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The Goldbergs Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Any TV show worth its salt showcases a range of personality types. In the case of the sitcom "The Goldbergs," there is no shortage of standout characters. 

Set in 1980-something in the real Philadelphia suburb of Jenkintown, the show revolves around the titular family and their neighbors, classmates, and co-workers. The core group consists of spouses Murray and Beverly, oldest child Erica, middle child Barry, youngest child Adam, and Beverly's father, known to most as Pops. By the way, the show was created by the actual Adam Goldberg and is inspired by his childhood, with the vague time frame giving the writers creative leeway.

Among the notable supporting players are Murray's brother, Marvin; Barry's longtime girlfriend, Lainey Lewis; Barry's friend and Erica's boyfriend, Geoff Schwartz; Barry's friend Matt Bradley. Rounding out the list is coach Rick Mellor, who teaches gym at William Penn Academy, where the Goldberg kids attend school, and John Glascott, a guidance counselor at William Penn.

Here are the "Goldbergs" characters in whom each zodiac sign is represented.

Aries: Adam Goldberg

Yes, Adam is afraid of birds and has a scrawny frame and a lazy eye. But don't let that fool you — Adam is nothing if not an adventurer. In other words, he has Aries (March 21 to April 19) written all over him.

For Adam, life is a series of cinematic moments. So many of said moments scream Aries, including the way he fights for love. How does he win over his first girlfriend, Dana Caldwell? Let us count the ways. He bikes to her house late at night and goes full "Say Anything," blaring "In Your Eyes" from a boombox while wearing a trench coat. He climbs her trellis and a water tower despite his fear of heights. He goes to a haunted house despite not being a big fan of anything scary.

Adam knows he'll come out on top of life's challenges because he has natural leadership ability and is surrounded by friends who will do anything for him. Adam is unstoppable, especially when he's in his element. Consider when a lawsuit shuts down his school's production of "The Phantom of the Opera." Adam rallies the troops by delivering a stirring speech, stating, "Listen up, all you actors, costume designers, dead-eyed chorus members with no lines. There's an old adage on Broadway, 'The show must go on,' and da***t, it will! So we can't use their songs, or characters, or entire story. This is theater. When we lose our script, we improvise!"

Taurus: Murray Goldberg

Chances are you will find Murray Goldberg, a textbook Taurus (April 20 to May 20), relaxing in his recliner, appropriately named Mr. Chair. It's his refuge after a long day, something he has known all about since he was slicing rye bread at a deli during college, the first of many jobs that fostered an intense appreciation for hard work.

Murray does his best to impart that to his kids. Two have worked for him at his furniture store, and Murray never has more energy than when his children's pursuit of college is involved. "For a big guy, he moves like a phantom," as one of Barry's friends puts it.

Murray has a stubborn streak, typical of those born under this sign. That can be detrimental, like when he and his wife miss out on Live Aid because he refuses to yield in a parking space standoff. It also can be an asset, such as when he refuses to let Barry and Erica head to college without proper housing.

At first glance, it might not be obvious that Murray enjoys the finer things in life, a Taurus calling card. However, a closer look reveals otherwise. He's never one to turn down meat from a carving station. He's happy to shell out bucks so his two oldest kids can attend the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school. And when he goes to see his beloved Philadelphia Flyers, you'll find his seats right up against the glass.

Gemini: Mr. Glascott

Geminis, like John Glascott, can't help but be charismatic. His inquisitive nature also is a signature trait of those born under this sign (May 21 to June 20), which makes him a natural as a school guidance counselor. He puts his innate sensitivity and listening skills to good use every chance he gets, which is often when the Goldberg clan is involved.

Being an occasional introvert does not faze a Gemini. Neither does being the life of the party, a point Glascott drives home when he suits up for his Prince tribute cabaret show. Just don't mistake the social adaptability for a desire to be alone, as it's probably no coincidence that Glascott, who has not had much luck finding a romantic partner, has a parrot at home.

His ability to read people and the way he finds glee in asking questions makes Glascott the ideal nosy neighbor, a role into which he has grown as the show chugs along.

Cancer: Beverly Goldberg

Like the crab that symbolizes Cancer (June 21 to July 22), Beverly Goldberg is tough – incredibly tough — on the outside, but a big softy inside.

