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The Ending Of Sing 2 Explained

Contains spoilers for "Sing 2"

"Sing 2" is here to get your toes tapping and make you believe in the power of pursuing your dreams.

The sequel to the immensely popular jukebox musical now sees Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) trying to get his stage company to the big times. It involves making a frantic trip to Redshore City, which is basically this universe's version of Las Vegas. They're told they just don't have what it takes to make it in the big leagues until Buster gets the bright idea (or not so bright, depending on your definition) to make a little white lie about being friends with rock star Clay Calloway (Bono). They only have three weeks to put a show together and get Clay out of seclusion to be part of the show.

So what happens? Do they put on the show of the century, or do they fall flat on their faces? Here's everything about the ending of "Sing 2" explained.

Clay Calloway finds a reason to sing again

Throughout the film, Buster and his friends track down famous recluse Clay Calloway so that he'll be part of the show. It's pretty integral that Clay agrees to do it, and as luck would have it, he decides to join ... but not without some major convincing first.

You see, Clay's been away from the spotlight for so long due to the death of his wife, who was his muse for many years. After she dies, Clay doesn't see a reason to carry on since all of his songs are about her. It seems like he's ready to leave the past behind him once he agrees to do the show, but something interesting happens backstage.

Clay initially can't find the courage to walk out on stage. Instead, he hangs back with his guitar as Ash (Scarlett Johansson) goes out to sing in his place. There's a moment of contemplation. Will he make it out, or will he hang back? It's at this point a vision of his deceased wife appears, standing by his side. No, she's not actually standing there. It's a metaphor for how she'll always be there for him, and even though she may physically be gone, her spirit lives on in the music he wrote for her. By playing his songs, Clay ensures that her memory lives on.

Jimmy Crystal's off to the big house

After Buster fires his daughter from the production and lies about knowing Clay Calloway, Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale) is out for blood. He doesn't want the koala anywhere near his stage, which causes problems when Buster decides they're going to put on a show whether Jimmy likes it or not. 

Of course, the show ends up being a massive hit, and Jimmy's there to try to take credit for the entire affair. It's too bad he put himself in a prime position to get arrested, and the next time we see him, he's being hauled away for his various crimes throughout the film, not the least of which is the attempted murder of Buster Moon. Jimmy tossed Buster off the side of an elevated platform during the show, and if Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) hadn't been there to catch him mid-air, he definitely would've died. 

Perhaps Jimmy should be thanking Rosita for turning his regular homicide into merely an attempt. Maybe it will help him in the courtroom later, but we're guessing he has plenty of other skeletons in his closet that could lock him away for a long time. 

The ending parallels the beginning

The opening sequence in "Sing 2" sees Buster and his troupe try to impress a talent scout named Suki (Chelsea Peretti) with their rendition of "Alice in Wonderland." She is nonplussed with the affair and leaves halfway through the show. But Buster doesn't quit; he races alongside her taxi until she finally hears him out.

By the end of the film, Buster and his friends are on top of the world. They put on a show in Redshore City, and that's all they set out to do. So they board a bus to go back home ... until Suki appears at the side of the bus trying to get their attention, just like Buster did. She's there to inform the group, which now consists of Porsha (Halsey) and Nooshy (Letitia Wright), that The Majestic is interested in getting their act on its stage. It looks like the gang will be a permanent fixture in Redshore City for a while, and it could give us a hint of where the future of the franchise will head.

Is there a post-credits scene in Sing 2?

By the end of "Sing 2," you may need to head to the restroom or just want to get out before the parking lot gets too busy. However, you don't want to miss a single moment of animal goofiness, so it's only natural to wonder if a mid- or post-credits scene is waiting for you. Having a final beat with the characters of this charming world would make sense if only to keep kids occupied as their parents helped them out of the theater.

Feel free to get up and move at your leisure because there is neither a mid-credits scene nor a post-credits scene included at the end of "Sing 2." This is in line with 2016's "Sing," as there was no stinger at the end of the first movie, either. It would've been fun to get another glimpse of what our favorite singing animals are up to now, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

What does this mean for Sing 3?

As of right now, there's no confirmation "Sing 3" is in the works. Whether a third "Sing" film is greenlit will likely depend on the critical reception, audience reaction, and the box office receipts for "Sing 2." These three factors will play a role in the decision from Illumination and Universal Studios to pursue another movie. 

"Sing 2" certainly leaves the door open for other adventures for these delight anthropomorphic performers. By the end of this sequel, the group has a steady gig at The Majestic, plus they have the venerable talent of Clay Calloway in their corner, which adds even more legitimacy to the company's repertoire. There's always the possibility that a sequel could put the show on the road with the troupe going from one city to the next, granting more people access to the show than ever before.

There's also the budding romance between Meena (Tori Kelly) and Alfonso (Pharrell Williams). The two characters are introduced in "Sing 2" but barely spend time together. Another sequel could see them actually going on a couple of dates. Anything's possible in the world of "Sing," and plenty of other famous singers are out there to join the cast.