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Jessica Henwick Reveals What It's Really Like Working With Lana Wachowski On Matrix Resurrections

It's impossible to talk about the history of action movies without mentioning Lilly and Lana Wachowski. When the sibling duo released "The Matrix" in 1999, they revolutionized the genre. Not only was the action masterfully crafted and engaging, but each fight was backed by a compelling narrative. From the eye-popping bullet-time effects to the white-knuckle car chases, everything was given an extra layer of importance, and this helped the movie transcend from just another action blockbuster to a landmark piece of cinema.

The Wachowskis would again join forces to direct "The Matrix Reloaded' and "The Matrix Revolutions," both of which were released in 2003. But when fans of the series get their eyes on the long-awaited fourth film, "The Matrix Resurrections," they might notice some changes to the directorial style.

Unlike the previous entries in the series, Lilly Wachowski is not involved with "The Matrix Resurrections," which means that Lana is directing the movie solo. The series has been a collaboration between the two since the very start, and fans are sure to be curious about how only having one Wachowski will affect the project. So, what is Lana Wachowski like as a solo director? Jessica Henwick, who plays a character known as Bugs in "The Matrix Resurrections," provides us with some answers.

She's a very unique director, to say the least

According to Jessica Henwick, Lana Wachowski's solo direction style is incredibly unique. "She doesn't work like any of the other directors I've worked with," Henwick explained in an interview with Collider. She continued on to add, "She loves running takes, so we'll often go 20 minutes without a single cut."

Henwick went on to describe just how energetic and intuitive Wachowski's directing style is. Henwick recounted times where Wachowski would switch the camera angle mid-take without any warning, interrupt actors while the scene was still going on, and sometimes even handle the camera movements on her own. It all has to do with following the flow of the scene in real-time. "It's fascinating to watch," Henwick said. "I've never worked with a director who is going so much on gut feeling."

While Henwick praised Wachowski's intuition, she made sure to clarify that her directing style isn't for everyone. "She's gonna talk in the middle of your line. The things which might annoy you on another project, you just have to accept with her," Henwick explained. "If you can't be flexible with a director like that, then there's no point working together."

It's clear that even without her sister, Lana Wachowski is nothing short of a powerhouse on set. Though, as Henwick clarified, a director like Wachowski definitely takes some getting used to.