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It's Time To Talk About That Geralt Fight Scene In The Witcher Season 2

Contains spoilers for "The Witcher" Season 2

From Henry Cavill's work on Showtime's "The Tudors" to his impressive skills demonstrated in "Mission: Impossible – Fallout," the actor has shown an affinity for fight choreography. Never one to miss the mark, Cavill is perhaps most excited about his fighting on Netflix's "The Witcher." Season 1 showed how apt the actor is with a sword and his passion for Geralt of Rivia. In a special for Netflix, Cavill walked fans through the technical process of shooting the fight in Blaviken.

Blaviken was the most crucial fight in Season 1. It was a hallmark of Geralt's ability and personified how deadly he is. "The Witcher" Season 2 has proven that Geralt has not lost his touch. His main concern is, of course, for Ciri (Freya Allan). He travels to Kaer Morhen in order to protect her. But that doesn't mean he is not as fierce as he once was. Geralt displays the same acumen in Season 2. But this time, the stakes are higher as he cannot let anything happen to Ciri — and there is one fight in particular that makes resolve evident.

Geralt has not lost his touch

Geralt is no stranger to one-sided fights. One of the most infamous fights of "The Witcher" resulted in him being dubbed the Butcher of Blaviken (via Comic Book). His decimation of Renfri's gang in Season 1 made him infamous, quickly dispensing of the gang in 45 seconds. When fire mage Rience enlists mercenaries the Michelet brothers to steal Ciri in Season 2, Episode 6, Geralt doesn't bat an eyelash. The odds may seem stacked against him, especially since he has no weapons. But there is a reason that Geralt is one of the most dangerous fighters on The Continent — and he proves it once again.

Geralt is taken off guard during the fight. As no weapons are allowed in the temple, he is ill-prepared against his armed foes. But as a practiced Witcher, anything in his hand is a weapon. Rience peels off to pursue Ciri and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), leaving Geralt to fight the four brothers. He uses chairs and his fists to beat them back. Geralt proves that he is more than adept at hand-to-hand combat, even without weapons. In this instance, he does not need weapons immediately. He eventually gets use of a sword, and it is quick work of the gang after that. Geralt uses a combination of swordplay and magic Signs to kill the Michelet brothers. He uses the magic Signs and his opponent's momentum to impale him in one brutal move.

The devastating fallout

What makes the fight so elevated are the emotional stakes to it. For most of Season 1, Geralt has hidden from attachment. Even when he has the potential for a long-lasting friendship, he easily throws Jaskier (Joey Batey) away. This has all changed this season, and the fight proves that. Geralt no longer questions attachment but charges headlong towards it. He fights to protect Ciri from those who would take her away.

This is what makes what happens during the fight heartbreaking for Geralt. He trusts that Ciri will be safe with Yennefer and sends the two away from the fray. Barricaded in a room, Rience uses fire magic to get to them. Yennefer is obsessed with regaining her chaos back and convinces Ciri to conjure a portal so they can escape alone. The irony is if Ciri had waited ten seconds, she would have been united with Geralt. Geralt destroys the four brothers easily, and Rience portals away. But instead of reuniting with Ciri, he watches as she and Yennefer disappear through the portal. Geralt fought desperately to keep Ciri with him, and he lost her all the same.