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The Firefly Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Like any cult classic, the short-lived Fox series "Firefly" wasn't appreciated enough in its time. Upon its premiere in 2002, the show immediately gained a passionate fandom, but the people at Fox weren't as enthused and canceled it midway through the first season, meaning there are still several episodes that have never aired. "Firefly" was created by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon, and it follows swashbuckling (anti)hero Malcolm Reynolds who captains a salvage ship called Serenity. Because of the show's dedicated fan following, a movie spin-off called "Serenity" was actually made in 2005, though the series itself was never resuscitated and the movie tanked at the box office.

Mal and his crew are an interesting group because they're not quite the good guys –- they fly around the universe transporting cargo, sometimes for some not-so-upstanding customers -– but they're definitely not the bad guys either, and they even do some good deeds here and there when they can.

Though the series wasn't around for long, the characters were often put into compromising situations that gave viewers a real sense of who they were as people, even if those people turned out to be somewhat complicated. Because the characters are just so darn interesting, we thought it would be a good idea to look a little deeper at their personalities and motivations and think about how they align with the stars -– they are speeding through space, after all. Read on to find out what "Firefly" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Jayne Cobb

Applicable to those born between March 21 and April 19, Aries are known for being action-oriented signs who are full of energy and love to be first. This fire sign is symbolized by the ram. They are passionate, courageous, and, on a bad day, a bit impatient or aggressive. Onboard Serenity, the person who most fits this description is the brutish former mercenary Jayne Cobb. Rather than fighting in the war for a particular side like Mal and Zoë, Cobb worked as a hired gun, going wherever the money was.

Cobb has a particularly Arian way of moving through the world, often acting before thinking. While he may not be an intellectual, he certainly has a very keen sense of danger, something that proves to be an asset to the crew of Serenity. And though he comes off as rather crude and rough around the edges, he does have his own moral code and is a generally honest person, another quality many Aries possess. Cobb even shows his more sensitive side on occasion, showing his affection for the crew in subtle ways and revealing how much he loves and cares about his mom by wearing a hideous hat she sends him. If they can learn to get along with the team, having an Aries on board can definitely be an asset.

Taurus: Inara Serra

Inara Serra is a companion, which, in the world of "Firefly," is essentially a courtesan — a position that is fairly well-respected in the society. (Though, unfortunately, her love interest Mal didn't seem to respect her very much). Inara rents a shuttle from Mal and sometimes travels with the crew, but isn't actually a part of their salvage jobs. As she explains it, her job takes a lot of skill and schooling, and she trained for many years to become a companion, learning how to hone her discipline and control. Because of her expertise in the sensual realm, Inara fits squarely within the sign of the Taurus, which applies to everyone born between April 20 and May 20.

Taureans are symbolized by the bull and are known as sensualists with a penchant for indulging in the world's (or the universe's) earthly pleasures. Known for being responsible and stable, they are very committed to achieving their goals, something that at times can come off as stubbornness. What makes Inara such a good companion is the masterful amount of control she displays and her ability to tap into the more tactile senses. Inara is devoted to her work and refuses to compromise, which is why her relationship with Mal never really works out. But no matter, it's not as if she really needs Mal anyway. She is extremely capable and self-sufficient all on her own.

Gemini: Malcolm Reynolds

Malcolm Reynolds –- known as Mal by his friends –- is the captain of Serenity and a former sergeant in the military. Fighting for the independents -– also known as the Browncoats –- Mal participated in many battles against the authoritarian government known as the Alliance. Mal is a complicated character whose code of ethics is known only to him. Though he has a strong sense of virtue, he's also something of a moral relativist who has lost faith in the idea of goodness as a result of his time in the military. While he comes off as charming and generally light-hearted, his time fighting with the Browncoats has left him with many scars.

Mal is a complex character with many sides, which also makes him a Gemini. Born between May 21 and June 20, Geminis are known for being strong communicators who are able to adapt quickly to every situation. For Mal, this makes him a strong captain with a crew that trusts him implicitly. More of a man of action than a man of words, Mal represents that restless Gemini impulse to go out and explore the world and find excitement where they can.

Like most Geminis, Mal has two sides to him. He is humorous and energetic, while also possessing a serious, thoughtful side that he doesn't often let others see. Leading with his heart rather than his head –- as intuitive Geminis are wont to do -– Mal is the archetypal swashbuckling adventurer, guiding his team not to glory exactly, but at least to a little bit of money.

Cancer: Kaywinnet Lee 'Kaylee' Frye

Cancers are those born between June 21 and July 22, and they are known for being emotional, sensitive, and highly empathetic. Water signs represented by the nurturer, Cancers are extremely intuitive and make very loyal friends and family members. Onboard the ship, the crew member who most exemplifies these Cancerian qualities is the same person who is known as "the heart of Serenity": the ship's mechanic, Kaylee.

