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The Best Time Fez Broke Character In That 70's Show

"That 70's Show" is one the most popular sitcoms from the early 2000s. The show — which premiered in 1998 and launched the careers of many of its stars including Laura Prepon, Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama — followed the adventures of Eric Foreman and his group of high school friends as they find themselves in various different, hilarious situations. As the name suggests, "That 70's Show" takes place during the 1970s, poking fun at the groovy era which is part of the show's success and appeal. 

The other half of the show's success is due to the clever and witty writing as well as the characters. There's Hyde (Masterson), for instance, who acts too cool for school. Then there's Jackie Burkhart (Kunis), a spoiled brat who is more concerned with lip gloss and fashion than whatever the group is dealing with. One of the show's funniest characters, though, is without a doubt Fez (Valderrama). 

Fez is a foreign exchange student (hence his nickname), with an unknown home location, which is one of the show's running gags. Fez's character veers between hyper and delusional, always ready to deliver a laugh out loud one liner. His character is so funny that it was sometimes probably hard to film scenes without the cast bursting into laughter, as seen in one hilarious "That 70's Show" gag reel.

Fez in the shower was too hot to handle

Fans will likely remember the Season 6 episode "I'm Free," when an immigration agent comes to visit Fez and Laurie, Eric Foreman's sister, to see if their marriage is legitimate (this occurs because in a previous episode, Fez and Laurie get married because Fez is at risk of being deported). In "I'm Free," Fez temporarily moves into the Foreman home to convince the immigration officer that the marriage is legit. 

This leads to a funny scene where, when Fez is in the shower, Red Foreman (played by Kurtwood Smith), Laurie's father, opens the shower curtain on his son-in-law. To this, Fez responds, "I don't know what you heard, but this show ain't free!"

Turns out, this scene was just as hilarious to watch as it was to film, because a gag reel shows the actors having to do multiple takes, not being able to control their laughter each time. In the first take, Valderrama can't even deliver his line before laughing. In the second take, he gets halfway through the line before caving in and laughing while closing the curtain, setting up for another take. In the final take, both actors start laughing right after Smith draws back the curtain. At one point, Smith plays a joke and pretends to jump in the shower with Valderrama, before the take ends. Seeing all these takes makes the end result all the more funny.