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The Virgin River Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Romance. We love it and we love to hate it. An entire industry is churning out every kind of romance under the sun for readers of the genre, and this cultural obsession with romance has taken over streaming services too. In Netflix's "Virgin River" we see every type of romance you can imagine represented: young-love, hot and steamy, heartfelt and chaste; it's complicated, fast and furious, toxic — and love that transcends decades.

Unsurprisingly, "Virgin River" is an adaptation of the Harlequin 22 book series by author Robyn Carr. This show has stolen hearts with its dramatic story lines, relatable characters, charming small town, and beautiful scenery. But, we think it is the relationships that keep bringing viewers back for more season after season. When we talk about relationship dynamics, you know astrology is going to come up eventually, so let's jump right into it. Are you curious which "Virgin River" character you are based on your zodiac sign? Keep reading, we've got the answers for you!

Aries: Jack Sheridan (March 20—April 19)

If you're an Aries, you probably identify with Jack Sheridan. He's brave, honest, and a natural leader — all bonafide Aries traits. Jack is also a former Marine. He has that whole warrior/hero Aries aesthetic as part of his personality. Aries are a cardinal fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac. Aries embodies the initiative and inspiration of new beginnings and first-born children. All cardinal signs are born at the start of a season, and Aries arrives with the first shoots of spring. Aries are filled with a youthful exuberance and energetic intensity associated with fire signs.

Active is a perfect descriptor for both Aries and Jack. Jack enjoys outdoorsy activities like kayaking, mountain biking, and fishing. He's also active in his community, using his natural leadership skills to help solve others problems. Work and leadership are an arena where Aries shines, and we see this in Jack's continuing relationships with his friends from the Marines. Aries also has their flaws, and Jack certainly has his. He is moody, impatient, and impulsive — characteristics Aries are infamous for.

But with these traits also comes passion and confidence, a trait Aries has in abundance. Aries generally know what they want and have no fear of going after it. We see this in Jack's instant interest in Mel. When an Aries wants you, they don't hide it. But this can also be painful for jilted lovers to see, as we witness with Charmaine's reaction to Jack's feelings for Mel. Honest to a fault, sometimes Aries doesn't realize how hurtful the truth can be.

Taurus: Brie Sheridan (April 20—May 20)

We see so many representations of masculine Taureans. Sometimes we forget about the feminine principles of the Taurus personality. This seems surprising, as Taurus is a traditionally feminine sign ruled by Venus. In Greek mythology, we know her as Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Like all earth signs, Taureans are practical and responsible, with a grounded approach to life. Brie Sheridan, Jack's sister, arrives in Virgin River in Season 3.

She's a no nonsense lawyer epitomizing Taurus' reality based decision-making skills. Brie is also stubborn, a trait abundant to those with a fixed modality like Taurus. As frustrating as a stubborn person can be, this is a trait that comes in handy when you are a lawyer delivering your arguments in the courtroom. As reliable and practical as Taureans can be, love can throw them for a loop. Taurus are sensual creatures who physically give themselves over to love, but they have a tender heart and fear betrayal.

When Brie comes to town, she isn't only there to keep an eye on Jack after he was shot at the end of Season 2. She is also hiding out from an ex who mistreated her and left her feeling emotionally vulnerable and raw. When stressed, Taurus can be prone to excess. We see this in Brie's overindulgence of alcohol and anxiety pills, behaviors that lead to a medical crisis and a passionate, if surprising, romantic entanglement with Dan Brady. More on this later when we discuss his sign.

Gemini: Charmaine Roberts (May 21—June 20)

Chatty, adaptable, and friendly. These are attributes Geminis have in spades, and hairdressers, like Charmaine, are smart to cultivate. Geminis hate being alone and are always looking for their other half. Despite Jack telling her their relationship is casual and not going anywhere, Charmaine holds on, hoping he will come around to the potential of their relationship. Geminis are mutable air signs. They are flexible, comfortable with change and able to go with the flow.

These traits are very complimentary to Aries' impulsivity and energy. A Gemini can stoke an Aries fire, making this a fun, passionate, and energetic combination; but turning a Gemini/Aries dalliance into a long-term relationship can be a challenge, as Charmaine learns. Aries aren't known for being talkative and Gemini (ruled by Mercury) is all about communication. A Gemini needs to talk. They need an intellectual connection to feel satisfied and valued. Jack simply can't give this to Charmaine, despite her being pregnant with his twin babies.

Cancer: Mel Monroe (June 21—July 22)

Mel Monroe is a classic representation of Cancer. Cancers are a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon. Cancers are the archetypal mothers of the zodiac. Mel is nurturing and maternal. She's the type of person you want to confide in, as Lily does about her baby and her cancer diagnosis. Mel's greatest heartbreaks are about family and home, two things Cancers value above everything. She lost her mother as a child, hasn't been able to have a child of her own, and her husband died in a tragic car accident.

Despite these heartbreaks, Mel remains empathetic, soft, and gentle. She is not hardened by heartbreak, something water signs are known for. Even her chosen career is emblematic of her zodiac sign. Mel is a nurse practitioner and midwife, a person who is there to help bring babies into the world. Although Cancers are emotionally turbulent like the tides, they are private people who don't often verbalize their emotions with others. We can see this in Mel's hesitancy to share her losses with others when she moves to Virgin River looking for a fresh start.

