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A Last Of Us Actor Just Revealed Some Surprising Casting News

With every development of HBO's "The Last Of Us," it's becoming more apparent that the adaptation of one of the greatest games ever made will be something special. The story of one man transporting and protecting a girl through the barren wasteland of a USA ravaged by a deadly virus spiked new excitement levels when "Games of Thrones" alumni Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay were confirmed as the iconic duo Joel and Ellie, respectively. This was followed by an official first look at the game being brought to life. Now though, fans may be scratching their chins in curiosity with the mention of a new name you may never have expected to be in among the chaos of the upcoming show.

Joining Pascal and Ramsay is "White Lotus" star Murray Bartlett, who was confirmed back in July via Deadline to be appearing as Frank's partner, and lover to trap-obsessed loner Bill. A significant character in the game, it was never confirmed who was set to play the twitchy, short-tempered familiar to Joel. However, in a recent interview with The Guardian, Bartlett casually confirmed who one of his costars will be — and it just might be the actor set to play Bill.

Nick Offerman is playing Bill in The Last Of Us

Discussing his part in the upcoming show, Murray Bartlett revealed that most of his screen time involves working with none other than the man that gave the world Ron Swanson on NBC's beloved show. "A lot of my scenes are with Nick Offerman," Bartlett said. "Playing off him was awesome."

While Bartlett didn't name the character Offerman was playing in the new series, he does feel like a good fit for Bill. Given how much of a huge part of Bill's life Frank is to him, it would make sense that the two also share many scenes together. However, given that the show is already playing with the original story in its transition to television, Offerman could be someone else entirely. It's another exciting project for him to be involved in following his occasional stint of serious roles like "The Founder" opposite Michael Keaton and appearing alongside Seth Rogen in the upcoming "Pam and Tommy," which focuses on the scandal of Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband Tommy Lee. We'll be able to see how he fits into Joel and Ellie's world when "The Last of Us" arrives on HBO in 2022.