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The Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 7 Scene Fans Couldn't Help But Love

"Yellowstone" has been a wild ride so far in Season 4. Coming off the explosive Season 3 finale, which saw the Dutton family come under attack, Season 4 of "Yellowstone" has featured the Duttons pursuing a combination of vengeance and justice, all with the aplomb viewers have come to expect. There has also been plenty of drama, as interpersonal relationships boil over, and several characters have gone through life-changing events. Orphans have been adopted, farmhands have fought, and animal rights activists have shown up. All the while, running themes such as land rights and corruption still maintain their presence on the show.

Season 4 also saw trouble brewing in the ranch's bunkhouse when there was a fight among the farmhands over an ex-girlfriend. This posed a problem for John Dutton (Kevin Costner), who ordered Rip (Cole Hauser) to kick all of the women out of the co-ed dormitory, which also meant they would lose their jobs at the ranch. This caused a huge backlash from both characters and fans of the show. But a recent development in the situation has provoked a strong reaction of a different kind.

Fans loved the exchange between Rip and Teeter

Episode 7 of "Yellowstone" Season 4 saw John Dutton receive some rather crucial information from Montana Governor Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz), and Carter (Finn Little) attempted to earn back the trust of Beth (Kelly Reilly). But it seems that the biggest scene to tug at the heartstrings of fans was the one between Rip and Teeter (Jennifer Landon). The scene in question involved Teeter making her case in order to get her job back, which included her pointing out that she had been branded with the symbol of the Yellowstone ranch. Seeing as loyalty is one of the Dutton's most valued qualities, John's initial decision to remove all of the women from the workplace was relented on, and Teeter was able to recover her former position. Twitter user @lacylaplant stated, "The exchange between Teeter and Rip might be one of my favorite scenes of all time." 

Plenty of fans echoed @lacylaplant's original tweet, with several one-word responses of "Agreed!" popping up. Twitter user @MOLLYBIRD2P2 added, "It was real, that's for sure and I am thrilled that Teeter had the Chutzpah to ask for her job back... and get it! Good for her!!" One response said that this was the best episode of "Yellowstone" thus far, while another thought the best way to deal with the co-ed bunkhouse was to simply make another domicile to keep the men and women separate. "Yellowstone" viewers were pleased to see the fan-favorite Teeter come back, and they surely can't wait to see how this new plot unfolds.