There's no more fearsome ally than Beverly. Cancers are known for their nurturing personalities and have an inexhaustible supply of loyalty, which leads to some of Beverly's best moments on "The Goldbergs." Whether it's trying to get Barry's grade upgraded, convincing the principal that Erica should be able to throw a "Dirty Dancing"-themed shindig, or helping Adam create his rival school musical, she never, ever takes no for an answer.

One downside of Cancers can be their mood swings, and Beverly certainly falls into that category. Her hard-charging lifestyle also ruffles feathers, even those of her friends and family. Adam calls his mom his "Smother" after all. She constantly gets on her kids' nerves when she "mixes in," especially at school. Even Beverly's own friend torpedoed her tennis club application because she needed downtime from the woman the William Penn teachers call the "blonde monster."

In the end, however, she demonstrates every episode that all she wants is to be surrounded by family, in particular her "schmoopaloos," which is her favorite way to refer to her children.

Leo: Barry Goldberg

Ignore a Leo at your peril. Those born under this sign (July 23 to August 22) love being the center of attention, and middle child Barry lives up to that every episode.

Barry's going to bring it, no matter how many times people doubt him or his dad calls him a moron. It's no wonder he is the leader of the Jenkintown Posse, or JTP, the nickname he gives his friend group. When rival students threaten the JTP's so-called territory, Barry scares them off with his trademark emotional instability. He's not afraid to tell off his mom's friends when they ice her out, either. "Your kind is not welcome in my home, so beat it!" he bellows at Beverly's three best friends. His timing is off, but his heart is in the right place, as always.

When he focuses on something, he gives it his all. Karate. Music. Tennis. Is he even mildly talented in any of these pursuits? Um, no. Not even close. However, that doesn't stop him from diving headfirst into things he is good at, like science. His future as a doctor is never in doubt. Perhaps most importantly, no matter how many times he wallops his brother, annoys his sister, or angers his parents, he always finds a way to make it right — just as a Leo would.

Virgo: Geoff Schwartz

Geoff Schwartz, Erica's boyfriend and one of Barry's best buds, is a card-carrying Virgo (August 23 to September 22). As in, his personality would compel him to create said card so he could keep it in his wallet.

As one who likes setting goals and checking off lists, it can get ugly when life goes off the rails for Geoff. He breaks out in hives when he is scheduled to make a speech at his high school graduation. He lashes out at the JTP when they insist on taking advantage of his gentle nature. And man, does he lay into the Goldberg family when they make fools of themselves at a restaurant.

The traits that make Geoff a Virgo also make him selfless in the best ways. He'd give you the shirt off his back, then sew you a whole new wardrobe. He's as dependable as they come, which comes in handy in crises that are small, such as when Erica gets sick on spring break, and large, like when his father has a (thankfully minor) heart attack.

Geoff also has the intellect and gumption to start his own food-delivery business. Sure, it's short-lived, but no matter what his future holds, you know it will be tremendous.

Libra: Pops

Albert Solomon, or "Pops," is all about pushing away negativity, and he wants only to help the people around him be their best selves. These qualities definitely make him a Libra (September 23 to October 22).

He's the ultimate peacekeeper on "The Goldbergs." Pops is always there to hand out sage advice, a gentle nudge, or a loving kick in the rear end. When Barry needs a car after getting his driver's license, Pops steps in. When Erica can't bring herself to sign up for the school talent show, it's Pops who reminds her how much she loves playing guitar and singing. When Adam needs advice on getting close with the ladies, his grandfather knows just what to say (spoiler alert: "be yourself" is usually the crux of it).

It can be difficult — but a blast — keeping up with Pops, as you can find him everywhere from the local jazz club to his Florida retirement community to Atlantic City. This makes him a spot-on example of the social nature for which Libras are known.

If everyone on "The Goldbergs" followed Pops' lead, there would be far less chaos. Of course, the show would be less zany and not as funny, so we get why that wouldn't happen. Just don't say Pops doesn't try to set everyone straight.

Scorpio: Erica Goldberg

Scorpios are known for their red-hot intensity, and that describes Erica Goldberg perfectly. Not getting her way is not an option. Easily one of the most stubborn characters on the show, she goes to great lengths to make a point. Like when she almost shoplifts to prove she is the troublemaker her mom thinks she is. Or when she sleeps in a van to show her dad she can be independent.

She can be secretive, like when she had a "New Kids on the Block" phase as a tween. She can be jealous, like when she attempts to pull a George Glass-style imaginary boyfriend maneuver inspired by "The Brady Bunch." Classic Scorpio (October 24 to November 21).

