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The Nicolas Cage Movie Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Not many actors are willing to look ridiculous on-screen. Then again, not many actors are Nicolas Cage. Known for his Nouveau Shamanic bombast and raw, unrestrained approach, Cage is one of the most unique actors working today. And when you reflect back on his wildly impressive and prolific body of work, it becomes abundantly clear that this unrivaled thespian is much, much more than the memes would have you believe.

Indeed, Nic Cage's filmography covers a vast spectrum of human emotion, from tender-hearted loggers to idealistic witch hunters. For further proof of Cage's versatility, let us consult the zodiac, the celestial framework said to define 12 elemental personalities. Each zodiac sign is thought to have its own traits, desires, and outlook on life, governed (so it's said) by the position of celestial bodies at the moment of one's birth. So, whether you believe in astrology and want to see how Cage's filmography shakes down or you're looking for a breakdown of why Cage is one of the most engaging actors to grace the big screen, here's a look at which Nic Cage performance fits each sign in the zodiac.

Warning — some spoilers below.

Aries: Raising Arizona

If Aries were a film genre, it would absolutely be a screwball comedy. And they don't come much screwier than 1987's "Raising Arizona," the Coen brothers film about an incompetent bank robber stealing a baby to start a family. H.I. "Hi" McDunnough is an Aries through and through, a reckless scamp fueled by adrenaline and unbridled positivity. Nic Cage portrays Hi with the zany, physics-defying energy of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Hi has a Road Runner tattoo for a reason — he launches himself at opportunities and danger without a second thought. He flirts earnestly with policewomen, nabs babies, and zips in and out of prison like a boomerang.

In typical Aries fashion, despite his chaotic energy and propensity for getting into all kinds of trouble, Hi McDunnough has his heart in the right place. Aries folks are, after all, incorrigible optimists. Bold and ambitious, those born between March 21 and April 19 dive headfirst into every situation with a disarmingly uncomplicated and direct approach. When Hi learns that he and his wife are infertile and ineligible for adoption, he simply steals a baby. Duh. Like many Aries, Hi only thinks after he leaps. And, as you'd imagine, there are consequences for stealing a state-famous quintuplet. Thankfully, in addition to Aries' short-sighted courage, Hi is playful and game for anything. And it's that upbeat attitude that ultimately sees him and his wife through to the end in one piece.

Taurus: Pig

Nic Cage has a tendency to get boxed into very similar roles. You know, where he can gnaw on scenery like it's a honey-baked ham and wild out for the cheap seats. It's always a huge treat when Cage is able to swing to the other side of the pendulum because his talents are so much more than wild-eyed teeth gnashing. And that takes us to our next sign in the zodiac.

Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull, and like their celestial representative, Taureans enjoy serenity, stability, and slowness. And no Cage performance represents these ideals better than Robin in "Pig." The 2021 directorial debut of Michael Sarnoski tells of Robin's return to the Portland high-dining scene after his self-imposed exile into the remote woods of Oregon. Soft-spoken and gentle despite his hulking bushman appearance, Robin has devoted himself to truffle-hunting and the slow, dependable cookery that's gone out of vogue in the city. When his beloved truffle pig is kidnapped (well, pig-napped, if we're being specific), Robin is forced to revisit his old stomping grounds and reopen old wounds.

Taurus is an incredibly tactile sign that's grounded, quite literally, by the sensuality of touch and "real" things. And just like those born between April 20 and May 20, Robin finds fulfillment in genuine food made from a place of love rather than pretension. Like many a Taurus, Robin is stubborn as a bull and won't take "no" for an answer. He won't stop until he finds out what happened to his pig, even if it means going back to a world he swore to leave behind.

Gemini: Adaptation

On the one hand, how could we resist this pairing? Of course the celestial twins, Gemini, should be represented by a dual performance. On the other hand, the third sign in the zodiac shares plenty of similarities with Charlie and Donald Kaufman in "Adaptation" (both played by Nic Cage). The film sees a love-lorn screenwriter (Charlie) struggle with his quest to adapt the book "The Orchid Thief" as his freeloading twin brother (Donald) attempts to break into the business.

Gemini is a sign of dualities. And fittingly, Charlie and Donald represent very different ends of the emotional spectrum. Charlie is reserved, awkward, and insecure whereas Donald is a confident, charming motormouth. Gemini's multifaceted interests are often misrepresented as being duplicitous and untrustworthy. In reality, those born between May 21 and June 21 are incredibly genuine folks with a talent for curiosity, passion, and creativity. Which, in reality, describes both Charlie and Donald's active imaginations and attraction to writing. Governed by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini is all about the output of emotions, which is precisely what writing a screenplay is all about ... assuming you don't get writer's block like Charlie.

