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The Best Stranger Things Bloopers We Could Find

One of Netflix's most popular shows, "Stranger Things" focuses on a group of small-town folks who find themselves fighting a mysterious, threatening force from an alternate dimension. With plenty of callbacks to classic '80s films, the series is the perfect combination of sci-fi, horror, and mystery. However, in addition to the scares, "Stranger Things" can be pretty funny. Characters like Hopper (David Harbour), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Steve (Joe Keery) certainly have their serious moments, but they never fail to make us chuckle.

Of course, perhaps the funniest moments of the show were left on the cutting room floor. That's right, we're talking about the bloopers. Despite the mostly serious nature of the series, both the teen and adult stars seem to be having a lot of laughs on set, especially when they mess up. And because we could all use a little levity in our lives, especially when you never know when a Demogorgon might show up, we've decided to search for the very best outtakes the Netflix show has to offer. From flubbed lines to hilarious accidents, these are the best "Stranger Things" bloopers we could find.

Warning — some spoilers ahead.

Noah Schnapp has girls on his mind

In the Season 3 episode "The Case of the Missing Lifeguard, Will (Noah Schnapp) decides to wake up his friends Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Lukas (Caleb McLaughlin) in a rather unusual way. Dressed in a purple wizard outfit — pointy Merlyn hat included — Will presses play on his cassette player which, turned up to an annoyingly high volume, starts playing a funny medieval flute song.

Annoyed by his circus act, Mike and Lukas beg "Will the Wise" to stop the music and let them be. And here comes the part that didn't come out quite right on the first try. Instead of saying, "I have seen into the future, and I have seen that today is a new day. A day free of girls," the dreamy-eyed actor messes up his lines and says "a day full of girls."

Could this little mental hiccup have been what Schnapp was secretly fantasizing about? Guess we'll never know.

Caleb McLaughlin makes a teacher laugh

In one episode from Season 2, actor Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) finds himself having to enter a classroom with his back slamming against the door, walkie talkie in hand. Once inside, he's faced with having to answer to an angry elderly teacher for disturbing her class. What makes this bit so funny, however, is that as soon as McLaughlin turns around, he's greeted by an offscreen voice who asks if he hurt himself. Simultaneously, the teacher exclaims, "Excuse me?!" And while McLaughlin confusingly turns his head in response to both voices, the actress playing the teacher bursts out laughing.

Realizing that the take is a flop, McLaughlin looks her straight in the eyes and says, "Reset." Needless to say, this makes the actress laugh even more, and she's even joined by a choir of laughter coming from several other offscreen voices, being the crew and other actors. One thing we can notice in these blooper reels is that McLaughlin seems to be having the most fun during filming, and we all know that if you love your job, you'll never have to work a day in your life. Thanks, Confucius!

Finn Wolfhard breaks the fourth wall

In a beloved bit from Season 3 featuring Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, an extremely awkward and blinded-by-love Mike tries to tell the girl of his dreams how he truly feels about her. The scene takes place in a supermarket, where they're taking shelter from the looming danger that awaits on the outside, and has the two characters sitting on the floor face to face.

Unaware of the fact that they're currently filming, Wolfhard turns to someone offscreen and asks whether they're doing a rehearsal or if the camera is rolling. After being told by a crew member that the camera is in fact rolling, the jokester carelessly turns to the camera and says, "Hi editors."

And what editor wouldn't be happy about seeing a personalized greeting from Finn Wolfhard himself while sifting through hours of endless footage?

Paul Reiser goes bonkers

Being tasked with containing the otherworldly events that transpired in the "Stranger Things" universe, we can all agree that Dr. Sam Owens is a man who carries a tremendous burden on his shoulders. It's a burden that perhaps took somewhat of a psychological toll on actor Paul Reiser, whose response to screwing up one of his lines was nothing short of hysterically funny.

In a scene from Season 2's "Will the Wise," Reiser enters a room wearing his glorious lab coat, turns to actors Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, and is supposed to say, "It's not very pleasant in here, is it?" However, he flubs the take, asking, "It is it?" But what makes this moment so funny is not the messed-up line but rather what comes afterwards –- namely, the hilarious noises he starts making with his mouth while exiting the room and looking straight into the lens. You could almost describe as Popeye's laugh if the character was having some sort of breakdown.

