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The Witcher Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Netflix's "The Witcher" is full of characters who seem, at first glance, like common fantasy archetypes. But once you actually pay attention, there's nigh-invariably more to them than you might initially realize. The seemingly stoic hero is secretly a hotbed of emotions and issues he keeps pent up inside. The powerful magicians are politicians as much as they are weapons of mass destruction.  The elves are far from the classic fair folk you might know from J.R.R. Tolkien's works. Even the irredeemable black knight figure is an increasingly frustrated guy who's just trying to do a particularly difficult job, and actually seems sorry for inconveniencing the princess he captures. Oh, and speaking of princesses ... well, you've seen what Ciri (Freya Allan) can do, right? 

There are no easily digestible fantasy characters here. However, you might be surprised to find that many of the most prominent figures in "The Witcher" closely align with the signs of the zodiac. Which "Witcher" character are you, based on your zodiac sign? Read on to find out.

Aries: Yennefer of Vengerberg

There's no shortage of ambitious characters in the world of "The Witcher." But when it comes to people of sheer drive, fueled by an inherent need to be the best — the major traits of an Aries (per Allure) –  the talent pool isn't quite as deep. To fulfill this description, you need someone who starts out with the lowliest possible social status, then determinedly makes their way to the highest echelons and beyond, aided by little more than talent and force of will. In other words, you need Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra).

Yennefer might be a bit apathetic and passive in the early stages of her character arc, but her story as a whole is a TED talk about the very concept of tenacity. Her life story should be required reading for any other character in "The Witcher" universe who even thinks about complaining about their lot in life. Her beginnings are just about as humble as it gets, and while she ends up becoming one of the most powerful and impressive sorceresses out there, it takes a great deal of sacrifice, determination, and pain. "The Witcher" doesn't deal in perfect characters, and she most certainly isn't without her own failings. But Yennefer is a classic Aries, and so she is prepared to conquer every challenge that prevents her from touching greatness. 

Taurus: Queen Calanthe

Taurus is, above all else, dependable and down-to-earth (per Stylecaster), though InStyle notes this sign also tends to be stubborn. You might not immediately consider the heavily lion-themed Queen Calanthe (Jodhi May) to align with the cosmic bull, but hey — there's always more to "The Witcher" than meets the eye. 

The Lioness of Cintra might indeed seem like a natural Leo. But after Cintra's fall, Ciri finds out that her royal grandmother is a bull-headed imperialist who many consider every bit as awful as the Nilfgaardians who take over her kingdom. That being said, Calanthe has her good moments, especially when she gets to stick to her Taurean simplicity. Most prominently, she's an excellent warrior who can generally be trusted to win the day. Her obstinate tendency to trust in her own power above all else marks her as the most stubborn character "The Witcher" Season 1 introduces ... which is really saying something, given the fact that virtually everyone has an absurd degree of determination on this show.

Gemini: The Doppler

It would be unfair to define Gemini as a sign with two minds about everything. Per Astrology Zodiac Signs, there is indeed a duality to Gemini, which some might interpret as two-facedness. But Gemini's tendency to switch between viewpoints actually gives them a pretty high degree of adaptability to whatever challenge life throws at them. 

There are several "Witcher" characters who could fit the Gemini bill. However, this sign's mercurial tendencies inevitably draw the eye to the various shapeshifters — voluntary or otherwise — that bedevil the series. Of these peculiar folks, the Doppler (Ben Wiggins) is the most prominent. With correct preparations, this withered, pale creature is capable of assuming pretty much any form out there — a skill they handily use to worm their way into Ciri's good graces by impersonating Mousesack (Adam Levy). 

Granted, the base version of the Doppler is nothing to write home about. But even so, no Gemini should be disappointed to score such a powerful character to call their own. Just steer clear of silver, all right? As the show readily demonstrates, that particular precious metal is not your friend.

Cancer: Jaskier

A Cancer tends to be an artistic type who might, on occasion, get on people's nerves. Ultimately, though, they're just about as loyal a friend as you could ever hope for (per Cosmopolitan). Any world, real or fictional, has any number of artists capable of forging strong friendships, but let's face it: There's only one guy who truly fits this bill when it comes to "The Witcher." Chances are, his hit song is already playing in your head. 

