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The Flash Season 4 Villain Reportedly Revealed

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Flash.

A new big bad will zoom his way onto the next season of The Flash.

TVLine reports that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will face off against Clifford DeVoe (better known as The Thinker) in the fourth season of The Flash. The series' network, the CW, declined to comment on the news. 

Flash loyals remember that DeVoe was teased a number of times in the last six episodes of season three. Devoe's existence was hinted at in the episode "Abra Kadabra" that aired back in March. The titular character, Abra Kadabra, taunts Barry by listing a handful of his most ruthless foes: "There's Thawne, Zoom, [and] DeVoe." The villain popped up in conversation again during the series' season 3 finale. Barry's future remnant, Savitar, mentioned using a tool to fight DeVoe. "This is where we came up with the cerebral inhibitor... to use against DeVoe," Savitar says as he surveys S.T.A.R. Labs. When Barry questions Savitar about the name, he replies, "You haven't gotten there yet."

If Barry really does go toe-to-toe with DeVoe in The Flash season 4, he'll be the first non-speedster villain in the show's history. The past three seasons have featured other speedsters at the center of the action, namely Reverse Flash, Zoom, and most recently, Savitar.  

In the DC Comics canon, DeVoe is a former lawyer who was pulled in by the dark side of the justice system, transforming from Clifford DeVoe to The Thinker after founding the Injustice Society. DeVoe uses tech-powered telekinesis and mind control to defeat his opponents and convince other villains to commit cruel crimes. It's been speculated that the show's narrative will explain that DeVoe acquired his powers during the particle accelerator explosion seen last season. DeVoe was an original villain of the Flash during the Golden Age of Comics, and was even a former recruit of the infamous DC clan, the Suicide Squad. 

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