No wonder this became one of the show's best blooper moments –- after all, the man is a natural-born comedian.

Randy Havens messes up his 'science' line

It's no secret that Scott Clarke (played by Randy Havens) is more than just a favorite teacher to the boys at Hawkins Middle School. After all, he played a key part in helping them find their friend, Will Byers, by giving them priceless scientific advice. Some of the other kids from his classes, however, didn't seem so appreciative of him as can be seen in a Season 1 scene where the poor science teacher is being ignored by his class while trying to squeeze in a little bonus advice right after the bell rings.

The outtakes show the A.V. club leader talking to his students (or should we say the backs of his students), who are swiftly making their way out of the classroom as he says the words "other forms of science." Evidently, the actor completely forgot what he was supposed to say afterwards, so he just filled in the blank space with "ummmm, ooooh." And the look in his eyes here is just priceless –- it's the facial embodiment of the words "disappointment" and "shame" stuffed in a tiny moment of mild agony.

Noah Schnapp accidentally snorts like a pig

The character of Will Byers has engraved himself in our hearts as a soft-spoken, well-mannered, gentle boy who would never hurt a soul ... well, unless he was possessed by the Mind Flayer. He's a sweet and earnest kid, and that's also true for the actor who plays him, Noah Schnapp. However, thanks to the outtakes, we get to see a much funnier side to both Schnapp and his character.

In one blooper from Season 2's "The Pollywog," Schnapp and co-star Finn Wolfhard — who's armed with a heavy-duty microphone that looks a lot like a hammer — are staring down at Dustin's trap, worried about the very angry creature inside. There's a frightened look in their eyes, and in an attempt to express his shock, Schnapp tries to gasp ... and accidentally makes a snorting sound. Unsurprisingly, this makes Wolfhard laugh out loud. Meanwhile, poor Schnapp puts his hand on his mouth in embarrassment while giving the filmmakers a look of apology.

This moment alone is proof that Schnapp is just as sweet of a person in real life as his character is on the show.

Gaten Matarazzo's phone troubles

In Season 2's "The Mind Flayer," Dustin Henderson finds himself having to run towards a ringing phone in order to pick it up and slam it back down on the receiver. Now, in the scene that made it in the final cut, actor Gaten Matarazzo does just fine in performing his task. But in one particular outtake, he fails to do so multiple times, smashing the phone against the wall while trying (and failing) to hang it up. In the end, the phone gets completely detached from the wall, exposing the fact that it's just a cableless prop.

Realizing that the take is a no-go, a joyous Matarazzo turns to the camera and greets us with a big childish grin on his face, saying, "Hey, guys." It makes perfect sense that Matarazzo would be able to roll with making such a funny mistake. The actor is a natural jokester who never fails to make audiences smile, even when he's struggling to get a scene right.

Finn Wolfhard can't stop laughing

When Will Byears disappears and is declared missing and possibly dead, Hawkins Middle School has a moment to say a few brief words in his memory. The scene takes place in the school's gym and has all of Will's close friends in attendance. But their grief is not shared by students Troy Walsh (Peyton Wich) and James Dante (Cade Jones), as they disrespectfully mock the boy who, most people at this point, have assumed has passed away.

Angered by what he's just heard, Finn Wolfhard's Mike decides to confront the boys for their nasty behavior (Troy in particular) while the rest of the school is leaving the gym, and he even pushes Troy to the ground in the process. After getting up from the floor, Troy decides to attack Mike but is stopped in his tracks by Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven, who uses her super powers and makes him pee himself in front of everyone. And that's when another kid takes the opportunity to make Troy the butt of the joke by saying, "Dude, Troy peed himself."

In the Season 1 outtakes, however, the line being delivered comes out as "Troy's pissing himself." Caught off guard, Wolfhard instantly bursts out in laughter. And who could blame him? We all know most of us would too.