Mel and Jack's attraction and relationship is complicated. We can't blame this on Charmaine, but on Jack and Mel's astrological incompatibility. Fire and water don't mix. Water puts out fire's spark, and water finds fire too aggressive and impatient. We see this when Mel and Jack first get together. Mel pulls back, pumping the brakes, not feeling like she is ready for a relationship. They get past this first hurdle, but Jack and Mel's relationship is filled with complications and difficulties. As a fan-favorite, we're sure to see this couple fighting to stay together, but their astrological signs suggest it will be a challenge.

Leo: Muriel St. Clair (July 23—August 22)

Leos have a big personality and the heart of a Lion. Although this fixed fire sign is known as self-centered and vain, they are also warm, generous and loyal. This description fits retired actress, Muriel St. Clair to a T. She carries her blond head held high in Virgin River, knowing she is more fashionable than the rest of the town folk. Muriel is confident and used to getting what she wants. When she set her sights on Doc, it seems Hope might have some serious competition.

Being a confident Leo, Muriel isn't afraid of a little competition, believing in her ability to win Doc's heart. But Doc's heart belongs to Hope, and Muriel, being a true Lion, accepts this with regal poise. Leo's are loyal friends. We see this in how Muriel steps in to help in times of need. We can interpret this behavior as overbearing, but Leos are simply attentive and want to help their friends. This probably has something to do with their fixed modality. Leos like to be in charge. They hate being told what to do, and they are never wrong. Leos lead with grace and confidence, just like Muriel.

Virgo: John 'Preacher' Middleton (August 23—September 22)

Preacher exudes the dependable, hardworking, solid-as-a-rock vibe earth signs are known for. We see the reliable, detail oriented traits common to Virgo in Preacher's position at Jack's restaurant. He is a diligent worker and a stellar employee. Preacher runs that place, holding down the fort while Jack is off taking care of whatever emergency has struck Virgin River this week. We also see Preacher's loyal personality in his relationship with Paige and her son Christopher.

While he is not effusive about his feelings for Paige, we can see how much he cares through his actions. He really shows up for Paige when she needs help by taking care of Christopher when Paige has to leave town unexpectedly. Enlisting in the Marines and becoming a cook aren't surprising career choices for a Virgo, either. The regimented rules and demands of military service will appeal to Virgo's love of organization. Being a chef appeals to Virgos' intrinsic need to care for and serve others. Unfortunately, Virgos can put the needs of others before their own, as we see in the finale of Season 3.

Libra: Ricky (September 23—October 22)

Libras are sweet, diplomatic, idealistic, and they avoid confrontation like the plague. Lydie's grandson Ricky is the perfect representation of a Libra. He is kind and shy, but also talkative and friendly. He idolizes Jack, even dreaming of following in Jack's footsteps as a Marine. Any young man who is growing up without a father figure will look for one in his community, and Jack is an obvious role model for Ricky. But Jack's and Ricky's astrological signs also influenced this affinity. Aries is Libra's polarity, sitting across from each other on the wheel of the zodiac.

As a cardinal air sign, Libras don't want to let anyone down, and thus are very indecisive because of their inherent empathy. They are aware of how their actions affect others, making them conflict avoidant. This can cause big problems in their lives, much like it caused issues in Ricky's relationship with Lizzie. He could not stand up to her, allowing her to take alcohol from Jack's bar, filling Ricky with shame at letting his role model down.

Ricky continued creating problems in his relationship with Lizzie when he joined the Marines at the end of Season 3 without discussing it with her. She broke up with him over it, and honestly, we were as shocked as Lizzie. If we're totally honest, Ricky's dream of becoming a Marine is incongruent with his entire personality. Libras are peaceful people concerned with social justice and unity. This is Ricky at his core. Perhaps Ricky's dream to join the military has something to do with his idealism, or is a reflection of his admiration for Jack, but it just feels out of character to us.

Scorpio: Dan Brady (October 23—November 21)

Scorpio has a reputation for being sexy bad boys, and Dan Brady fits the bill. The jury is still out about if Brady is a bad guy or just misunderstood, but one thing is for sure — he's a Scorpio. Passionate, brave, violent, and jealous, these are all traits associated with Scorpio and they describe Brady perfectly. As a fixed water sign, Scorpios are emotionally complex, misunderstood, and sometimes lonely. We can see how conflicted Brady is. He has a moral flexibility, allowing him to get involved in a business that isn't strictly legal while working for Calvin. But Brady has a line he won't cross, as we see when he helps Spencer skip town rather than killing him as Calvin ordered.

We get to see a different side of Brady in Season 3 when he meets Jack's sister Brie. The two jump into an emotionally intense romantic entanglement. Although Brady pursues Brie, you can tell there is fear under the surface of his overtures. This is because the only thing a Scorpio fears is vulnerability. As a fixed sign, they not only like being in charge, they need to be in charge to feel safe. But the attraction between Taurus and Scorpio is one of the most intense in the zodiac, and neither practical Taurus, nor intense Scorpio, can resist it. Scorpio and Taurus are each other's polarity sitting across from each other on the zodiac. They have an intense bond that is undeniable, and we can see this bond between Brie and Brady.

