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The Major Prop Ryan Reynolds Took From The Set Of Deadpool

Movie sets tend to be busy, chaotic places, so it's not hard to imagine an actor getting away with stealing a cherished prop to keep after filming ends. And when the star of a movie has as deep of a connection with the project as Ryan Reynolds had with "Deadpool," it's even more understandable that they would want to bring a piece of the character home after the last day of shooting.

Per this handy "Deadpool" timeline from MTV, Reynolds spent years trying to get a "Deadpool" solo film produced after appearing in "X-Men: Origins: Wolverine" as mercenary Wade Wilson, who comic fans knew was destined to eventually become the deadly assassin known as Deadpool. That means that he has a deeper connection to the character than most stars tend to have. Plus, when you're the star of a movie, you pretty much get to keep whatever you want once filming is over anyway.

Ryan Reynolds took home Deadpool's suit

As a well-equipped super-assassin, Deadpool has no shortage of weaponry that Ryan Reynolds could have nabbed on his way out the door if he wanted. But nothing less than Deadpool's iconic costume would satisfy him, according to a 2015 interview with Marie Claire that's not online, but is reproduced here by MSN. During the talk, Reynolds admits to taking one of Deadpool's costumes home for his own personal use:

"I loved wearing [the Deadpool costume] and I have run away with one...I'll probably get into trouble for saying that, but I've waited 10 years to do this movie. So, I'm leaving with a f***ing suit."

As it turns out, Reynolds seems to have a penchant for nicking props from the sets of his superhero films. In a 2011 ShortList interview reproduced by DigitalSpy here, Reynolds spun a similar tale about pilfering Green Lantern's power ring following the end of shooting "Green Lantern." He said, "There was nothing actually there. It's all added in post-production...The only thing that was real, and that I could steal, was the actual ring of the Lantern. So I stole that. That was pretty cool."

Reynold's stolen Green Lantern ring later made an appearance in a now-classic Reynolds Twitter thread of him watching "Green Lantern," allegedly for the first time.