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The Iconic Spider-Man Suit Tom Holland Surprisingly Can't Stand

The "Spider-Man" films have brought in some of the more memorable suits that Spidey has worn for decades or more in the comics. Of course, this is mostly done to reward fans of the source material, but there are good story reasons to bring in new costumes as well. The stealth suit in "Spider-Man: Far From Home" helped hammer the point that Spidey was working in a more undercover capacity for Nick Fury. Either way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone has brought in quite a few Spider-Man suits thus far, a trend that looks set to continue in "Spider-Man: No Way Home."

Given that Tom Holland, who has played the title character since "Captain America: Civil War," has had to wear these suits on-screen in one capacity or another, it would make sense that he has a preference. In fact, in a recent interview that took place while out promoting "Spider-Man: No Way Home," Holland revealed exactly which iconic "Spider-Man" suit he absolutely cannot stand.

Tom Holland does not like the Iron Spider-Man suit

During a recent interview with IMDb, Tom Holland and Zendaya answered a fan question regarding his favorite "Spider-Man" suit. Surprisingly, he revealed that the homemade suit was hands-down the one he liked best because it was so comfortable to wear. Perhaps more shockingly, however, was the fact that he had little love for the Iron Spider outfit. Zendaya offered this bit of information up, revealing that Holland had often "hated on" the Iron Spider suit. Holland didn't disagree. In fact, he elaborated on what annoyed him so much, revealing that the gauntlets were too unrealistic and wouldn't allow for wrist mobility.

Zendaya teased him for his answer, but it was obviously all in good fun. Still, it's a very unexpected answer from Holland, as the Iron Spider suit has appeared so often over the past few films featuring Spider-Man and is arguably a fan favorite. Either way, it's clear that Holland has no reservations about making his feelings known, even if they are offered in a fun and comedic manner.