Cancer: Kick-Ass

One of Nic Cage's most admirable qualities as an actor is his wanton embrace of big, unabashed emotions. He's more willing than most male actors to cry, scream, and go big or go home. Astrologically speaking, one sign has a well-earned reputation for being highly intuitive and sensitive: Cancer. And given that Cancer is ruled by the moon, a celestial body with keen maternal energies, one Nic Cage character stands out in particular. In Matthew Vaughn's 2010 superhero film, Cage plays Big Daddy, a former cop dead-set on taking down the mafia boss who ruined his life.

Cancers tend to be domestically inclined and care deeply about their families. And while shooting your daughter in the chest at point-blank range to get her used to bulletproof vests might not scream "caregiver," in Big Daddy's own way, turning his little girl into a deadly killer is a nurturing act. That said, those born between June 22 and July 22 can sometimes blur the line between care and control, a line Big Daddy certainly crosses in how he's chosen to militantly raise the pint-size, gun-toting Mindy. Like the crab that represents their sign, Cancers are shielded by hard, external shells and can come across as cold and distant. And considering that Big Daddy stalks the streets as an armored vigilante, the metaphor writes itself.

Leo: Wild at Heart

Leos have, and we believe this is the technical term, "big protagonist energy." They're the sign that you roll out the red carpet for. They're a vivacious, passionate, and theatrical group of folks who adore the limelight and celebrate themselves. Sure, those born between July 23 and August 22 have a tendency to be a bit vain. But if you were ruled by the sun, you'd act like the center of the solar system too! Speaking of that, in "Wild at Heart," David Lynch's Palme d'Or winning 1990 film, Nic Cage plays Sailor — a lover, a fighter, and lover of Elvis. A road movie twisted by Lynch's unique tastes, "Wild at Heart" sees Sailor breaking his parole to run away to California with his lover, Lula (Laura Dern). Unaware that Lula's mother has multiple contracts out for Sailor's murder, the pair run afoul of all manner of ne'er-do-wells.

Leos like Sailor are renowned for their stability, loyalty, and consistency (it helps being governed by a celestial body that doesn't go into retrograde). Sailor is thoroughly, unapologetically himself. This strong, unwavering sense of self is critical to Sailor, who wears a snakeskin jacket as, quote, "a symbol of [his] individuality, and [his] belief in personal freedom." Unfortunately, like many an ego-governed Leo, Sailor is especially prone to jealousy and quick to throw a punch at anyone who chips away at his pride. Who else but Sailor (or a Leo) could cuss out a guy who bumps up against his girl at a punk show, only to grab the mic and belt an Elvis love song? That's star power right there.

Virgo: The Wicker Man

An infamously meme-worthy modern take on the 1973 classic of the same name, 2006's "The Wicker Man" is (and we mean this as a compliment) an absolute mess. And Virgo, let's be real, you love mess. Or at the very least, you seek it out, much like a connoisseur of cult classics finds themselves drawn towards this thoroughly unsubtle, unintentionally hilarious disasterpiece. "The Wicker Man" follows a policeman named Edward Malus (Cage), who finds himself whisked away to a remote island in search of his ex-fiancées daughter, Rowan. Cage arrives to find a matriarchal society of secretive pagans who don't take kindly to strangers.

Governed by Mercury, the messenger planet, order and clarity are wildly important to Virgos. Much like Officer Malus, Virgos need all the pieces of the puzzle to hang together neatly. Virgos are incredibly smart and resourceful, always striving to provide workable solutions to improve broken systems. And just as Virgos have a hard time wrapping their minds around imperfections and loose ends, Malus' determination to suss out what happened to Rowan leads him to poke around where he shouldn't. Virgos (like well-intentioned cops) are methodical, committed, and hardworking. They also don't know how to leave well enough alone when they're in over their heads with a sacrificial cult. Folks born between August 23 and September 22 loathe inefficiency. Which is all well and good, but Virgos, take Malus' frustration as a warning: If you're constantly banging your head against a brick wall, maybe it's time to take a seaplane and go home.

Libra: Into the Spider-Verse

Despite what its name might imply, there are not one but multiple Spider-Men in "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse." And while the alternate dimension versions of the web-slinging hero as a pig and a schoolgirl with a giant robot are incredible, our hearts belong to Spider-Man Noir. Voiced by (you guessed it) Nic Cage, Spider-Man Noir is a version of Peter Parker from a universe indebted to 1930s crime films. He's the answer to the question "what if Spider-Man were a hard-boiled private investigator"?

If you had to sum up Libra in two words, those two words would be "justice" and "aesthetics." Represented by the cosmic scales, Libras seek balance and harmony in all things ... which for this version of Peter Parker means fighting Nazis and overthinking the moral ambiguity of his vigilantism. Then again, those born between September 23 and October 23 are prone to obsessing over how they're perceived. This self-awareness is part of what makes them so alluring and stylish. But their preoccupation with doing the right thing can also lead Libras to a dark place. Luckily for this noir-themed Spider-Man, the whole world's awash with black and white.

