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Is Kevin McKidd Leaving Grey's Anatomy As Owen Hunt?

ABC medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" initially hit the airwaves back in 2005, becoming an instant success before solidifying itself as a television juggernaut. Granted, shows such as "E.R." proved that medical dramas were a recipe for success. However, "Grey's Anatomy" is a different beast entirely, as it's the longest-reigning primetime medical drama in the history of the small screen (via People).

Many characters have come and gone through the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly Seattle Grace Hospital) since "Grey's Anatomy" premiered all those years ago. Naturally, diehard fans have grown fond of many of them, including Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), the Head of Trauma and former Chief of Surgery at the aforementioned hospital.

"Grey's Anatomy" fans have become accustomed to watching Hunt save lives, but the events that took place in Season 18's winter finale suggest that his time is up. What does the future have in store for the character and the actor who plays him?

Is Owen Hunt dead in Grey's Anatomy?

The latest episode of "Grey's Anatomy" ended on a dramatic note, with the fate of Owen Hunt left hanging in the balance. In short, he was involved in a car accident that culminated with the vehicle tipping over a cliff and falling to the ground. It certainly doesn't look for him moving forward.

At the time of this writing, it's unknown what Kevin McKidd's plans are regarding "Grey's Anatomy," as the status of his character has yet to be confirmed. However, there's been no evidence to indicate that he's leaving the show. Kidd isn't an original cast member, but he's been around long enough to be considered a series mainstay. Surely, if they were going to kill off his character, he'd be given a more definitive send-off.

The cliffhanger ending suggests that Owen will survive the crash, albeit with some potential career-threatening injuries to overcome. Then again, "Grey's Anatomy" is no stranger to frustrating deaths, so anything is possible. We'll just have to wait until February 24, 2022, to find out what's going on with Hunt.

Certain signs point toward Kevin McKidd's return

While it's true that fans will have to endure a nail-biting wait until February 24 to find out whether Owen Hunt survives his crash, there's more than one reason to believe that Kevin McKidd's character will indeed return. In January 10, "Grey's Anatomy" was renewed for Season 19 (via The Hollywood Reporter), and while the only returning characters the news confirms are Meredith Page (Ellen Pompeo), Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), McKidd's name is the first one mentioned after the confirmed trio. 

McKidd's official Facebook page has shared the news with a happy message that read, "What a way to start the week! Season 19!!" The actor's Facebook page has also posted other positive things about "Grey's Anatomy" after the cliffhanger, which indicates that at the very least, the actor is on extremely good terms with the people involved with the show.

Could IMDb provide a clue for Owen Hunt's fate?

Apart from all the renewal love Kevin McKidd is giving "Grey's Anatomy," it's also worth noting one more indefinite, yet intriguing clue toward Owen Kidd's potential return: IMDb currently lists McKidd in the cast of the upcoming February 24 episode of "Grey's Anatomy."

Sure, none of this is conclusive proof of McKidd's return come February, and the actor could still be on his way out. His name in that THR article might simply be a holdover from his lengthy tenure with the show, and his social media posts could merely be an example of an actor professing love for a longtime acting gig that he's leaving behind. Even the IMDb cast drop could be explained away as a quick death scene, a dream sequence, or even archival footage. Still, they're at the very least enough to make you raise an eyebrow during the long wait for the return of "Grey's Anatomy" ... and, hopefully, Owen Hunt.