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The Oracle Theory That Would Change Everything In The Matrix Resurrections

After the release of the, quite frankly, jaw-dropping final trailer for "The Matrix Resurrections," every green-tinted bit of coding in the latest preview was picked apart to decipher just what we can expect from Neo's return. From nods to old adversaries to familiar faces back to fight for humanity, only two things are certain — the upcoming sequel looks fantastic, and Neo still knows kung-fu. So why doesn't he know anything else?

As both previews have shown, Keanu Reeves' bullet-stopping savior appears to be suffering from a severe case of memory loss, trapped in the same world he broke free from in 1999. He has no recollection of the war against the machines or Trinity (Carrie Anne-Moss), the woman he fought alongside and fell in love with. While the upcoming film may show snippets to suggest how that's come to be, a theory suggests it's in the ones from the past that could explain why this has happened and what Neo needs to do to rectify it.

The Oracle could see the future, but did she plan it too?

To crack this code, we need only look to one of the most important figures in Neo's life after he escaped The Matrix. Played in the first film by the late Gloria Foster, The Oracle was a program created by The Machines to examine humans, helping create a believable version of The Matrix to keep them fooled. After this success, she abandoned her ties with The Machines and helped members of humanity discover their potential and escape the prison she herself helped build. Her ability to calculate occurrences and events provides her with a form of foresight to advise members of the Resistance, including Neo.

Sharing a strong bond throughout the original trilogy, The Oracle is Neo's most revered advisor, helping him on his path to save humanity and defeat his longtime adversary Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). It's this battle, and the self-sacrifice Neo endures to overcome it that leads to one of the most intriguing quotes from The Oracle that could lead into "The Matrix Resurrections." On a park bench with Sati (rumored to be Priyanka Chopra Jonas in the new film), The Oracle is asked if they will ever see Neo again. "I suspect so," she says. "Someday." While it does lead the film to end on a hopeful, albeit ambiguous line regarding Neo's future (that we now know will be put into effect), there are strong indicators she didn't just predict the hero's return, but actually planned it.

That's the way the cookie crumbles

To potentially see what the future of "The Matrix Resurrections" has in store, we may need only look back to the first encounter with Neo and the wise sage in an apron that helped him on his path. In "The Matrix," Neo's first encounter with The Oracle is in her kitchen, where the mysterious program sizes up the latest Matrix escapee. During their cryptic conversation, The Oracle is doing the seemingly simple task of baking cookies. However, given that this franchise is founded on profound rabbit hole ideas and details that mean more than they appear to be, could this act be something more?

Anyone that has been stuck on a webpage before may know that the second thing to do after turning your device on and off again is to clear your cookies. In computing lingo, "cookies" are defined as small pieces of data that identify your computer. If we apply this definition to The Oracle's baking favorite, she may actually be creating fragments of data to store info, in this case regarding Neo. Factoring in this alongside her impressive foresight and her final prediction of Neo's return, could she play her part in reawakening the savior of humanity, and could the presumed Sati be taking over her duties as The Oracle in "The Matrix Resurrections?" We'll have to wait until December 22 to find out.