While Cancers' intuition is often discussed in relation to how they understand other people, for Kaylee her sensitive nature is typified by her relationship to the ship itself. Kaylee is an extremely talented engineer with a knack for machines despite having no formal training. In part, she pulls this off because she can feel what the ship needs, and implicitly knows how to fix it. Because of this, when Serenity isn't doing well, neither is she, because she feels connected to the ship as if it were a part of her.

Kaylee's emotional sensitivity is a huge asset to the crew of Serenity, and the ship quite literally wouldn't function without her. Her empathetic nature applies to other humans as well, as Kaylee is kind, cheerful, optimistic, and always sees the best in people. It's only right that the heart of the ship be a Cancer, and Kaylee fits the bill perfectly.

Leo: Badger

Leos –- those born between July 23 and August 22 –- are fire signs represented by the lion. They are confident, extravagant, and a little bit dramatic. Like their feline counterparts, they like to think of themselves as the kings and queens of the jungle, but they aren't without compassion either, often acting quite generously to their many friends. In the world of "Firefly," the character most concerned with extravagance and always being on top is a small-time crime boss named Badger.

Badger lives on the planet Persephone, where he runs a criminal enterprise at the docks. He's hired the crew of Serenity several times to salvage goods for him, though he doesn't always follow through with what he's promised. Even though he is certainly not to be trusted, Badger calls himself an "honest businessman" and believes himself to be more than just a criminal. Like Mal, he has a dedicated crew and takes a lot of pride in his work. He most definitely cares about money more than anything –- he found the war unnecessary but profitable –- but it is his delusions and dreams of grandeur that is the most Leo-like thing about him.

Virgo: Simon Tam

Simon Tam is the brother of River Tam, the genius young woman who was experimented on by the Alliance before Simon rescued her. Before breaking River out of the Alliance facility, Simon was a successful surgeon who had his whole life ahead of him. However, his devotion to his sister caused him to give up this life and go on the run with her, which is how they both ended up on Serenity.

Simon has a one-track mind, and is very diligent and devoted to his work. Virgos –- those born between August 23 and September 22 –- are similarly diligent, and are known for being practical and detail-oriented. Simon is solely devoted to "curing" his sister at the expense of everything else, including any relationships with other people.

For Virgos like Simon, such perfectionism means that they often need to learn to lighten up a little bit and let themselves enjoy the world around them. In the case of Simon, this means allowing himself to admit his feelings for the ship's mechanic, Kaylee, and thinking about something other than his work for once. Simon's medical expertise and hard work is absolutely invaluable to the Serenity crew, but his difficult life illustrates that sometimes perfectionism takes a toll.

Libra: The Operative

Born between September 23 and October 22, Libras are represented by the scales and are known for being diplomats who are committed to justice and keeping the peace. As Libras are often considered fair and cooperative, it might seem contradictory to cast a villain-like character as this sign, but the Operative is a very unique case. Now, technically the Operative only appears in the film "Serenity" and not in the series, but he's such an interesting character (and played so brilliantly by Chiwetel Ejiofor) that we had to include him. Don't get mad!

The Operative is essentially a black-ops agent for the Alliance –- he doesn't officially exist, and he gave up his own name when he became an agent. He is highly trained and very devoted to his cause, one that he believes in wholeheartedly, right up until he realizes the truth. After diligently tracking down River for months, the Operative's faith in the Alliance is shattered when Mal shows him that it was the Alliance that created the Reavers, a horrifying breed of cannibal pirates.

Prior to his disillusionment, the Operative believed he was making the world a better place and working toward creating "a world without sin." Despite his violent tactics, the Operative also has his own moral code, never killing cruelly and always endeavoring to give his opponents an honorable death. The Operative has a strong ethical code and sense of justice, even if it's based on a lie. That code is why he fits well within the sign of the Libra. 

Scorpio: Saffron

Obviously, Scorpios don't always have to be villains. They are powerful friends, passionate lovers, and brilliant strategists, and when they're fighting for the good guys, you can't go wrong with a Scorpio on your side. When they're not on your side, however –- you better watch out. Unfortunately for the crew of Serenity, one of their most powerful enemies in the universe is a Scorpio. Unlike Mal and Cobb, who use their brawn to get what they want, the slippery con artist Saffron uses her cunning intellect to achieve her goals.

Scorpios –- those born between October 23 and November 21 -– are associated with alchemy and symbolized, unsurprisingly, by the scorpion. Saffron, a master of scheming and manipulation, fits squarely within the Scorpio camp.

