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The MCU Villain You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Now that we're more than 20 movies into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, we've seen almost every type of supervillain imaginable. From the charming to the brutish, the sympathetic to the monstrous, it's safe to say that the MCU's bad guys have made us laugh, cry, cheer, and boo ever since Obadiah Stane's Iron Monger first started giving Tony Stark heart problems back in 2008's "Iron Man."

And while Marvel Studios has caught some flak over the years for the occasional misstep when it comes to bringing their classic villains to the big screen, overall they've done a pretty solid job with their portrayals, showcasing some top-notch character writing and casting plenty of talented actors to bring these forces of evil to life.

Because the villains in Marvel Studios' stable have such clearly defined characteristics, it's fairly easy to assign each of them a corresponding zodiac sign according to these traits. And since these characters, as evil as they are, are not without their merits, it's actually a bit of a nerdy honor to be compared to them — so read on to see which MCU villain you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Emil Blonsky aka Abomination (March 21 - April 19)

Emil Blonsky is a former special-ops commander of the British Royal Marines who is so addicted to life as a soldier that he even turns down a promotion so he can keep destroying humans — making him the perfect guy for General "Thunderbolt" Ross to recruit in his hunt for the Hulk.

But being both a psychopath and an Aries, Blonsky is so committed to proving his mettle on this dangerous mission that he decides to "upgrade" himself to ensure his success. He attempted this with a knock-off of the serum that turned a 98-pound weakling into Chris Evans and affords its subject enhanced endurance, durability, and recklessness.

Of course, in typical spring-baby fashion, that still isn't enough for Blonsky, so he forces Dr. Samuel Sterns to transfuse him with Bruce Banner's gamma-irradiated blood, which mixes with the serum already inside him to create a monstrosity that Sterns cleverly calls "Abomination." That way, Blonsky can get his butt kicked by ol' Jade Jaws himself, but with way more CGI than before.

It's worth noting, though, that this is the day in the life of just one Aries; the day of an average Aries probably doesn't end with them turning Harlem into rubble. Still, the average Aries can at least identify with Blonsky-slash-Abomination's warriorlike "annihilate now, think later" approach to solving life's big, green, and angry problems, as well as his general disregard for pesky things like risk, consequences, and public property.

Taurus: Trevor Slattery (April 20 - May 20)

Mass murderer. Cunning revolutionary. Terrorist feared around the world. These are all of the things that Trevor Slattery isn't, but boy, does he like to party hard!

Even though he is seen by most as the ruthless leader of the villainous Ten Rings organization in his role as the Mandarin, Slattery is little more than a washed-up, Shakespeare-loving actor looking for enough work to keep his drug addiction happy. This makes him an ideal candidate for Aldrich Killian to distract the world with while he experiments on veterans with his extremely volatile and dangerous Extremis drug.

Since Slattery is a Taurus, he can't be bothered with aspirations of world domination. No, he enjoys the finer things in life, like drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes — oh, and a speedboat, too. Heck, even when he is imprisoned by the real Ten Rings (not its understudy, which we saw in "Iron Man 3"), the predicament allows him to rediscover his passion for acting, which in turn helps him achieve sobriety from his previous addictions.

Tauruses live by the law of the libertine and are fueled by beauty, fun, and excess; they're not interested in the casual exhilaration of, say, taking down a superhero to further their explosive mad scientist experiments. Who cares if you Taureans sometimes indulge a little too much on occasion? Hangovers have cures, and chasing your passion sure beats working for a living.

Gemini: Loki (May 21 - June 20)

Loki's scheming Asgardian antics have been the impetus for countless crazy storylines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From tricking everyone into believing he was killed in the bout with his brother in "Thor," to trying to take over Earth with an intergalactic army in "The Avengers," to becoming the Grandmaster's right-hand man on Sakaar in "Thor: Ragnarok," to the many interdimensional hijinks he gets up to in his Disney+ series, Loki's rascally yet charismatic nature consistently wins our hearts — even when he's committing some pretty horrible acts.

And why not? Clever, unpredictable, and every bit an incorrigible trickster, there are an infinite number of directions in which Marvel can take Loki's character, and we'll always tune in to watch. He's the life of every party he crashes, and because of his penchant for stirring trouble for fun, there's no shortage of action and shenanigans when he's around.

Geminis, you got lucky with this comparison. Your whimsical, curious, and spontaneous personalities have no doubt provided you with many adventures to be proud of. You're not afraid to get into a sticky situation on occasion, as you're generally wily enough to get yourself out of it. If one of your zany exploits goes irrevocably awry, chances are you've got enough guile to reappear in your own TV show on a subscription streaming platform.

Cancer: Kaecilius (June 21 - July 22)

Kaecilius lived a happy life in Copenhagen with his wife before their son died tragically, followed by her passing not long after. Driven by the pain of this loss, Kaecilius goes on a search for meaning in his life. This leads to a meeting with the Ancient One, who promises to help him find answers when he joins the Masters of the Mystic Arts and trains under her tutelage.

