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Billions Season 6 Trailer Draws New Battle Lines And Raises The Stakes

Season 6 of "Billions" is going to look quite a bit different than the five seasons that came before it. Going forward, the show won't have the services of Damien Lewis, who declined to renew his five-year contract after Season 5 (via The Hollywood Reporter). That means no more Bobby Axelrod. 

It also means the show needs a new villain. At the end of Season 5, Axelrod sold a majority stake in Axe Capital to Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) so he could avoid a lengthy prison sentence. Since then, Prince has renamed the hedge fund "Michael Prince Capital," and it looks like he's more than willing to step into Axelrod's massive shoes. That makes him an appealing target for New York Attorney General Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giammati).

Two months after releasing the first trailer for "Billions" Season 6, Showtime has released another, shedding more light on where "Billions" is headed. You can check out the trailer on YouTube or read on for a full breakdown.

Season 6 of Billions will revolve around the battle between Rhoades and Mike Prince

The trailer kicks off with Rhoades narrating. "The billionaire class? I'm gonna get them where they live," he says. He proceeds to do just that, leading a raid on a private club for the wealthy. Rhoades reiterates that he isn't just targeting one particular billionaire, he's targeting everyone who he thinks has too much wealth and power.

Next, the trailer shifts over to Prince. He's giving his employees a clean slate from the Axelrod days, but he's also planning to pit them against each other. Worst of all, he plans to "rewrite how this industry works." That's worrisome for Wendy (Maggie Siff), but Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon) takes a more zen approach. "That's the way of the gun," she says, adding that "the gun doesn't care what I think."

Then, the trailer sets up some of the ongoing conflicts for this season. Prince wants to bring the 2028 Olympics to New York City, and Rhoades wants to stop him. Rhoades promises that he doesn't have any more skeletons in his closet, which plays over footage of him visiting an S&M club. Last season it was revealed that Rhoades was into the kinky stuff, but now it looks like he's trying to resist temptation so he can avoid a scandal. Prince says that he "doesn't go to war like that," meaning he doesn't like to expose his enemies' secrets. Which is nice, except that then he says, "I'm very good at settling scores." Rhoades isn't backing down, either. "When I get big game in my sights, I can't lower my rifle," he says with a smile.

Which one will emerge victorious? Find out when Season 6 premieres on January 23, 2022.