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What Has Thomas Gibson Been Up To Since Criminal Minds?

It may no longer be producing new episodes, but "Criminal Minds" remains a favorite among crime-procedural fans. The CBS drama, which ended with its 15th season in 2020, took a unique approach to the genre, following the lives of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), as they use psychology to try to catch some of the world's most gruesome criminals. The show was a huge success, not only for its heart-thumping crime-solving and mysteries but also for its beloved characters. 

The BAU is full of unique personalities, including young, quirky genius Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), eccentric former hacker Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), and smooth-talking agent Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore). However, like most long-running series, many key cast members came and went throughout "Criminal Minds'" decade-and-a-half run. Perhaps no character exit was as shocking as that of Agent Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), who led the squad until the character was written out in Season 12.

Hotchner's departure came after reports emerged that Gibson got into a physical altercation with a writer over creative differences, leading CBS to fire him. Leaving such a high-profile show on bad terms is hardly what any actor wants. But what has Thomas Gibson been up to since leaving "Criminal Minds" in 2016?

Thomas Gibson hasn't acted much since leaving Criminal Minds

Though most audiences know Thomas Gibson best from "Criminal Minds," he had built up quite the body of work before joining the crime drama in 2005. His first major role was as Dr. Daniel Nyland on '90s medical drama "Chicago Hope," which also starred his future "Criminal Minds" co-star Mandy Patinkin. In 1997, he took on leading man duties in the sitcom "Dharma and Greg," playing a straight-laced lawyer who marries a free-spirited yoga instructor (Jenna Elfman).

Gibson's next major role was "Criminal Minds." However, since departing the show in 2016, the actor has been somewhat quiet. In 2017, he appeared as a voice on the phone in "Criminal Minds" co-star Aisha Tyler's directorial debut, "Axis."  His next role was in 2019's direct-to-DVD film "Shadow Wolves," where he played a military colonel obsessed with aggressively protecting America's borders. Next up, he'll be writing, directing, and starring in "The Writer's Bible," about a struggling writer who moves to a remote Texas cabin to find inspiration, though things aren't exactly what they seem. Little is known about the project, which is currently in post-production, according to IMDb

Gibson hasn't found quite the same level of success as he did on "Criminal Minds." However, we imagine the actor will continue to find work, bringing his talents wherever he may go.