However, feeling that the Ancient One has failed in her promise to help him overcome the grief from his wife and son's deaths, Kaecilius rebels against her and her teachings. Instead, he forms his own magical sect bent on bringing the malevolent entity Dormammu to our reality so that death and time might cease to exist and no one will ever have to experience the pain of losing a loved one again.

Look, we all do desperate and irrational things when we're mourning, so let's not be too harsh on Kaecilius. Besides, his actions are probably more understandable to Cancers, who are known for their protective and emotional urges and would go to great lengths to care for their families (and maybe even avenge their deaths, though less dramatically than Kaecilius, we hope). Cancers are also prone to contemplation, sensitivity, and engagement with their inner awareness, so don't be surprised if the Cancer in your life starts a magical cult to overturn the abstract underpinnings of reality.

Leo: Aldrich Killian (July 23 - August 22)

Aldrich Killian is but an awkward nerd in the late '90s until, at a New Year's Eve party in Switzerland, he's snubbed by Tony Stark when the latter feigns interest in his think tank concept, Advanced Idea Mechanics. This is the catalyst he needs to spend the next decade molding himself into a charming, handsome genius while simultaneously developing his Extremis formula. This complex and volatile compound spurs enhanced strength and healing in its subjects — before causing them to overheat and explode, certainly shattering its chances of getting FDA-approved.

This is pretty much the arc you'd expect a garden-variety supervillain to follow, but since Killian is of the Leo type, his is not a stereotypical tale of revenge. For Killian doesn't just want to get back at Stark for flaking on him years earlier: He sets out to orchestrate a new "War on Terror" that he can monopolize and control. While tricking the world into believing that the Mandarin is behind a series of recent terror attacks, Killian secretly plots to publicly kill the president of the United States and install a puppet president who would answer to him alone.

There's an element of theatrics and showmanship that sets Killian apart from most other MCU baddies. Leos aren't typified by ambition and determination alone; they need the world to see them accomplish their lofty goals, thus proving to their captive audiences that they're the real lions of the jungle.

Virgo: Baron Helmut Zemo (August 23 - September 22)

Baron Helmut Zemo may seem like a brutal and determined maniac, what with his time as the commander of an elite Sokovian paramilitary tactical unit called EKO Scorpion ... then hunting down and killing all HYDRA scientists who worked on the Winter Soldier Project ... followed by setting off a bomb at a United Nations gathering and framing an innocent man for it.

But underneath that steely fictional-Eastern-European-country exterior, he really is just a family man at heart. And all of that meticulous carnage? Why, that's just to avenge the death of his family, who were unfortunate casualties of the Avengers' battle with Ultron. Zemo blames Earth's Mightiest Heroes for his loss, but like any Virgo (especially a military-trained one), he's not going to just barge into their compound and start blasting. Instead, he's going to spend years carefully planning how to tear them apart without laying a finger on them. And as far as we can see in "Captain America: Civil War," mission accomplished.

Zemo's nature (if not his actions) probably hit close to home for his late-summer-baby kin. Known for their almost obsessive attention to detail, Virgos are great at planning ahead and accounting for any obstacles that may hinder their efforts to achieve their goals. But they aren't just planners; they execute those plans impeccably and don't stop until the job is done. And they're not just dutiful for duty's sake; they care deeply about those around them and do everything they can to be of service — even if it means breaking up a few super-teams.

Libra: Thanos (September 23 - October 22)

Thanos has always been about balance, from teaching a young Gamora how to hold a double-edged space knife on her finger without it tipping over to one side to ... well, wiping out half the population in the universe.

But his warped sense of harmony and fairness doesn't come from a place of sadism like many other supervillains'. As one of the MCU's most complex and fleshed-out baddies, Thanos sets out to annihilate half of all life forms — an extension of past fears of his home planet, Titan, not being able to sustain its growing population. Like all good leaders, he took it upon himself to save his people and proposed killing half of them — and at random, of course, so that everyone had an equal opportunity to be chosen as a sacrifice. Seems reasonable, right?

As expected, his idea was widely rejected, and he was cast out by his own people. However, because his prediction of Titan's downfall ultimately comes true, his initial proposal to kill half the population is justified (at least in his mind). So he decides to go on a particularly Libra-like quest to apply his original plan to the entire universe.

While Libras don't usually go to such genocidal lengths to achieve their goals, they are driven by a sense of symmetry and harmony, which is typically accompanied by natural leadership abilities. Just remember, Libras, if your plans to bring about "balance" and "fairness" are met with accusations of madness, maybe go back to the drawing board.

Scorpio: Ego (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpios, don't be offended that you're represented by a villain who just happens to be an actual planet, especially since that planet is played by the eternally-cool Kurt Russell.

A Celestial born millions of years ago, Ego learned to use his cosmic powers to manipulate matter and form an entire planet around himself, while creating a humanoid avatar to interact with other living beings. As time went on, he became bored of immortality and disappointed with a universe full of what he considered to be inferior life, so he set out to remake it in his image via seedlings planted on various worlds. However, Ego needed the power of another Celestial to activate the seedlings, so he mated with many species until a suitable offspring was conceived to help put his plan into action (Star-Lord was the only success).

