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The Scream Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Horror movies are filled with tropes, none more so than Wes Craven's beloved "Scream" series. But, in the case of the "Scream" movies, the tropes are explicitly commented on by the main characters, satirizing the so-called "rules" of the genre. Making matters more meta, Wes Craven, who got his start in the '70s with films like "The Last House on the Left," helped crystallize many of these tropes via his "Nightmare On Elm Street" franchise and flicks like "The Hills Have Eyes" and "Shocker."

At the same time as the "Scream" films satirize these horror tropes — and sometimes, reference real-life events that may or may not have involved copycat crimes "inspired" by classic slasher films — they also play out in the plot of the movie, and the behavior of the characters. The only difference is that both the audience and the characters are aware of the existence of these winks and nods, even as they are unfolding on screen. This means that, though the characters are often cleverly written, they still fall into various archetypes that viewers may find familiar.

The innocent final girl, the promiscuous character that dies early on, the oblivious cop walking into a death trap? All present, albeit with a few twists thrown in here and there — sometimes subverting your expectations other times tricking you by offering a straightforward resolution. 

In a movie series so dependent on shocking revelations and psychological terror, it's only natural that the audience identifies with certain characters, wondering if you could survive if you were in their shoes. With that in mind, we used the character traits found in astrology to identify which "Scream" character most closely resembles each sign in a (spoiler-heavy!) breakdown of the series. So, take a look under your birth window, see which character you correspond with, and if they survive their "Scream" movies, it's likely you would as well. 

Aries: Gale Weathers

If there's one thing Gale Weathers wants to be, it's first. Whether first on the scene, first to cover a story, or first in her field, Gale (Courteney Cox) is totally dedicated to getting the story before anyone else. It's only natural, then, that Gale would be the first sign in the zodiac, which is Aries. Those born between March 21 and April 19 are known for being energetic, determined, and passionate about what they do. The sign of action, they love to be on top, competing with others around them, acting on impulse without thinking.

In the "Scream" universe, Gale Weathers is a reporter who becomes embroiled in the Woodsboro murders when she starts following the story, narrowly avoiding being killed in the first film (and in every film thereafter) as a result of her determination and just plain good luck. Gale is feisty, scrappy, and doesn't take no for an answer, making her a great reporter but not always a great person. Though she never really stops seeking fame and power, she does learn to have compassion for other people, becoming an ally to Sidney and eventually the good-hearted cop Dewey's wife. Like an Aries, she never loses her determination, and is always itching to go out there and find the story, even if it could find her on the wrong end of Ghostface's knife.

Taurus: Tatum Riley

Taurus is often associated with the home and earthly, material world, and those born under this sign are often considered the most "chill." For Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan), Sidney's best friend in the original "Scream" film, this is an endearing quality, but one that eventually comes to haunt her in the end. Born between April 20 and May 20, Taureans are known as sensualists, and they like to indulge in activities that bring them pleasure, though they are often considered stubborn because of their unending determination.

Tatum is a popular girl at Woodsboro high, mostly concerned with having a good time. Unlike Sidney, she is perhaps a little too relaxed and not concerned enough about the murders — though, like her brother, she does prove herself to be a loyal friend when Sidney needs it. Unfortunately, this laissez-faire attitude leads to her downfall.

Even though the town has been placed on a curfew, Tatum is nevertheless determined to let loose at a party thrown by her boyfriend Stu (who — surprise! — turns out to be one of the killers). It's at this party that she gets brutally murdered, finding herself stuck in the doggy door of the garage when it opens up. Though it's certainly not the smartest move, it does lead to one of the most gnarly deaths in the series (a positive thing, if you're a horror fan), and really, who can blame a girl in such a stressful situation for just wanting to chill?

Gemini: Cotton Weary

Let's be honest: Cotton Weary is a slimy guy. Though he's not a killer and never causes anyone grievous bodily harm — and he does ultimately save Sidney in "Scream 2" — a slasher film doesn't make you the red herring unless you possess all the warning signs of a serial killer, and his fame-hungry selfishness ticks all the boxes (although, to be fair, these are not qualities all that unique in the "Scream" universe). After being sent to prison for killing Sidney's mom, Weary is exonerated a year later, then uses his newfound notoriety to achieve fame and fortune. By the third movie, Cotton (Liev Schreiber) has a successful talk show called "100% Cotton," which is going great for him until he winds up murdered by Ghostface at the beginning of the film. 

Weary is a dynamic, quick-thinking individual, which is why he has to be a Gemini. Geminis — those born between May 21 and June 20 — are mutable signs known for being charismatic, adaptable, and sometimes having two sides to them. With Cotton, his charming side comes out when he's in front of cameras, but his angry, resentful side is revealed when he comes into contact with Sidney, whose testimony sent him to prison in the first place. In front of everyone else he acts like all is forgiven, but it often feels like this is not the case. But hey, at least he was able to make something good out of a bad situation, something at which Geminis, with all their energy and charm, are particularly adept.