One can't help suspecting that Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) might be tempted to call the bard Jaskier (Joey Batey) a "cancer" for reasons that have very little to do with the zodiac. However, it's hard to deny that this musician is an excellent fit for this star sign. Though he has the ability to be so annoying that it's virtually  a superpower, he can also get along with people quite well, and has proved himself to be overwhelmingly loyal — to Geralt, at least. As for his artistic side, well, how many people can write such a banger of a song that it singlehandedly manages to smooth over the horrible reputation of one of the most detested and feared professions around? "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher," but consider tossing a coin to the bard as well.

Leo: Vesemir

According to Horoscope.com, a Leo is defined by the traits you'd expect from a hero. A bold, assertive extrovert, Leo is ever-prepared to take control of just about anything, from conversations to kingdoms. This would be a pretty great trait in most every fantasy setting ... except for "The Witcher," which tends to favor a very different sort of protagonist. 

That's not to say there's no room for a classic Leo on the side of the (comparative) angels in "The Witcher" universe, though — it's just a bit more complicated than in most canons. The most clear-cut Leo hero in "The Witcher" is Vesemir (Kim Bodnia). This ancient Witcher is, more or less, a fantasy protagonist who didn't get around to dying in battle, instead opting to become very, very old and very, very good. There's more to him, of course, much like there is to anyone. Still, if you're searching for an archetypal Leo in this particular story, look no further than Geralt's father figure. Oh, and if you want to witness him in his heroic prime, you can always check out Netflix's "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf," which focuses on Vesemir during his wisecracking, monster-slaying younger days. 

Virgo: Tissaia de Vries

As a reserved, stylish, and highly sophisticated perfectionist, Virgo is uniquely suited to dealing with the grand scheme of things. That's a pretty fortunate skillset to have in a canon like "The Witcher," which is full of both schemes and grandiose situations. But who among the show's many characters best embodies the Virgo nature?

Tissaia de Vries (MyAnna Buring), that's who. Glamorous and sharp, the stern head of Aretuza is instrumental in molding Yennefer into the powerful woman she becomes — in more ways than one. As many of her less-lucky students would no doubt attest if they could, Tissaia sets the bar sky-high, and rarely gives anyone any slack. 

All of this might make Tissaia seem incredibly cold and distant. But, like the classic Virgo she is, she's also capable of growing close to people she deems worthy. Indeed, Tissaia is perfectly fine with encouraging Yennefer once she's proven herself, and even asks for her help once the younger sorceress has become established.

Libra: Fringilla Vigo

According to Chatelaine, stylish Libra is the glue who keeps things together. This star sign is known for charisma and a penchant for networking, with a side order of conspiratorial scheming, should the situation so require. In "The Witcher," Fringilla Vigo (Mimi Ndiweni) learns the importance of social tactics — as opposed to sheer, raw power — the hard way, when a magical mishap during her training causes her left hand to wither away.  

Despite surviving her training in Aretuza and joining the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, Fringilla starts out as a bit of a follower. However, once she's assigned to Nilfgaard, her talents flourish. She becomes an instrumental force in building the ascendant empire's strength and influence. She also seems to be in on virtually every evil plot the empire hatches, and collaborates with Cahir (Eamon Farren) to great effect. Fringilla might wield fleet-destroying magic, but her ability to secure a place within the Nilfgaardians' upper echelons is arguably her greatest strength. 

Scorpio: Geralt of Rivia

A Scorpio is an intense, temperamental, focused person who balances these overwhelming traits with ... well, a bunch more overwhelming traits. Scorpios boast particular passions for truth, power, and, counterintuitively enough, secrecy. This is one of the more challenging signs of the Zodiac to interact with, no doubt, in no small part thanks to sheer sensory overload. However, when they're on your side, they're pretty much the best ally you can hope for. 

A ruthless enemy and a reliable (if reticent) ally, Scorpio is hardly your most obvious knight in shining armor — but hey, the world of "The Witcher" is hardly the average fantasy land. Geralt of Rivia takes all the passion of your typical Scorpio and conceals it behind the silent, impregnable stoicism brought on by that star sign's penchant for secrecy. As the show gradually reveals, this outer veneer of silent, understated machismo hides a complex, intelligent, and vigorous individual who has more layers than your average onion. He'll also make you cry way more than that humble root vegetable, should you try to peel said layers apart without his approval. 