Leave it to a patient, conspiratorial, and curious Scorpio to dedicate eons just to see a plan come to fruition. Also, little known fact about Scorpios: The body part that this sign rules over is the genitals, making those born in the mid-autumn months more open to unconventional sexual experiences. Is anyone surprised that Ego's plan includes one-night stands with an infinite number of species across the universe? Hey, Scorpios, we're not judging.

Sagittarius: Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull (November 22 - December 21)

Johann Schmidt, aka the Red Skull, was an egocentric genius and head of the Nazi science division, Hydra, during World War II. Eventually, he breaks off from them and embarks on his own journey to find the Tesseract, planning to use it as a weapon and rise above humanity, which he considers inferior. There's plenty in his world conquest plans to criticize, but let's give him points for cutting ties with Hitler.

Even though Skully is a man of science, his being a Sagittarius means that he also has an affinity for the spiritual: He combines the two by employing the mystical Tesseract to carry out his evil plans. Sagittarians are also marked by a never-ending curiosity, with a keen fascination with philosophy and religion. To them, the physical and spiritual are worth exploring, and they are known for having a wanderlust that perfectly serves their hunger for new ideas.

After his big bout with the star-spangled hero in "Captain America: The First Avenger," Red Skull is transported Vormir to where he's cursed to live out the rest of his days in a purgatory state, serving as Stonekeeper and a guide to those seeking the Soul Stone. This may seem like a horrible fate to any other sign, but let's not pretend that the typical Sagittarius would object to the opportunity to travel to an unfamiliar planet and lecture strangers in fancy gibberish.

Capricorn: Ava Starr aka Ghost (December 22 - January 19)

As depicted "Ant-Man and the Wasp," Ava Starr is caught in an accident in her father Elihas' laboratory, which kills both of her parents and saddles her with the unusual condition of "molecular disequilibrium." This condition gives her the ability to become invisible and intangible, hence her nickname, Ghost. She is then recruited by scientist Bill Foster into S.H.I.E.L.D., where she's trained and given a containment suit to better control her "gifts" — under the condition that S.H.I.E.L.D. will help cure her in return for her services.

However, when she discovers that S.H.I.E.L.D. has no intention of helping her (they are being secretly controlled by HYDRA at this time), she goes rogue and, in true Capricorn fashion, commits to finding a cure herself — even if it means becoming a supervillain of sorts.

Ambitious, determined, and ruthlessly pragmatic: These are the traits of a Capricorn. As masters of traversing the material and emotional realms (very literally, in Ghost's case), these children of winter are able to power through any obstacle that comes their way. Just as years of pain and cellular instability aren't enough to deter Ghost in her quest, you can absolutely expect Capricorns to be able to weather all the trouble life throws at them.

Aquarius: Erik Stevens aka Killmonger (January 20 - February 18)

Killmonger is another one of the MCU's best and most layered villains, so you scored big with this one, Aquarians. A former U.S. Navy SEAL lieutenant and the cousin of T'Challa (aka Black Panther), Killmonger has an ax to grind with Wakanda. Years earlier, his father was killed by T'Challa's father T'Chaka for helping the cutthroat Ulysses Klaue smuggle vibranium out of Wakanda. Killmonger's father wanted to help arm oppressed people around the world and aid in starting revolutions. In addition, he felt that, because Wakanda was largely closed off to all other countries, they weren't doing enough to help those of African descent who suffered under oppression and could benefit from their resources.

So, like any supervillain born under the sign of the Water-Bearer, Killmonger begins a benevolent crusade where his father left off. He kills Klaue (which earns the trust of Wakandans), beats the Black Panther in a duel, and takes the throne. Soon thereafter, he orders the distribution of vibranium weapons to all persecuted Africans around the world so that they can rise up and kill their conquerors.

Being the most humanitarian and forward-thinking zodiac sign, Aquarians can probably best understand Killmonger's goal of helping the marginalized, even if his actions are little on the extreme side (murder is a totally acceptable part of the job as far as he's concerned). As long as your plans don't involve the illegal global circulation of futuristic weapons, go out and give us a brighter future, Aquarians.

Pisces: Xu Wenwu (February 19 - March 20)

Xu Wenwu is a legendary, almost mythical figure who rose to power after discovering a set of ten mystical rings thousands of years ago. These rings granted him immortality and great power, which he used to build an army (fittingly called the Ten Rings), conquer countless kingdoms, and topple governments throughout history. Warring tendencies aside, Wenwu has amassed considerable knowledge from his extremely long life and extensive experience, so Pisces is the obvious zodiac sign to represent him. This sign is known for bringing together the lessons and characteristics of the 11 signs that come before it.

However, immortality isn't for everyone, even for a battle-hardened spiritual seeker and Pisces like Wenwu; he met Ying Li in 1996 and the two fell in love, eventually getting hitched and having two kids together, Shang-Chi and Xialing. You see, selflessness and empathy are additional qualities of the well-rounded Pisces, so family and personal relationships are just important to them as their own inner journeys. While Wenwu may have spent much of his life (and his arc in "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings") as a villain, he still chooses to sacrifice himself to save his son from the soul-consuming demon known as the Dweller-in-Darkness.