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The Animated Family Movie Fighting For Netflix's Top Spot

The holiday season is prime time for getting together with loved ones and watching movies. Whether going to the theater on Christmas is your tried-and-true tradition, or you're more into snuggling up on the couch for a movie night in, film-watching is an integral part of coming together for a lot of people. So thankfully, movie studios are keen to release several genre-spanning movies are this time so we all have plenty of options to choose from when we're inside, hiding from the cold. 

Family-friendly films are always a feel-good (and safe) option this time of year. Animated flicks like "Coco" or even the more recent live-action adaptation of "Clifford The Big Red Dog" are easy picks that the whole family can enjoy. If you and your crew are looking to stay home and get to know your Netflix queue a little better, the streaming giant just released a new heartwarming animated flick that is a must-add to your list. 

Back to the Outback is a heartwarming must-watch

Netflix's latest animated film vying for the No. 1 spot in the Top 10 is "Back To The Outback." The CGI film is battling major Netflix releases like the new season of "The Witcher" and the Sandra Bullock drama "The Unforgivable," and it's performing admirably so far. The film follows a group of animals in captivity whose main purpose in life is to entertain humans who are totally afraid of them. The group, along with the not-so-nice celebrity koala Pretty Boy (Tim Minchin), attempt to get back to their home in the wild outback while escaping the zookeepers trying to keep them behind bars. 

Alongside Minchin's koala, the main characters in "Back To The Outback" include a snake named Maddie (Isla Fisher), a spider named Frank (Guy Pearce), a thorny devil named Zoe (Miranda Tapsell) and a scorpion named Nigel (Angus Imrie). The film tackles concepts of animal captivity, judging people based on their appearance, and the power of friendship, while mixing in jokes that both kids and adults can appreciate. It's a no-brainer pick when you can't find something for everyone to watch, and the film will keep you entertained for an hour and a half.