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What Fans Don't Understand About Naruto's Tailed Beast Form

Part of the fun of watching "Naruto" is learning all about each character's unique Jutsu and techniques. As a shonen anime, the series often revolves around battles, Jutsus (along with proper characters and story), and the tools the author uses to build each conflict to feel exciting and fresh. However, Jutsus aren't always as simple or well explained as you might think. Granted, "Naruto" is set in a world full of magic ninjas, which means that not everything will follow consistent logic or be explained to the greatest detail possible. You just have to go with it.

Nevertheless, this results in some confusing scenarios. Sometimes, all it takes is a single missing detail for fans to start asking questions. Such is the case for one fight, where an unexplained difference in similar Jutsu raised some eyebrows amongst fans. Evidently, there are some things fans don't understand about Naruto's Tailed Beast Form.

One of these beasts is not like the others

The confusing moment in question happens during Naruto's fight against Tobi and the five Jinchuriki in the "Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax" arc of "Naruto Shippuden." At the battle's climax, he and his fellow Jinchuriki ally, Killer Bee, transform into their respective Tailed Beast forms. Among the more experienced Jinchuriki, this is a pretty common sight, but in Naruto's case, the youth is only just figuring out how to cooperate with the tailed beast inside him. When he iron things out with Kurama, the results look very different, raising some questions from fans on Reddit.

"Why is Naruto surrounded by Kurama's chakra whereas Killer Bee is surrounded by the actual 8 tails? Is it because Naruto doesn't trust Kurama enough to fully release him?" asked the original poster, u/Ok_Soil_231. This is a fair question, as the answer might not seem immediately obvious without a bit of deductive reasoning. Unlike many things in "Naruto," nobody explicitly states why Naruto's beast form is a glowing yellow hologram and not, you know, a beast.

Naruto's transformation is different because Naruto is different

The most accurate reason why Naruto's beast form is different comes from another Redditor. "Because Naruto is the protagonist and he has to look cool," wrote u/why_should_i_care_12. However, there's not much justification for why Naruto transforms differently in terms of sheer lore. He simply changes in a different way than the others. There doesn't necessarily have to be a deeper reason behind it.

From a storytelling perspective, however, it's clear that Naruto was given a unique look to highlight his special relationship with Kurama and make it seem like an extension of their previous efforts. The predecessor to Naruto's Tailed Beast Form, the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, also appears in the form of a glowing yellow cloak of chakra. Expanding that initial cloak into the form of Kurama really sells home the idea that the two have taken things to the next level and are truly in sync with one another.