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Yellowstone's Jen Landon Finally Addresses That Controversial Teeter Scene

This article contains spoilers for recent episodes of "Yellowstone."

Teeter, the single-named ranch hand played by Jen Landon, is becoming one of the more notable characters on Paramount Network's "Yellowstone." She's tough, quick on her feet, and not afraid to mix it up with the guys. Unfortunately, none of those qualities saved her from being given her walking papers in the Season 4 episode "I Want to Be Him" when a nearly-deadly brawl over an ex-girlfriend led to John Dutton (Kevin Costner) declaring that he no longer wanted women in the Yellowstone ranch's bunkhouse.

This was obviously a huge blow to Teeter, who has repeatedly shown her willingness to put herself on the line physically for the ranch. In the following episode, "Keep the Wolves Close," Teeter ultimately wins her job back after making an emotional plea and bearing the brand of the Yellowstone ranch that she sports on her chest. 

Jen Landon has spoken up about how she felt about Teeter's near-firing, and how it felt shooting the confrontation between herself, John, and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) that followed.

Landon called the process of filming the scene 'emotional'

Fighting back tears during a Behind the Story featurette posted on Paramount Networks' Official YouTube Page, Jen Landon said that filming the scene where Teeter secures her place in the bunkhouse was "quite emotional." Landon also described her character's firing as "devastating," and added, "as wily and rebellious as [Teeter] is, all she wants is to belong to a family." This, Landon explained, is why Teeter finds being branded with a giant Y on her breast "liberating," as opposed to an "oppressive form of ownership."

 "It does feel like there's another emotional thing that ensures her place there," Landon says about Teeter's state of mind after the discussion. Despite the intense emotions, the scene does end on a humorous note. Teeter hugs Rip while he's still mounted upon his horse, which means she must wrap her arms around the lower half of his body and at least part of his saddle. "It's this really awkward sort of thing, she's sort of hugging his leg," the actress noted.