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The Estate - What We Know So Far

Everybody likes a good farce, and Hollywood has been pumping them out consistently for as long as the film medium has been in existence. Movies such as "Some Like It Hot" and "The Producers" helped refine the formula, but the DNA of the farce can be seen in myriad modern movies ranging from "There's Something About Mary" to any of the "National Lampoon's Vacation" movies. In the context of the modern farce, one of the current masters of the genre is Dean Craig, known for his work on films such as "Love Wedding Repeat" and "Death at a Funeral."

With that in mind, all eyes are now on Dean Craig and his newly announced project, "The Estate." Per a recent report from THR, the upcoming farce will see Craig take on writing and director duties and team him up with a number of major Hollywood stars, including Toni Collette. On that note, it is time to dive deep into "The Estate" and take a look at everything we currently know about the film, including its release date, casting details, and plot synopsis.

What is the release date of The Estate?

"The Estate" does not currently have a set release date. The project was formally announced in December 2021 and has yet to begin principal photography. As such, production will likely begin in early to mid-2022. If everything goes smoothly and there are no delays (COVID-19-related or otherwise) it is possible that audiences may be able to catch "The Estate" before the end of next year. Otherwise, an early 2023 premiere may be on the table as well.

Much of this may also hinge on the availability of everyone involved in the project to get together for the shoot. For example, Toni Collette and Anna Faris do not currently appear to have any projects in the hopper ahead of "The Estate," meaning they may be able to get to work on it fairly quickly. Thomas Haden Church is currently in production on his upcoming film "Chocolate Lizards," so it seems likely that he will go to "The Estate" once he has wrapped that film. As noted by Collider's coverage of "The Estate" announcement, director Dean Craig is currently in post-production on his latest film "The Honeymoon," so "The Estate" will likely be next on his plate as well.

Who is in the cast of The Estate?

As of right now, three key members of "The Estate" ensemble have been formally announced. Specifically, we know the film will be headlined by Toni Collette, Anna Faris, and Thomas Haden Church. Collette is an Oscar-nominee known for her work in films like "The Sixth Sense," "Hereditary," and "Knives Out," while Faris is a comedy star best known for her work in films like "The House Bunny" and the "Scary Movie" franchise. Like Collette, Thomas Haden Church is also an Oscar nominee, known for films such as "Sideways," "Spider-Man 3," and "Killer Joe." Beyond those three, however, there is little information about the other cast members.

"The Estate" has already landed three big stars to lead its ensemble. That said, there are a number of roles that have yet to be announced yet. Two characters specifically identified in the provided synopsis for the film include "Aunt Hilda" as well as Beatrice, but neither of them has been formally cast as of right now. Additionally, knowing that the film is being produced under Sarah Jessica Parker's Pretty Matches Productions, we will have to wait and see if the "Sex and the City" star makes a cameo as well.

What is the plot of The Estate?

"The Estate" follows sisters Macey (Toni Collette) and Savanna (Anna Faris), who descend on their terminally ill aunt's estate in a quest to repair their troubled relationship and earn their inheritance. The reason they want the inheritance? To save their café, which is struggling financially. However, when they arrive, they are greeted by their cousins Beatrice (yet to be cast) and Richard (Thomas Haden Church) who have also arrived to collect the inheritance, but with much more nefarious plans in mind.

Right off the bat, "The Estate" has a classic farce formula at the core of its story. Moreover, it also seems to share quite a bit of creative DNA with another recent farce starring Collette: Rian Johnson's 2019 mystery film "Knives Out." Like "Knives Out," there is a central hook of relatives fighting each other over the inheritance of an estate and the antics that ensue as people get more and more desperate. However, unlike "Knives Out," there doesn't appear to be a major "whodunnit" mystery at the core of "The Estate," leaving the door open for more raw comedy at the core of the narrative.