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Billy Magnussen Talks About His Friendship With Jeffrey Wright On The Set Of No Time To Die - Exclusive

In "No Time To Die," Billy Mangussen plays Logan Ash, an associate of Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright). At least, he appears to be a colleague, before he betrays both Felix and James Bond (Daniel Craig). Ash and Bond get into a fight, one that arguably ends in a win for Ash. More importantly, Ash does the unthinkable: He kills Felix. Yeah, those ads weren't kidding when they called "No Time To Die" the closing of a chapter — it's final for way more than just Craig's Bond.

Don't let the on screen animosity fool you, though: Mangussen and Wright are close off screen. "I love Jeffrey," Mangussen told Looper. He was all smiles talking about his pal. He broke down for us how they met, what they did when the cameras weren't rolling, and just how much he admires Wright. He also gave us his reaction when he found out he'd be the one to kill Felix.

An old buddy

Magnussen met Wright when the two of them worked on "Game Night," one of the best action comedies of the 2010s. "Then to be cast in this, just to see your old buddy, you're like, ah, this is cool." He has high praise for Wright: "Jeffrey is a talented actor, first of all, but also a great man. So it's easy to get along with people who are gracious and generous and open and warm and [someone] who enjoys rum and surfing and hanging out."

It certainly made his actual role more fun. When Magnussen found out that Ash was going to kill Felix, ""I was like, 'Hell yeah, dude!' I mean, just to be part of this franchise alone is massive, but then to have the opportunity to be such a chess piece in this film was so good. It was so, so exciting." It's easier to kill a friend knowing you'll have some hard liquor with him later.

"No Time To Die" is now available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD.