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31% Of American Horror Story Fans Agree This Should Be The Next Theme

"American Horror Story" refuses to stay put. The horror anthology series has had its fair share of peaks and valleys across its numerous seasons, but the team behind the series has always made a concerted effort to keep the show fresh. The show's season-long arcs jump back and forth through time and space, resulting in "American Horror Story" being able to move from a season about a sinister freak show circus in Jupiter, Florida during the 1950s to the story of a haunted hotel in modern-day Los Angeles, California.

With "American Horror Story" slated for at least 13 seasons, fans of the series often speculate about what setting, time period, and premise they would like to see the show tackle in one of its upcoming outings. However, one suggested idea that draws inspiration from elements of a real-life ghost town, as well as a certain storied psychological-horror video game franchise, has particularly excited fans of the show.

Fans want a Centralia season with a Silent Hill vibe

According to a recent Reddit poll on the r/AmericanHorrorStory subreddit that provided several different ideas for future seasons, 31% of voters picked a theme centered around the abandoned mining town of Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Centralia used to be a popular mining location, but a massive fire that began in the 1960s eventually caused all but a few residents of the town to evacuate. To this day, the fire still burns underneath the near-abandoned town's surface. The story surrounding Centralia has become infamous as the inspiration for several fictional depictions of supernatural towns, including the "Silent Hill" video game series and its 2006 film adaptation.

Though the Centralia idea garnered the most support, fans were also receptive to the poll's other options. An idea for a season focused on the horrors of life during the Great Depression achieved second place, with roughly 20% of the vote. Ideas for seasons set in the backwoods of Appalachia and one featuring cataclysmic natural disasters nearly tied for third, with roughly 15% and 16% of votes, respectively.

"I like Centralia, Appalachia, Storm, and 1930," Reddit user u/MadamMarshmallows commented. "I went with Appalachia, but this was a difficult vote."

Other commenters said they cared more about other aspects of future seasons, such as the cast. User u/MonsterFace329, for instance, was a single-issue voter: "I honestly don't care as long as [Evan] Peters is in it."