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The New Role Curse Of Oak Island Fans Want For Miriam

History's "The Curse of Oak Island" follows a group of treasure hunters as they scour the infamous locale in search of gold. Numerous conspiracy theories and stories surround the mythical island, and the team regularly puts those theories to the test to determine which are true, which are false, and which require more information. The show's been a heavy hitter for the channel going on nine seasons now, and as much as fans clearly love the set-up and the quest for buried treasure, it's obvious from social media that they'd also like to see some switch-ups, as well. 

Every episode shows the main group searching for buried treasure, but the crew has found fairly little over the years. Save for a few artifacts, the team tends to come up empty-handed more times than not. Based on a discussion on Reddit, it seems like fans want the show to have some fun with its zany premise, and they know the perfect person to become the voice of reason.

Fans want Miriam to be the new narrator of The Curse of Oak Island

Miriam was let go from the cast of "The Curse of Oak Island" in Season 9, and it's clear fans desperately want her to return. It's always possible she'll return in the form of flashback footage, but it appears that anything new from the young archaeologist simply wasn't meant to be. That's why fans seem to be clamoring for her to return to the series in a new light, namely as the narrator or some other type of incredulous outside observer.

Even if she's not the narrator, fans just want her around to react to the subjective ridiculousness of the treasure-hunting expeditions. As Redditor u/kcaio puts it, "I'd just like to see Miriam roll her eyes every time Jack speaks." Other fans, like u/prospero_duke, think it would be interesting to make Miriam break the fourth wall a bit, as evidenced by, "Would be more fun for her (and all of us) if she was hired to make 'comeback' remarks to counter Clotworthy's script: ROBERT: 'It's another day on Oak Island. Marty and Rick Lagina, Craig Tester, and other members of the team are meeting in the War Room . . . '; MIRIAM (unscripted): 'Bob, why the hell do you keep on repeating everybody's name, where they are, and what they're about to do.'"

Miriam's departure was, by far, one of the biggest letdowns featured on the show. No matter what she ends up doing now that she's off "Oak Island," we just hope she's happy.