Sagittarius: Cahir

Per the New York Post, Sagittarius is a thirsty sign, be it for experiences, knowledge, or pleasure. This doesn't necessarily mean that Sagittarius can't plan ahead, though — just that their desire for freedom and change may overrule stiff social norms. This gives them a healthy edge when it comes to adapting on the fly. 

In the context of "The Witcher," this should mean that people from the rigid Nilfgaardian Empire are pretty much automatically disqualified. Yet the Netflix show's most prominent Nilfgaardian presence so far, Commander Cahir, displays many signature Sagittarius traits — especially when you take into account the fact that he's just a guy who grew up in an evil empire, and adapted accordingly. That's not a healthy environment for a young man, but despite his dark armor, the show takes care to give him moments that prove he's not just a cog in the villainy machine. Cahir is cordial to prisoners when he has the chance, and promptly loses his cool when Ciri manages to escape him. Both acts imply ambitions and emotions beyond your average evil minion's range.

Even if Cahir ultimately turns out to be a base villain, he still fits the bill of a Sagittarius in search of new experiences. After all, he clearly wants to do the things he does ... even though they might be pretty darn wicked. 

Capricorn: Ciri

Methodical Capricorn might be slow and somewhat reserved, but they always get where they want to go. They also have plenty of hidden depths that they only reveal to the deserving (per Bustle). If Princess Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon of Cintra didn't possess all these qualities (and more), the journey from her Nilfgaardian-ravaged kingdom to Geralt would have lasted roughly 10 seconds.  

With precious few allies to rely on and lacking the offensive abilities of characters like Geralt and Yennefer, Ciri's road to comparative safety is arduous. She has to make it step by step by careful step. As for hidden depths, there's the not-insignificant matter of her latent magical powers, which might just rank among the most dangerous in the entire franchise. 

With "The Witcher" Season 2 showing off Ciri's more offensive side, her hidden depths are poised to be the focal point of her development going forward. But still, it's her capacity for slow, determined progress that will take her wherever she ultimately ends up. That, as much as anything else, makes her an excellent example of a Capricorn. 

Aquarius: Triss Merigold

Your standard Aquarius is a healer who charges headfirst into the future, embracing change, new things, and — if necessary — revolution (via Allure). This is another sort of character that "The Witcher" has no shortage of, but the most obvious Aquarius in the show is Triss Merigold (Anna Shaffer). 

Though viewers only see Triss relatively briefly during "The Witcher" Season 1, she immediately establishes herself as a smooth operator, a supportive authority figure, and an active force of change. She's instrumental in Geralt's quest to free what turns out to be a dangerous striga from a curse, and her considerable talents as a magical medic mean the Witcher lives to tell the tale. She also appears to be the only person in King Foltest's (Shaun Dooley) administration who keeps an open mind and ear to the problems of regular folks, and is prepared to do something about them.

In other words, Triss is a force of positive change, as any Aquarius hopes to be. When the time comes to fight for what she believes in, well ... as plenty of Nilfgaardian troops find out to their misfortune, she's quite adept at that as well. 

Pisces: Mousesack

Pisces, per Cosmopolitan, is all about navigating the dire straits of life with a peculiar combination of passive, thoughtful submission and proactive deeds. Their ability to go both all-in and all-out is especially powerful, since both of these facets employ their inherent understanding of how things and people work. This is a very handy trait for someone like Mousesack. 

The powerful court druid is always good for solid advice, and deals in people to such an extent that when the time comes to fight invaders, his go-to solution is a simple magical barrier that keeps unwanted people out. What's more, he uses his knowledge pretty much exclusively for good. This makes him a rare example of a fictional advisor who isn't actively trying to hoard power for himself. 

On the flip side, of course, there's the fact that Mousesack proves to be pretty helpless when captured and faced with the decidedly non-human Doppler. The Doppler promptly kills the druid and assumes his trustworthy identity. Nobody's perfect, right?