Scorpio: Mandy

Just as Nic Cage tends to get pigeonholed for his gonzo performances, so too is Scorpio often stereotyped as an especially "intense" zodiac sign. And while it's true that the eighth sign in the zodiac has a reputation for being enigmatic (cagey if you will), they are, like Nic Cage, capable of fantastic sensitivity and depth. 

Enter "Mandy," the 2018 psychedelic action horror film directed by Panos Cosmatos. Cage plays Red Miller, a logger who's abandoned his violent past in exchange for a calm life in the Shadow Mountains. In the first half of the film (before his titular girlfriend is brutally murdered by a hippie cult), Red embodies Scorpio's softer side. He holds his cards close to his chest, speaking in soft whispers with a gentle expression and a light touch. Scorpios are incredibly loyal and passionate about their loved ones. And for Red, Mandy is his rock — a source not only of physical closeness but deep emotional intimacy.

But like Red, this water sign has a distinct, venomous sting. So when the predatory cult hurts the woman he loves, Red is quick to strike back. Those born between October 24 and November 21 are ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and destruction. They are, like Red, capable of life-altering change ... but they are also more than capable of lashing out on a warpath.

Sagittarius: Red Rock West

A moody ex-Marine drifting from town to town, Michael Williams roams the West in search of work. When an old war wound causes an oilfield gig to fall through, he drives on over to Red Rock, Wyoming, where he's mistaken for a hitman. Desperate for money, Red plays along and takes the cash, warning the would-be target before leaving town. However, things go south during the getaway and only get worse when Michael runs into the real (and decidedly more sociopathic) hitman.

Those affiliated with the ninth sign of the zodiac have a reputation for being wanderers. Sagittarius is a consummate traveler on a perpetual quest for new experiences. They have a deep-rooted desire for change and will brazenly pursue any opportunity they feel will lead them to the next new thing. When Michael can't find work, he keeps on trucking. And when he finds himself at the center of a small-town murder plot, he throws himself into the thick of the conspiracy without a second thought. Those born between November 22 and December 21 have a relentless drive for freedom, so even when the day is won, Michael is more than happy to hop a train to the next big adventure.

Capricorn: Con Air

Sure, putting a recently released family man on a plane full of psychopaths and madmen might sound like a bad idea. But (luckily for the U.S. penal system) Cameron Poe has the spirit of a Capricorn, the "get'er done" sign of the zodiac. Unlike the other ego-driven passengers, Capricorns like Cameron Poe are pragmatic and thoroughly uninterested in being the center of attention. No showboating or gimmicks for humble Cameron, he just wants to reunite with his loved ones. These mass murderers and notorious creeps are no match for Cameron's steadfast determination to get home.

Like many Capricorns, Cameron Poe is all about discipline. And whether it's maintaining a relationship with his daughter from behind bars or derailing the mastermind plan of Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom, nothing can stand in the way of Poe's can-do attitude. Those born between December 22 and January 19 feel strongly about being the best at what they do. And while "being so good at fighting that you accidentally murder a man" isn't the best way to wind up in prison, it meant that a certified badass like Poe was in the right place at the right time.

Aquarius: Season of the Witch

Aquarius, the eleventh sign in the zodiac, is known for producing visionaries and innovators. And while Sir Behmen von Bleibruck might not look like an agent of change, he is absolutely the Nic Cage character most preoccupied with the bigger picture of humanity's purpose. Originally swept up in the Crusades, Bleibruck and his fellow Teutonic Knight, Sir Felson, desert their cause when they witness the massacre of innocent civilians. When tasked with escorting a suspected witch, Bleibruck's tendency to philosophize takes hold, and he vows to ensure the young woman receives a fair trial.

Those born between January 20 and February 18 are ruled by Uranus, the planet responsible for new approaches and the unexpected. And really who could suspect that a young would-be witch is possessed by a demon intent on taking humanity out with a plague? While Aquarius can come across as aloof, they are often deep in thought (likely weighing the pros and cons of letting the potentially witchy girl go free). Caught in a struggle between spiritual and physical realms? A rebel who rejects the evils of corrupt systems, demonic and human alike? Sounds like an Aquarius to us.

Pisces: Moonstruck

Pisces is easily the most romantic sign in the zodiac. And no film in Nic Cage's filmography is more full of romance than "Moonstruck." Ronny Cammareri is a walking soap opera — a man burdened and defined by the pursuit of love. When we (and our heroine, Loretta) first meet Ronny, he's still reeling from an old heartbreak that weighs heavy on his shoulders. And once Loretta comes into his life, Ronny falls fast and hard.

Like those born between February 19 and March 20, Ronny feels things very strongly. He's furious and passionate, screaming ultimatums and lovelorn confessions like the operatic soloists he idolizes. While his artistic inclinations and exaggerated outlook on life certainly peg Ronny as a Pisces, it's his status as a hopeless romantic that seals the deal. Pisces has a tendency to get swept away by their enormous feelings. Luckily for Ronny, he's got Loretta (a Taurus) to keep him grounded in the material realm.