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Legion's Dan Stevens Filmed A Sci-Fi Movie In Just Four Days

Although Dan Stevens is all over the upcoming sci-fi flick Kill Switch, he wasn't even on the set for an entire work week.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stevens (Legion, Beauty and the Beast) stars in the inventive movie told largely from a first-person perspective, sort of like a video game. However, there are flashback scenes that were shot conventionally, in which Stevens appears.

He plays Will Porter, an employee of a mysterious corporation and he tries to save the world after an experiment for unlimited energy goes horribly wrong. Porter ends up in a parallel world with a "kill switch" that could save everyone.

The project comes from writer-director Tim Smit, who based the flick on his 2009 short What's in the Box? (below). And although snagging an actor of Stevens' caliber would normally be out of the question for a low-budget film, Smit was able to do some creative scheduling that meant Stevens only had to contribute for a few hours.

"All the POV stuff, we didn't have the budget to allow him to be on set all the time," said Smit. "So what we did was we shot it with a stand-in."

After filming Stevens' scenes, the crew made the rest of the film while Smit worked on the visual effects. Two years later, Smit asked Stevens to perform voice over for his first-person scenes, which he did in just two hours.

"For him, it was a commitment of four days," Smit said. "We kept in touch, and then suddenly two years later, 'Oh s***! I've got to do the movie again. He did an amazing job, I should say... He pretty much did it real time."

There's no word on when we'll get to see the final product, but we'll let you know. Until then, watch the short the movie is based on below, and find out where else you've seen Stevens.