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Supernatural Fans Think This Character Is Underrated

After 15 seasons of gripping drama, CW's "Supernatural" came to an end in November 2020. The thrilling, dark fantasy show followed brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester as they hunted demons, monsters, and a host of other devious supernatural beings. And while the show saw its ups and downs in the course of its long run, it was able to leave the fans with much to celebrate. "Supernatural" holds the title of the longest-running sci-fi/genre series on American television. According to an article by The Hollywood Reporter, in its last 10 years, the show never fell below the No. 5 spot in CW's rankings. Apart from its longevity, the show was able to carve out space for its characters. From Dean and Sam's relationship — the emotional center of the show — to Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and her friendship with the brothers, or Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), the ruthless villain whom everybody loved to hate, there were several memorable characters.

However, in a series with hundreds of episodes and multiple storylines, some characters are bound to remain under-appreciated and "Supernatural" is no exception. The fans of the show feel that some characters did not get their due. And many of them took to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with the way their beloved character was used — or, rather, underused — throughout the show.

Garth Fitzgerald is the most underappreciated character on Supernatural

Well, "Supernatural" fans have spoken and, according to a Reddit thread, they think that Garth Fitzgerald, the easygoing hunter who later turns into a vegetarian werewolf, is the most underrated character in the show. Played by DJ Qualls, Garth was first introduced in Season 7 and made a few appearances since then, though — in a revolving door of characters — Garth always remained a minor one. That, however, did not stop the fans of the show from recognizing his potential. "Dude is awesome. Love the hugs he gives. You know Dean really likes it even though he rolls his eyes," User XImmerseMeX wrote. Other comments detailed how easily lovable Garth's character was and how he could make each episode that he was in a memorable one. Fans noted that the considerable difference in his energy from that of the intense one of Dean and Sam's made him a great fit for "Supernatural."

Despite the disappointment with this aspect of the show, the fans appreciate that Garth got a happy ending in the final season of the show. A happily married man, Garth ended his run on "Supernatural" living a normal life in his sixth appearance on the show. Even DJ Qualls appreciated the end written for his character. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said, "I'm so happy to be a part of the show and so thankful that the producers loved the character enough that they gave him this beautifully written send-off. It's very, very special what they wrote and I'm so excited for everyone to see it."