Winona Ryder struggles with her line

Struggling to keep herself together while being terrorized by the thought that she might never see her son again, Winona Ryder's character, Joyce Byers, often finds herself entering into a mode of uncontrollable hysteria. And sometimes, those intense emotions can impact Ryder's performance in surprisingly funny ways.

In one blooper from Season 2, the characters played by Ryder and Sean Astin (Bob Newby) are facing two government officials in uniform. These authority figures are in full listening mode as the desperate and overflowing with raw emotion mother loses her ability to construct a sentence, which is more the result of Ryder totally flubbing her line and grasping for the next word.

As she proceeds to shoot a series of incoherent noises at the two men, Astin can be seen dropping his head down, fully aware that they'll have to do the take all over again. Perhaps Ryder was a little too in character in this one, and if the creators had decided to use it in the final cut, maybe no one would've even noticed that there was something wrong with the take.

Sean Astin gets stuck on repeat

In a crucial scene from Season 2, Joyce's boyfriend, Bob Newby, walks around the house playing detective. His thought process takes us on a tour around the Byers' estate, which ultimately leads him to uncover that Will's creepy crayon drawings plastered all over the place could actually be some kind of strange map of Hawkins.

The fun part comes when actor Sean Astin walks across one of the rooms trying to deliver the following sentence: "The lines aren't roads." Instead, he finds himself stuck repeating the word "the" multiple times while the camera follows him around, as if he's talking about Tsiolkovsky's rocket equation.

Funnily enough, instead of calling it a miss right then and there, Astin just keeps on carelessly strolling towards the next room while repeating the word over and over again. Thankfully, in the end, everything went according to plan, and this became one of the most powerful scenes of the season.

Millie Bobby Brown gets whacked

In Season 2's "The Lost Sister," after taking a mental dive to explore her mother's shadowy visions, Eleven sets out on a quest to find a group of unruly outcasts, including a strange but powerful girl who's later unveiled as Kali Prasad, also known as Eight (Linnea Berthelsen).

During all this, Eleven meets up with Becky Ives (Amy Seimetz) to pore over some files, hoping to learn more information about other children the Hawkins lab has experimented on. It's here that Eleven learns that Kali was kidnapped in England as a child. It's also here that Millie Bobby Brown got whacked over the head.

In this scene, Seimetz flips through a bunch of documents while Brown sits down on the floor, waiting to be handed some files to explore. However, one of the outtakes shows Seimetz accidentally hitting Brown on the head with a document folder. Surprised by what just happened to her, Brown remains still for a moment ... before bursting out laughing. Infected by her reaction, Seimetz is also quick to follow, and she even keeps on trying to deliver her next line with a mouthful of laughter.

David Harbour can't say 'grandma' without laughing

In Episode 1 of Season 3, Hawkins' chief of police, Jim Hopper, sits Eleven and Mike down in order to tell Mike that something has happened to his grandma. In the actual scene, which is somehow disturbing and funny in itself (you'll know why if you've watched the episode), Hopper says, "Your mom called. She needs you home right away. It's your grandma." Sounds simple enough, right? Nope, far from it.

As the blooper reel shows, the scene took a long time to get right as the "Hellboy" star simply couldn't stop laughing each time he was even close to saying the word "grandma." To make things even more chaotic, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard also started laughing so hard that Brown can even be seen wiping away tears after one too many takes. Not even Wolfhard's high fives and words of encouragement could help Harbour keep it together, and in a hilarious turn of events, after a few messed-up takes, Wolfhard became the one who started laughing first. Meanwhile, Brown even jokingly asked Harbour, "What's wrong with you?"

A few takes in, the by-now-desperate actor began defending himself, saying, "The word is so funny," while a teary-eyed Brown — on the verge of collapsing from uncontrollable laughter — said, "I can't do this."

When it comes to the most talked-about bloopers in "Stranger Things" history, without a doubt, this is the one that takes the proverbial cake. In fact, the official "Stranger Things" writers' room account on Twitter dedicated a couple of tweets to honor this special moment, with one of them reading, "Legend has it that @DavidKHarbour still can't say 'grandma' without laughing." And, as it turns out, this is also the Duffer brothers' favorite blooper from Season 3.