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Why Apple's New Saving Simon Commercial Has The Internet Divided

The Holidays are here, which means that guilty pleasure Holiday movies and themed advertisement abound. Jason and Ivan Reitman's new Holiday commercial for Apple is one of those rare ads that manage to tug your heartstrings in all the right ways. The clip, which is called "Saving Simon," is shot entirely on iPhone 13 Pro, and features a girl who rescues a tiny snowman from an older brother who has already knocked down several others. 

The snowman gets a new home from the freezer, and as months go by and the seasons change, the girl periodically checks on the it while the parents have clearly submitted to the idea that the snowman is there to stay. Through power outages and other potential hazards, the girl looks after her friend throughout the warm seasons — but when it's finally cold enough to take the snowman back outside, another kid immediately runs it over with a bicycle, leaving nothing but a scarf behind. Luckily, the brother takes point in the rescue attempt, and together, the family shows that you can always rebuild a snowman.

"Saving Simon" is a pretty great three-minute clip, but the internet seems to be in two minds about it. Here's why. 

Some find the snowman's fate funny, others think it's heartbreaking

By the time a random bike unceremoniously crushes the much-loved snowman, "Saving Simon" has already set its tone with over two minutes of swelling emotion and Holiday goodwill vibe. It's a major mood whiplash that — as befits the work of both Reitmans — is simultaneously a funny comedic beat and a moving moment. 

Since this means you can take the whole thing in two dramatically different ways, it's dividing opinions on the internet. "Everytime I see the snowman commercial I'm like WTF .... The poor little girl protects it all summer long and then she puts it on the sidewalk to get run over? It's sad. Why not put it close to the house? And what kind of jerk runs it over? That commercial drives me nuts," ESPN's Matthew Berry tweeted. He's not alone, either. "Me watching the Apple snowman commercial," @emmz_az tweeted with a gif of a sad and shocked little kid going through roughly all the emotions. Users like @JetsPope and @HousewivesAddi2 have also pointed out just how heartbreaking "Saving Simon" is.

Then again, a significant part of viewers find the abrupt destruction of the snowman completely and utterly comedic in tone. "The bicycle running over the snowman in the apple commercial is the funniest moment ever put on television," @ConorMcQ5 tweeted. "Anyone else find the Apple snowman commercial hilarious?" @moyer_chelsie asked. 

Regardless of how you personally feel about "Saving Simon," one thing is clear: The commercial has certainly gotten people talking.