Sagittarius: Hope McCrea (November 22—December 21)

Hope is Virgin River's mayor. She is a spitfire with a warm heart. Generous, idealistic, and lacking boundaries, Hope is the quintessential Sagittarius. She's always sticking her nose into people's personal business, not because she is controlling or rude, but because she is curious about everyone and everything. As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is known for being adventurous, idealistic and rather undiplomatic. Hope has the fire and sass you would expect from this sign and a mouth that gets her into trouble, because she doesn't know how to keep it shut.

Hope and Doc's relationship is challenging for both personalities. Where Doc is solid and deliberate, Hope is chaotic and energetic. In a lot of ways, these two make little sense together, but Doc has a grounding effect on Hope. He helps her actualize her ideas into concrete plans, and Hope enlivens Doc, bringing some fire and excitement to his deliberate and predictable life. Theirs is a relationship of compromise and conflict, but you can see their mutual regard and warm feelings for each other.

Capricorn: Doc Mullins (December 22—January 19)

Doc Mullins is the epitome of the Capricorn. Responsible and disciplined, he enjoys his place in Virgin River as the well respected town doctor. Capricorns want to be treated with respect, but they can sometimes come off condescending, as Doc does with Mel when they first meet. Although Capricorns have a tendency to be a know-it-all who needs to be in charge, they are driven by duty and an intense desire to achieve their goals.

A cardinal earth sign, Capricorns are practical, disciplined and ambitious, all traits one needs to become an M.D. They are also perfectionists and known for being workaholics. These traits make it difficult for Doc to take a step back from the medical practice to allow Mel to do her job, and later when Doc is looking for a doctor to take his place. While much of Doc's identity is wrapped up in his job (everyone calls him Doc) he does have interests outside of his job as we see in his love for attending cultural events like the symphony.

Doc loves Hope, his friends, patients, and community. Although Capricorns are known for prioritizing their career, they are traditional people who value family and stability. All things Sagittarius couldn't care less about, emphasizing how challenging a relationship between Hope and Doc is. The Sagittarius/Capricorn relationship is an often difficult one, but they do find common ground with their intellect. Sagittarius has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and Capricorn is knowledgable and logical.

Aquarius: Lizzie (January 20–February 18)

Spontaneous, rebellious, independent, and original; Lizzie is your quintessential Aquarian. Aquarius is a fixed air sign who hates limitations and can't abide boredom. Aquarius is a quirky outcast dancing to the beat of their own drum. Aquarius does what they want, when they want, which sounds like Connie's complaints about her niece. Lizzie's aberrance of boredom started her time in Virgin River off on the wrong foot by taking Mel's credit card and stealing alcohol from Jack's bar.

Just like Aquarius, Lizzie is always pushing boundaries. But she isn't trying to be irresponsible or unkind, she just wants to keep herself entertained. As an air sign, Aquarians need novelty to keep their spark alive. Aquarians might be outcasts, but they aren't loners. They thrive in a community, feeding off the energy of others. We see this in Lizzie as she gets to know people in Virgin River, taking part in community activities, helping when her aunt Connie insists.

Lizzie's relationship with Ricky is a perfect example of the Aquarius/Libra dynamic. Libra (Ricky) worries too much about what others think. Lizzie, true to her Aquarian nature, doesn't care what anyone thinks. We see this when Lizzie and Ricky rent a hotel room to get some alone time. Ricky is worried about what people will say. Aquarius can help Libra loosen up, although this can be a source of frustration for Aquarius, as it is for Lizzie.

Pisces: Paige Lassiter (February 19—March 20)

We don't see much of Paige after Season 1, but her storyline continues on even if she isn't in Virgin River to be a part of it. Paige has a Pisces vibe. As a mutable water sign, Pisces is compassionate and intuitive, just like Paige. When Paige leaves her abusive husband, she pulls a classic Pisces move by vanishing and avoiding her unpleasant reality. Pisces has a tendency to live in a fantasy world when reality becomes too difficult, and Paige does this when she runs away from her life.

Pisces are known for being naïve and too trusting. This can lead to them being taken advantage of and feeling victimized. Paige's relationship with her abusive husband is indicative of this Piscean trait. The charm and charisma of a predator sucked her in, and she became the victim of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, this dynamic is not unusual for Pisces. Their boundaries are permeable like their water element. Pisces struggle to create healthy boundaries, engaging in relationships with people who mistake their kindness for weakness. Pisces, like Paige, are tougher than they look.

Even Paige and Preacher's bond indicates her zodiac sign. Pisces and Virgo sit across from each other on the zodiac, complementing each other perfectly. Virgo can give Pisces the stability they need, as Preacher does when he takes care of Paige's son Christopher when she leaves town, and Pisces can soften Virgo's sharp edges, helping them mellow out. Pisces and Virgo share a mutable modality, making their conversations flow effortlessly.