Yet more often than not, her drive and decision-making serve her well — ditto for her friends and family. Only a Scorpio can write usable jingles for fake products like Magellan's Old-Fashioned Year-Round Nog. Erica is well-equipped to rescue Barry from an overturned golf cart — and an ill-conceived Ponzi scheme. When one career path leads to a dead-end, she pivots, changes colleges, and sets her sights on becoming a lawyer. Anyone who says they want to see her as opposing counsel is either lying or seriously underestimating her.

Sagittarius: Lainey Lewis

You know that one friend you have who's good at everything, seemingly with little effort? Chances are they're a Sagittarius, like Lainey Lewis.

The headache-inducing traits of this sign (November 22 to December 21) can be tough to comprehend, including hurting others through careless actions. Lainey encapsulates this when she abruptly leaves for California to pursue her music career, breaking up with fiancé Barry via videotape and blindsiding her father. Ouch.

On the other hand, it's important to know what inspired Lainey to take that life-changing leap in the first place. Sagittariuses such as Lainey are driven by optimism and the travel bug. Obligation and fear never enter the equation. She sees her future not in Jenkintown but in Hollywood, and she would not be true to herself if she suppressed her desire to pursue her dreams.

This intrepid spirit is what attracts Barry to Lainey in the first place and why he wouldn't dream of standing in her way. Let's face it, a Sagittarius' zest for life is contagious.

Capricorn: Coach Mellor

Coach Rick Mellor's penchant for perfectionism makes him a quintessential Capricorn (December 22 to January 19). This is most often on display in the physical fitness arena. After all, you don't get "jacked delts" by accident. It takes an iron will and a dedication to weight training, to say the least.

Capricorns demand respect and are motivated by achievement for themselves and those around them. To that end, behind Mellor's no-nonsense style of instruction is a passion for preparing his students for life's challenges. When Adam would rather join forces with Barry in gym class instead of standing up to his more athletic sibling, Mellor has some advice, explaining, "You can finally cast off your self-doubt and those orthopedic glasses and make your big bro suck it on the court of life."

To be clear, we never said Mellor is the type to put things delicately. However, he is a good role model because he uses structure to his advantage. No doubt the discipline of a Capricorn helped him master the arts of singing, cooking, and even folding a fitted sheet.

Aquarius: Marvin Goldberg

People born under the sign of Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) are like comets in that they might not always be in your orbit long, but darned if they don't they leave an impression. That's Marvin in a nutshell. Whenever Murray's little brother streaks into Jenkintown, you can bet that something crazy is going to happen.

Never one to adhere to convention, Marvin is the guy who ropes Barry and the JTP into his "Wall Street"-style get-rich-quick scheme. He offers to pick up Barry and Erica and bring them home for Thanksgiving, only to make a wrong turn on what should be a 15-minute drive and end up in Pittsburgh. For crying out loud, he manages to commandeer KITT, the talking car from "Knight Rider." Whenever an Aquarius is involved, bet on a whirlwind.

Even though Marvin's head frequently is in the clouds, he does come down to earth long enough to make things right with his loved ones. In one episode, he makes Adam's dream of making a "Die Hard" sequel come to life. That's a good uncle, to be sure. Rest assured, the Goldbergs' world would be a less interesting place without Marvin and his big ideas.

Pisces: Matt Bradley

When the audience first meets Matt Bradley, he is all about being anti-establishment and steeped in punk culture. Once he discovers the Grateful Dead, however, he mellows out instantaneously. He's the most spiritual character on the show, which lands him squarely as a Pisces (February 19 to March 20).

Matt is a well of knowledge and emotional support who is at ease putting others' needs before his own. When his best friend, Barry, is heartbroken after his girlfriend, Lainey, leaves for California, Matt tries to guide him through the stages of grief. Barry wants to rip through each step, of course, but Matt practices patience and has his back nonetheless.

It's likely only a Pisces could put up with all the (unintentional) abuse laid on him by Barry. For crying out loud, Barry rips up his paychecks, and he still forgives the guy. Matt is a dreamer at heart and lets his talent rise to the forefront at the right times. Case in point, he's the perfect leading man for Adam's "Indiana Jones" movie. Just keep him away from the caffeine, okay?

If you're looking for classic Matt, he's summed up by his reaction to Barry saying his birthday is meaningless. He muses, "It's true. No one likes to be confronted by their mortality. Let's not make a big deal about it."