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The Circle Season 4 - What We Know So Far

Social media has overtaken practically every aspect of our existence. People look up Tinder matches' Facebook profiles before going on a first date to learn everything about them before actually meeting them in person. Employers will look up your profile before extending you a job offer to ensure you'll be a good fit for the company. And you learn all about your relatives' political leanings by the memes they post.

It makes sense that social media would eventually make its way to the world of reality television. For the past three seasons, Netflix has gathered people into one building together, but unlike "The Real World," where they have to learn to get along with one another, they have to understand what makes their fellow players tick via social media profiles. The one hitch is that contestants can naturally lie about who they are online, causing all kinds of headaches.

Netflix announced it was officially renewing "The Circle" for both a 4th and 5th season (via Deadline). So what should we expect going into the next season of the popular reality show?

Is there a release date for The Circle Season 4?

We know "The Circle" Season 4 is in the cards, but it's tough to say when the new season will get underway. Season 2 of the series debuted in April 2021, while Season 3 came out half a year later in September. It's clear this reality show doesn't take too long to film, so theoretically, we should be able to get Season 4 sooner rather than later. In fact, it would make sense for Season 4 to come out at some point in the first half of 2022. Season 5 should follow shortly after that, given it was renewed for two more seasons.

Who's in the cast for The Circle Season 4?

Each season of "The Circle" brings a new crop of contestants together to play mind games with one another. They all flirt, befriend, and manipulate one another so that one person comes out the most popular of the bunch. There's a lot of money on the line, so the stakes are much higher than browsing through Facebook all day.

The contestants are always average people. They play games where they answer questions about themselves or as the avatar they've chosen to catfish as. The contestants are revealed when the new trailer comes out, so we'll have to wait a bit longer before finding out which lucky millennials will duke it out this time around.

Where's the trailer for The Circle Season 4?

A trailer for "The Circle" Season 4 would reveal the answers to all of the above questions. Alas, one hasn't come out yet, so we're still in the dark about much of what will transpire going into next season. 

More than likely, it won't give people too much of a heads-up. The Season 3 trailer came out on September 1, 2021. That was only one week prior to the first batch of episodes coming out on September 8. It's expected that Season 4 will likely follow a similar pattern, so once the trailer becomes available, you can be certain Season 4 won't be too far behind.