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James Corden, David Beckham Compete To Be Bond In Late Late Show Clip

James Corden and David Beckham are both vying to become the next James Bond in a hilarious new Late Late Show clip.

The clip begins with Corden sitting outside of the audition room practicing by reading off lines like "moneypenny" and "shaken, not stirred." However, he is quickly disturbed when Beckham shows up, well aware that this is not an audition for an underwear commercial. Although Corden tries to intimidate him, they both jump up when it's time to enter the room, enthusiastic to try out for the part.

"As you know, we are casting the new James Bond, and we're literally looking at all sorts of different people," the casting director tells them. "So you know, we've got someone like you David, handsome, kind of attractive, charming, a physical specimen. And then there's someone like you, James." 

The two then suit up to get ready to go through some typical 007 scenarios, although quite a lot of sabotage goes on. First, the two both walk intensely with a gun, but Corden is tripped up by his not-so-stylish, Austin Powers-esque baby blue suit (complete with a sparkly unicorn on the back), which the producers insist they didn't put in his room. Then, they have to try a classic Bond seduction scene, with Corden getting messed up by Beckham entering his scene looking like David Beckham. Luckily, Corden gets back at him pretty quick by switching with the woman in the scene for Beckham's turn.

Finally, they have to do a basic James Bond introduction line, which, predictably, goes awry again when Corden can't stop imitating Sean Connery. "At least I didn't sound like a girl," Corden says. "At least I didn't look like Shrek," Beckham replies, before the two get into a slapping and drink throwing fight. 

As it turns out, neither got the role, which isn't all that surprising seeing their disastrous fake auditions. However, in the end, it all worked out, as they made up and realized that they should be working together, not fighting, so they decide to team up for your new favorite superhero movie Batman and Robin. (Now we really, really want that to happen.)

Although neither Corden or Beckham will likely get anywhere near taking up the James Bond moniker in real life, many other actors have gotten close– see some of the actors who almost played James Bond.