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Halle Berry Must Rescue Her Son In Kidnap Trailer

Halle Berry is on a mission in the new trailer for her upcoming thriller Kidnap. The movie, which was delayed from its initially planned 2015 release after distributor Relativity Media went bankrupt, follows Berry as a single mother who must find her son after he gets kidnapped.

The trailer begins with Berry's Karla playing with her son Frankie (Sage Correa) on a playground at an amusement park. The pair are playing Marco Polo, but Karla quickly becomes worried when Frankie stops responding. She begins running around the park searching for him, eventually tracking him down to a parking lot, where she sees him being pulled into a car. 

Karla runs after the vehicle, losing her phone in the process. This becomes important as she starts to chase them down in her car, unable to call the police. A police officer pulls up on a motorcycle alongside her, but the kidnappers quickly run him off the road. Karla eventually goes to a local police station to report Frankie missing, but realizes that so many other parents waited for the cops to help them get their children back, only to have them never be recovered.

This leads Karla to take things into her own hands, making her realize just how far she would go to get her child back. "Let me tell you something," she says. "As long as my son is in that car, I will not stop. Wherever you go, I will be right behind you. You took the wrong kid."

Lew Temple, Chris McGinn, Dana Gourrier, Jason Winston George, and Kurtis Bedford also star in the film, which was directed by Luis Prieto based on a script from Knate Lee. Kidnap, one of the many movies to look forward to this summer, will hit theaters on August 4.