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Where Is Gold Rush Filmed?

Gold mining reality show "Gold Rush" has blossomed beyond just a single TV series and become something of a major franchise for Discovery Channel. The Discovery website currently lists five spinoff series in total in addition to its original incarnation, including "Gold Rush: White Water" and controversial recent addition "Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune."

That said, the original "Gold Rush" series arguably remains the primary draw for fans of the franchise. While plenty of series are unable to keep up momentum for more than six or seven seasons, it was in Season 9 of "Gold Rush" that lead cast member Parker Schnabel broke a single-season mining record. He then replicated that feat in Season 11, proving that the series' core gold mining drama still has legs.

While the dig sites featured on "Gold Rush" are oftentimes referenced at various points throughout the series, new viewers or those simply looking for a refresher may be curious about where, exactly, feats like Schnabel's recent record-breaking haul were filmed.

Most of Gold Rush is filmed throughout Canada's Klondike region

Over the course of "Gold Rush" and its many spinoffs, the series has chronicled gold mining operations in a wide variety of locations. The existence of spinoff series "Gold Rush: South America," for example, is predicated entirely on following some of the series' stars to an entirely new part of the world. That said, most of the action in the mainline "Gold Rush" show takes place throughout the Klondike region of Yukon, Canada.

Some of the various Klondike locations featured in "Gold Rush" are listed on the official website for Dawson City, near which the "Gold Rush" crew has worked on numerous occasions. Furthermore, the website names some Dawson City businesses "Gold Rush" cast members have patronized during their filmed leisure time.

The next most important setting on "Gold Rush" is the state of Alaska. Parker Schnabel is an Alaska native, and his grandfather's gold mining operation in Porcupine Creek served as the series' primary filming location in its first season. While episodes of "Gold Rush" have taken place in various other North American locales, especially taking spinoffs into consideration, Yukon, Canada and Porcupine Creek, Alaska remain the two most notable filming locations from throughout the show's considerable run.