When we first meet her, she tricks Mal into marrying her in order to take his money, which we learn is not the first time she's married someone as part of a con. Played by "Mad Men's" Christina Hendricks, Saffron is a skilled seductress, and actually went through some of the same companion training as Inara. Like any good con artist (and any cunning Scorpio), Saffron doesn't trust anyone and is willing to do whatever it takes to complete a con. She's terrifying but also kind of cool (and obviously very hot), which is how you know she's definitely a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Hoban 'Wash' Washburne

Applicable to those born between November 22 and December 21, the sign of Sagittarius is known for its association with travel, and those born under this sign are extroverts who love adventure and take on the world with curiosity and enthusiasm. It's probably fair to say that Sagittarians have a higher-than-normal propensity to become pilots, which is one of the reasons why the biggest Sagittarian onboard Serenity is most definitely Wash.

The pilot of the ship, Wash was born on a planet so polluted you couldn't see the stars, and as a child traveled around the universe with his father. This gave Wash a taste for exploration, and his easy-going, laid-back attitude make him a perfect adventurer. Like many Sagittarians, Wash has a great sense of humor and often brings levity to tense moments on board Serenity. Nonetheless, he's practical and a good pilot, even if he can be a bit goofy (his companions in the cockpit are toy dinosaurs, after all). Though he sometimes panics in intense situations, he always comes back to his mantra, "I am a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar," demonstrating his desire to always push himself higher, further, and faster (no Marvel pun intended) — as any good Sagittarian pilot would.

Capricorn: Zoë Alleyne Washburne

Zoë Alleyne Washburne is Mal's second in command and fought alongside him as a Browncoat during the war. As opposed to Mal, who only joined the military after the war had already started, Zoë was career military and takes her duty on Serenity more seriously than anyone else on the crew. She is loyal, tough, a vicious fighter when she needs to be, and has a deep sense of order, control, and discipline. These characteristics that make Zoë such a good soldier also make her a textbook Capricorn.

Capricorns –- those born between December 22 and January 19 –- are known for being responsible, disciplined, and motivated by duty and achieving their goals. In groups, they are usually "the responsible friend," the one that makes sure everything is going to plan. This definitely describes Zoë who always follows orders but isn't afraid to express her opinions when she feels she knows better.

Nonetheless, Zoë does have a soft side, which we see in her marriage to Wash, the jokester who brings out her more lighthearted nature. Because they are often very serious and responsible from a young age, Capricorns are often said to age backward. Though Zoë doesn't get any less serious or disciplined as the series goes on, her relationship with Wash illustrates that Capricorns do have the ability to allow themselves joy, despite their sometimes austere exterior.

Aquarius: Derrial Book

The sign of Aquarius –- which applies to those born between January 20 and February 18 -– is associated with the archetype of the humanitarian, and those born under the sign are known for being original, independent, and desiring personal freedom above all else. Though they are often interested in making the world a better place, their intensity means that sometimes they find themselves separate from humankind itself. This contradiction most closely typifies the struggles of one mysterious passenger on Serenity: Derrial Book.

When we first meet Book, he claims to be a Christian shepherd –- which is true –- but his history is much more complicated. Formerly an accomplished thief, Book was recruited by the Independence Movement many years prior and became a spy. As part of an undercover operation, he joined the Alliance and violently moved up their ranks until he was involved in a campaign that killed thousands. Following the war, Book became a shepherd, which he had been for 10 years by the time he boarded Serenity.

Book often acts as a spiritual advisor to the crew of Serenity, quoting the Bible and providing a voice of reason. He appears very calm and wise. The most Aquarian thing about Book is this apparent contradiction –- he appears passionate about advising others and doing good deeds, but at the same time has separated himself from the world as a result of his sins. As air signs, Aquarians are more cerebral than emotional, which certainly aligns with Book's penchant for quoting scripture instead of revealing who he truly is inside.

Pisces: River Tam

A former child prodigy, River Tam was captured by the Alliance as a teenager and experimented on for years in order to turn her into a deadly psychic weapon. She was eventually rescued by her brother, Simon, but they continued to be tracked by the Alliance, leading to their stay on Serenity. Already a genius along with being athletically gifted, River's mental ability expanded following the experimentation, leading her to become psychic and oftentimes very dangerous when she loses control.

Within the zodiac, water signs are said to most likely to have psychic abilities, and the most cerebral and intuitive of all the water signs is the Pisces, which applies to all those born between February 19 and March 20. Pisces are known as dreamers, and are often said to be both extremely childlike and very mature at the same time. They often find themselves trapped between fantasy and reality, and are the most likely of the signs to get lost in their own head.

For River, these Piscean qualities manifest themselves quite clearly in her behavior. While they were experimenting on her, the Alliance doctors removed her amygdala, which is the part of the brain responsible for processing emotions like fear. In the case of River, it prevents her from being able to control any of her emotions at all. Being psychic makes her lack of emotional control all the more damaging since she can now feel and sense everything. For River, her intense intuition is what gives her powers, but as we see, such a skill can also be quite damaging when not properly managed.