Cancer: Dewey Riley

Above all else, Dewey Riley likes to think of himself as a protector. He begins the first "Scream" film as a deputy sheriff, becoming a full sheriff by the fourth film, and he takes his duty as an officer very seriously. Though he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, he proves he can handle himself in dangerous situations and that he truly cares about his friends and the residents of Woodsboro. Ever the caring protector, the sign Dewey (David Arquette) most closely aligns with is the sign of Cancer, which is applicable to those born between June 21 and July 22.

Cancers are water signs, which makes them particularly emotional and intuitive, giving them a strong sense of family and home. Because they are very empathetic and loyal, Cancers often find themselves taking on other people's problems more than their own. For Dewey, these qualities make him a good cop and a very stalwart friend. Though he may not be the most heroic character in the film, he always comes through when lives are on the line.

In fact, Dewey's unexpected charm actually saved him from being killed. According to a 2021 interview with series screenwriter Kevin Williamson, Dewey was originally supposed to die in the first film but the producers liked him so much (and thought audiences might too) that they decided to spare his life. Though he might have been underestimated at first, Dewey proves that Cancers aren't to be overlooked.

Leo: Mickey Altieri

Along with Mrs. Loomis — Billy Loomis' mother — Mickey goes on a killing spree at Windsor College, the school that Sidney Prescott happens to be attending. While Mrs. Loomis' motivations are revenge and retribution, Mickey is simply a pure psychopath driven by the thrill of terrorizing people, and, most importantly, the promise of being famous.

Because of his motivations for killing, Mickey (Timothy Olyphant) is definitely a Leo, which you are too if you were born between July 23 and August 22. Leos are represented by the lion and, like lions, often act as if they are the kings and queens of their realm. They are dramatic, have a lot of confidence, and love to entertain. They want to stand out, and it's this ego that often leads to their downfall.

The same is true of Mickey, who, though intelligent, is not quite as cunning as Mrs. Loomis, and is blinded by his desire for fame. Like the killers in the first "Scream," Mickey is obsessed with horror movies and plans to use this as his defense when the case goes to trial. In his mind, he can essentially plead insanity and say the violence of movies and video games made him commit the murders, something that would immediately attract media attention. Unfortunately, Mrs. Loomis tricks him and he winds up dead — but, it was an interesting theory while it lasted.

Virgo: Randy Meeks

At first blush, Randy Meeks represents a horror film archetype: the nerd. But, unlike typical horror films where the nerd isn't useful and quickly ends up a cadaver, Randy turns out to be a central character. A self-described horror movie geek, Randy (Jamie Kennedy) knows everything there is about horror, which comes in handy when Woodsboro becomes the site of a real-life horror film — and on a meta level, he becomes the voice of the audience, warning characters to never do things like say "I'll be right back." Randy, is smart, analytical, and quick-thinking, which means he's most certainly a Virgo.

Virgos — those born between August 23 and September 22 — are analysts who always want to feel useful, eager to fix problems as they arise. They are detail-oriented and have a habit of obsessing over things, which describes Randy to a tee. As a horror fanatic, Randy doesn't have very good social skills, but he intelligent enough to be the first one to suspect both Stu and Billy in the original film.

Moreover, he tells everyone "the rules" of surviving a horror film, which comes to be very important over the next several movies. Thinking he might not survive the killings, he also records a tape prior to his death in "Scream 2" that predicts what would happen in the third round of killings. Many of these predictions come through in "Scream 3." Though he doesn't live to see it, Randy's Virgo analysis is a central part of the films that follow.

Libra: Mark Kincaid

In "Scream 3," Mark Kincaid is an LAPD detective  assigned to the murders taking place on the set of "Stab 3." A charming, honest, justice-seeking individual, Mark (Patrick Dempsey) is a Libra through-and-through. Those born between September 23 and October 22 are diplomatic people represented by the symbol of the scales. Libras are cooperative, social, interested in equality, and known to be great listeners.

Detective Kincaid is a charismatic guy who does his job diligently. Compared to some of the other characters in the film, he comes off as easygoing and uncomplicated, though he reveals himself to be entirely committed to finding the truth. Despite his grisly job, Kincaid is still  an idealist, a quality that defines many Libras. Unfortunately, audiences didn't get to learn much more about Kincaid, because Dempsey couldn't appear in "Scream 4" due to scheduling conflicts. But in a movie franchise built on nightmares, he was positively McDreamy.

Scorpio: Billy Loomis

It certainly is not true that Scorpios always have to be villains — but in this case, it fits the bill. The most Scorpio-like character in the "Scream" franchise is undoubtedly Billy Loomis, one of the killers in the original film. Though Scorpios — those born between October 23 and November 21 — can be loyal and passionate friends under the right circumstances, one thing they do not handle well is betrayal. This, as it turns out, is the crux of Billy's character in "Scream."

The reason he becomes a killer (along with Stu) is because of the anger Billy (Skeet Ulrich) harbors against Sidney's mother for allegedly breaking up his parents' marriage by having an affair with his father. Driven by this rage and the sense of betrayal he feels, Billy comes up with a brilliant plan to enact revenge on Sidney's family and create terror throughout the town of Woodsboro.

