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The Scene In Netflix's Arcane That Changed Fans' Minds About Viktor

The Netflix animated show "Arcane" is a hot new release on the streamer. The series takes bits of lore from the "League of Legends" universe and crafts them into a gut-wrenching Greek tragedy. For those of you who don't play multiplayer online battle arena games like Riot Games' "League of Legends," don't worry. You don't need to know anything about the game in order to enjoy "Arcane." As a matter of fact, it may arguably make your viewing experience even better to go in cold and form your own appreciation of this particular adaptation.

On "Arcane," the character of Viktor (Harry Lloyd) plays a smaller role in the larger story, but it's an important one nonetheless. He's a brilliant scientist who harnesses the power of arcane magic to bring "hextech" to the city of Piltover. But, as Viktor travels further and further down that rabbit hole, it appears as though his pursuit of science begins to take priority over his humanity.

In a pivotal scene in the Season 1 finale that wraps up his story arc, Viktor shares a tender moment with a good friend while mourning a tragedy. While a majority of his time in "Arcane" Season 1 is spent depicting this character are more of a villain, this particular scene has left many fans sympathizing with him — it's just that powerful of a moment.

Fans saw Viktor differently after this emotional Act 3, Episode 9 scene

In the penultimate episode of Season 1 of Netflix's "Arcane," Viktor's laboratory assistant, Sky (Kimberly Brooks), is vaporized into ash in an experiment gone horribly wrong. Afterward, in the Season 1 finale, "The Monster You Created," he tries to destroy the tech that kills her but fails. Instead, he scoops up her ashes and scatters them in the river from a high ledge. As he stands up to leave, he takes a trepidatious step close to the edge, implying he's about to jump. But Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) shows up to console him before it's too late. During their talk, Viktor asks his good friend to destroy the tech, lamenting that "in the pursuit of great, we failed to do good."

This Season 1, Episode 9 scene had fans talking about Viktor's character development on the subreddit r/Arcane. In a post kicked off by u/nerooooooo, fans discussed the heartwrenching circumstances that changed their minds about Viktor. U/corvettee01 mentioned, "I fully expected to come out of this show hating Viktor, but damn, he's such an amazing, tragic character. This show has blown away any expectation I had."

Several Redditors echoed that sentiment. U/YaBoiWOKE noted at one point, "[Viktor] truly cared about the people and didn't force his evolutions on anyone." Additionally, u/Ornery_Rich_7725 agreed, writing, "I feel like Viktor and [Heimerdinger] were both heroes to me. [Wow, I] just finished three minutes ago, and I'm on Cloud 9."

Those familiar with the "League of Legends" lore added that, at some point, Viktor will likely turn into the "villain we came to know" from the game. He's certainly faced enough tragedy in his life so far to turn to the dark side. Whatever the writers come up with in Season 2 may push Viktor over the edge.