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What Fans Hate About The Curse Of Oak Island

The premiere season of "The Curse of Oak Island" arrived on the small screen in early 2014, promising audiences all the thrills of a real-life treasure hunt from the comfort of their own homes. The series follows the sibling duo of Rick and Marty Lagina, as well as their ever-expanding group of treasure hunters, who all hope to solve the persistent mysteries behind the titular island. Everything from pirate riches to Knights Templar artifacts is said to reside there, and the Oak Island crew is determined to put as much time, money, and energy into their search as necessary.

As of this writing, "The Curse of Oak Island" is approaching nine seasons and sits at just over 130 episodes, giving new fans of the show plenty to enjoy until the next batch of episodes hits the airwaves. However, as incoming viewers give the program a watch, they may find that it hasn't quite delivered on its promise of discovering legendary treasure. The Oak Island team has made minor discoveries over the years, but nothing close to what the famed stories about the location have touted for centuries. This may sound like a good reason to change the channel, although, for a good portion of the "Oak Island" fandom, this isn't the case.

In fact, there's something else present in every "Oak Island" installment that several people in the fan base feel hampers their viewing experience.

Viewers can't stand the narrator

Surprisingly, the thing that gets under the skin of "The Curse of Oak Island" fans has nothing to do with the narrative but everything to do with the narrator. "Does anyone else get tired of the announcer?" wrote Redditor Kimbo185 a few years ago, with other watchers chiming in with their complaints. "Extremely annoyed at the overly dramatic speaking. And repeating the same "dramatic" events over and over," added scowpunk, and Aprildawn9 commented, "Count me in!" Come to find out, these folks aren't the only ones getting a bit tired of the narration.

In a completely separate thread, user 1SmartBastard stated that they "have about had it with this show," calling the narration "insufferable." What ensued was a thread picking on the formulaic, robotic style of the "Curse of Oak Island" voice-over and many people agreeing that it's too much to listen to. Most recently, Reddit user gr33dyfly raised the issue in yet another thread, saying, "for some reason the narrator is really driving me nuts now. I cringe every time he starts to talk," mentioning that his constant use of the phrase "if so" is particularly infuriating. 

For those curious, the voice behind "The Curse of Oak Island" is Robert Clotworthy, who is perhaps best known for the similar narration style he uses on "Ancient Aliens." Though his speech patterns are immediately recognizable, it seems as though a great number of "Oak Island" viewers are growing tired of his routine.