpad McQuack

Okay, bear with us here, Pisces. Yes, you are certainly some of the brightest in the bunch, and Launchpad is — well, we'll go with less than brilliant. However, if there's one thing Pisces are great at it, it's going with their gut and trusting their emotional intelligence, and that's pretty much all Launchpad does. Mostly because he doesn't have much intellectual intelligence. And we say that with nothing but love for Launchpad.

Still, in a strange way, he's kind of brilliant as he tends to learn on the fly and wing it. (Puns intended.) He may not know as much about flying or maintenance as Della, but in "The Golden Army of Cornelius Coot!" he proves he's the only one who can get the plane moving and get the gang out of harm's way.

Pisceans also have an easy-going nature when it comes to others. They're about as nonjudgmental as they come, and Launchpad is all heart. He even takes the time to write individual, surprisingly thoughtful, and insightful notes to leave on cars after crashing into them. With that big heart, Pisceans are eager to offer their help and support to others. That's something Launchpad will always do, flying, chauffeuring, protecting, or even teaming up with Darkwing Duck and Goslin Mallard as their sidekick and fellow protector.