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Olaf's Frozen Adventure Trailer Will Melt Your Heart

Frozen and the holiday season are a match made in marketing heaven, and Disney is well-aware of that fact.

Originally planned as an ABC television special, the animated short Olaf's Frozen Adventure will get a theatrical run this November. Bringing back the voice cast of Frozen, it will play before Pixar's similarly themed Coco, which is about a boy discovering his family's traditions on Día de Muertos.

Olaf (Josh Gad) takes center stage in the 21-minute featurette, in which he goes door-to-door to learn what people do for Christmas. After all, Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) haven't exactly lived normal lives up until now.

"People forget that the first movie took place in the middle of summer, so this is really the first holiday season after the girls have come together, but what they're realizing is that because they were separated for so long, they don't have any family traditions" said Pixar boss John Lasseter to Entertainment Weekly. "So, Olaf is so sad about this that he decides to step out with Sven the reindeer to go around Arendelle to find the greatest family tradition for Anna and Elsa."

Of course, it wouldn't be Frozen without music that kids will endlessly sing, and the short will include four new original songs from a new composing duo, Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel. "One of my dreams was to create a new Christmas standard in one of those songs, and Kate and Elyssa just killed it," Lasseter said. "The song that's actually in the trailer is 'When We're Together,' and it just brings tears to your eyes. It has such great meaning for frankly anybody coming together for the holiday season."

Like the other spinoffs set in Arendelle (including the 2015 short Frozen Fever and Frozen on Broadway), Olaf's Frozen Adventure will directly tie into the upcoming Frozen 2, set for release in November 2019. "You could sit and watch Olaf's Frozen Adventure and Frozen 2 as one big marathon," Lasseter said. "And it's all in [Anna and Elsa's] learnings. As we learn, they learn."

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