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Why Longtime Gold Rush Fans Are Planning To Skip Winter's Fortune

At roughly the same moment in history, technology adapted to the point where creating television shows and complaining about them on the internet became infinitely easier. As a result of the advent of digital high-definition recording, productions were given a new level of freedom, able to shoot anything anywhere for just about as long as they wanted. Thanks to the rise of fan forums and high-speed wifi, viewers could get publicly bummed out about the results in less time than ever before.

Which brings us to Discovery's forthcoming spinoff of the hit reality series "Gold Rush." Premiering on July 30, "Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune" follows some familiar faces as they struggle against the elements in the unforgiving cold. It adds a new element of risk to the proceedings. In show business parlance, it's what would helpfully be referred to as a gold mine.

But some fans aren't having it, as illustrated by recent comments on the /r/goldrush Reddit forum. The problem, at least according to some of the more vocal contributors to the conversation, is the show's focus on one Fred Lewis.

Some Gold Rush fans aren't in a rush to see more Fred Lewis

The fan frustration seemed to stem from Discovery's press release for "Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune," in which the network described former Green Beret and "Gold Rush" cast member Fred Lewis as one of the show's "fan favorite" characters. "Fred is a fan favorite now?" inquired one Reddit user, and from that point on, the great "Mean Girls" burn book that is the internet became sort of a guest book for passers by to fill with catty vitriol.

"Will Fred Lewis dig his investor and his crew into an even bigger hole? That's the big question," wrote user Adamstewarts. "Really? Fred? That discovery money must be really good, because he sold his dignity in front of the world last season," user bpwnz chimed in. "Looks like I'll have to reacquaint myself with the fast forward button. Nearly wore it out jumping over the Fred segments," added zippykaiyay. Other complaints were targeted at Lewis's perceived overutilization of reminders that he was in the military, his limited success as a gold miner, and the generalized anti-Fred sentiment that seems common in recent days.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the discussion, other users professed excitement at seeing a new spin on the "Gold Rush" formula. "Looking at the first season hauls for all the current 'legends,'" wrote user coglanuk, "I'd love to see Fred and his magnificent beard develop (into) real miners like the rest." Did the comment get four down votes? Yes it did. Still, the sentiment was present.