Known as alchemists, Scorpios are the most cunning and intense of all the signs, leading them to sometimes resort to manipulation to get what they want. Like his Scorpio brethren, Billy is confident and has a magnetic personality, which is one of the things that allows him to get away with the murders for so long. His manipulation is so complete that he even plays up the fact that he might be the killer early on to introduce himself as a red herring and thereby deflect suspicion. Clearly, all of this is the result of extreme abandonment issues as a result of his parents' divorce, as well as some pretty brutal misogyny directed at Sidney and her mother, but he's still a Scorpio regardless.

Sagittarius: Stu Macher

Sagittarians are known to be the travelers of the zodiac, and as such are often restless, energetic, and spontaneous. Those born between November 22 and December 21 love to party and have a good time and often have a great sense of humor, making them the most likely of the signs to be the class clown. Speaking of class clowns, let's talk about Stu Macher, who, despite being a literal serial killer, comes off as a funny guy who just wants to hang out and have a good time. Though he might not be the typical murdering archetype, Stu (Mathew Lillard) is definitely a Sagittarius.

Stu is spontaneous, loves to socialize, and seems to generally go with the flow in most circumstances. This free-wheeling mentality isn't actually a good thing, however, as his rather weak-willed nature leads him to follow his best friend Billy into becoming serial killers. Stu doesn't seem to have a real reason for being involved in the killings with Billy, except for, as he describes it, "peer pressure" and being a very sensitive person. Maybe if Stu hadn't been friends with Billy he would have grown up to be a normal, well-adjusted person — but then again, likely not. It's hard to say with Sagittarians, especially since they are the most curious, change-loving of the signs. But Stu doesn't exactly feel like the kind of guy who would've settled into adulthood as an ideal citizen.

Capricorn: Sidney Prescott

If you had to choose one word to describe the central heroine of "Scream," it would be this: survivor. Sidney has survived so much in her life: her mother's death (and later, that of her father), the deaths of numerous friends, and constant attacks and threats on her own life. Despite it all, she has remained true to who she is, and has not let her grief destroy her. If there's one sign that represents this resilience and self-control, it's the sign of Capricorn, which represents those born between December 22 and January 19.

Capricorns are referred to as the leaders of the zodiac, and they are known for being self-reliant, stoic, disciplined, and responsible. The original survivor and one of the most legendary final girls in horror history, Sidney (Neve Campbell) possesses all these qualities, and then some. Though she used to be an open, trusting person, the trauma she experienced changed her outlook on the world, bringing her back down to earth and more closely resembling a Capricorn.

But, despite the extreme trauma she has experienced, Sidney never lost hope in humanity, working at a women's crisis line in the third movie and writing a book to help others deal with their trauma in the fourth. The reason Sidney has been able to survive all that she has survived is because of her inner strength and determination, qualities that Capricorns are said to possess in spades. Though she may initially come off as calm and composed, she's not to be trifled with.

Aquarius: Kirby Reed

Aquarians — those born between January 20 and February 18 — are unique individuals known for being progressive, independent, deep thinkers. Because of their progressive ideas and desire for independence, they sometimes find themselves outcasts, which is okay with them.

In "Scream 4," we are introduced to a new character named Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere). Kirby is essentially the female version of Randy Meeks, except cooler and prettier (sorry Randy). Nerdy and cool, Kirby seems to think of herself as someone who is original and opposed to the mainstream. Like her fellow Aquarians, Kirby is a smart, analytical person unafraid to assert herself.

Though her horror film obsession connects her most closely with Randy, she also presents herself as a hybrid of Sidney (the dogged survivor) and Tatum (the quirky best friend). Though she gets stabbed by her best friend Jill (revealed as the killer), there's a potential she may have survived the attack. Kirby is funny, quirky, and easy to root for, which is why she became something of a fan-favorite in "Scream 4." 

Pisces: Jill Roberts

Let's face it: Pisces are a sensitive lot. They often come off as being simultaneously very young and very old, their intuition allowing them to be both wise and whimsical. This strong sense of intuition and extreme sensitivity also means they are the sign most likely to find themselves divided between fantasy and reality, lost in their own heads. While Pisces — those born between February 19 and March 20 — might sound pretty docile, that is not the case with the resident Pisces of the "Scream" universe, Jill Roberts.

Jill (Emma Roberts) is an aspiring film student in 2011's "Scream 4," and also Sidney Prescott's cousin. Another horror fanatic, Jill is convinced there's nothing better than the classics and wants to remake these movies in real life. This is another defining characteristic of Pisces — their creativity — but unfortunately in the case of Jill, such creativity becomes deadly.

Jealous of Sidney's fame, Jill endeavors to recreate the original crimes and leave herself the only survivor, in the hopes of achieving the same level of fame as her cousin. As part of Jill's reverence for the classics, Jill and her accomplice Charlie seek to recreate the original crimes of Billy and Stu. Though you might imagine her to be entirely sadistic at first glance (which, to be fair, she is), she also reveals herself to be a sensitive person who committed the murder after she slept with  — and then was dumped — by her high school boyfriend. It's only fair that the last sign of the zodiac be the character who has closely observed all that's come before, even if her motives are far from admirable.