Mike Myers Is Unrecognizable In New Trailer For The Gong Show

ABC's The Gong Show reboot is fast approaching, and the network has just revealed a new trailer featuring a totally done-up Mike Myers. 

Last month, the network announced it was rebooting the popular '70s game show and tapping Saturday Night Live alum Myers to take the reins. However, character actor extraordinaire that he is, Myers will portray his hosting alter ego "Tommy Maitland" throughout all episodes. Myers' name won't appear in show credits or on any promotional materials. The latest look at the series shows Myers as Maitland in all his glory, which you can watch above.

In addition to the wacky character host, who speaks in an English accent reminiscent of Myers' exaggerated vocal tone in Austin Powers, the clip promises The Gong Show will be weirder than ever before. Hollywood stars like show producer Will Arnett (Arrested Development), Courtney Cox (Friends), Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) and Ken Jeong (Community) climb aboard the gaudily decorated stage to judge kooky talent acts, giving especially terrible contestants "the gong."

Previously, Arnett spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the reboot and its eccentric host. While we all know Matiland is strictly made-up, Arnett has maintained he's totally real. "I've been a huge fan of Tommy since I first saw his stand-up in the U.K. while traveling as a teenager," Arnett said. "He was so funny and original. I had the good fortune to cross paths with Tommy a few years ago and ever since we've talked about working together. I tried for years to come up with a vehicle that was suitable to expose his immense talent on a bigger stage, and The Gong Show is the perfect fit." 

According to Maitland, this new iteration of The Gong Show will focus on the acts themselves and the hilarity that will undoubtedly ensue. "While it's true many of them have willingly crossed the line of dignity to come onto the stage, you do have to salute their bravery," he said.  

The Gong Show is set to premiere on June 22. Until then, find out the real reason why Myers hasn't been cast in a project in years