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The Cringiest Reid Moment According To Criminal Minds Fans

Running for 15 seasons on CBS, "Criminal Minds" is definitely one of the most popular television shows of all time. The series stars Kristen Vangsness, Paget Brewster, Thomas Gibson, and Joe Mantegna, and it's based around an elite team of FBI agents known as the "Behavioral Analysis Unit." "Criminal Minds" boasts a diverse set of characters who endear themselves to fans with their interactions, personalities, and quirks. One such character, Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), is definitely one of the more eccentric ones.

Reid is a polymath of the BAU, and his skills include mathematics, chemistry, and engineering, while he also possesses an exceptionally high IQ, a photographic memory, and a collection of sweaters and blazers that make the character legendary among viewers of "Criminal Minds." Recently, fans gathered on Reddit to discuss the cringiest moments of Reid, and it looks like one moment in particular stands above the rest.

Fans cringed at Reid's pronunciation of ASMR

The conversation was kicked off by Reddit user saddeathonion, who asked fans what they think is cringiest moment of the entire series. Several responses popped up, but the one with the most amount of upvotes was a comment that suggested when Spencer Reid pronounce ASMR as "as-mer." Reddit user colorfulpanda23 added, "I was so confused by this because, taking the characters out of it, the ACTORS should know how to pronounce it! Like it's a very common thing that I feel like most people know about in some way. And of course it's possible the writers wanted it to be this way, but still."

ASMR is an acronym that stands autonomous sensory meridian response, and it often involves sounds that invoke a supposed euphoria (via The Independent). Reddit user Camicatsc replied, "At first I thought it was intentional because Reid isn't a technological guy and that Garcia would correct him. NOPE, she pronounces it horribly as well." Several additional comments agreed with the above sentiment, and one user thought it was simply a quirk of Americans and their pronunciation. It seems as though most viewers of "Criminal Minds" are caught off guard by this moment, and many cannot hide their inner cringe.