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Edge Of Tomorrow Sequel Will Reportedly Clear Up First Film's Ending

The only thing more confusing than the title(s) of Edge of Tomorrow (also known as Live Die Repeat) is the ending. But we'll apparently get some clarification on that in the upcoming sequel.

As ScreenCrush reports, Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote the 2014 Tom Cruise sci-fi flick, said on Twitter that the sequel will "finally make complete sense" of the first movie's ending. Although McQuarrie won't get a screenwriter credit on the Live Die Repeat and Repeat (yes, that's the real title), he'll apparently still serve in some creative role.

In case you forgot, Edge of Tomorrow ended with Maj. William Cage (Cruise) and Sgt. Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) battling against never-ending waves of alien invaders. While they both die in the process, Cage ends up with some of the Omega's blood on him, which seems to send him back in time yet again. This time, however, he winds up in a past where the aliens have already been defeated somehow.

Confused? Well, excessive time travel can do that. 

Director Doug Liman hasn't announced when production will start or a release date, but we'll let you know when he does. Cruise and Blunt are both set to reprise their roles. Liman did, however, say that the sequel will go in an "amazing new direction."