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Transformers: The Last Knight International Trailer Reveals New Footage

Anthony Hopkins says the "final battle" is upon us, but when it comes to the Transformers movie franchise, it's sort of difficult to buy that. These guys love fighting.

There's a new international trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, and while we've already seen a lot of the footage, there's a decent amount of new stuff. We get a good look at Bumblebee taking on Nazis in World War II and a glimpse of Megatron, who is once again a jet. There's also a demonstration of the deceptive strength of robot butler Cogman and plenty of pseudo-zingers from Mark Wahlberg, whose Cade Yeager attempts an intervention with rogue Optimus Prime. And, no, that's not Megan Fox. It's Laura Haddock as English professor Viviane Wembly. 

A rumored runtime of three hours got the internet collectively worked up last week, but director Michael Bay promptly clarified that the fifth Transformers flick is actually "shorter than the last three movies by a lot." That means it'll be closer to two hours, possibly shorter.

We'll find out for sure when The Last Knight rolls into theaters on June 21. Until then, check out some of the most terrible things the Transformers have ever done.