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The Sleepwalking Murder Documentary Coming To Hulu

True crime stories have overtaken practically every medium. From best-selling books to podcasts to award-winning movies, everyone from amateurs to professional detectives will attempt to piece together a murder to try to figure out what really happened on fateful nights. And just when you think you've heard every story under the sun, Hulu will present a case like no other to the masses in the form of "Dead Asleep."

It starts like many other true crime stories that have come before. You have a dead woman in the form of Brooke Preston at the hands of her long-time friend Randy Herman Jr. The only problem is that there's no apparent motive for such an act to have taken place between two good friends until it's uncovered that Herman is a sleepwalker. Is this a genuine case of a person doing something in their sleep they have no recollection of, or is it merely a ruse? That's the story that will be investigated in the upcoming Hulu documentary.

Twists and turns abound in Dead Asleep trailer

Anyone ready for their next true crime obsession needs to give a shot to "Dead Asleep" coming to Hulu. The streaming service released the first trailer for the documentary, which provides a general overview of the case and teases some of the liner notes. It starts with two best friends, who moved to Florida together looking for a good time. Everyone seemed to be going swell in their relationship until Randy Herman Jr. contacted the police to inform them that he had murdered Brooke Preston. 

The documentary will consist of interviews with people close to the case, including members of Herman's family as well as individuals part of the defense team. It also appears as though some sleepwalking experts have gotten into the mix to confirm that people do, indeed, commit strange acts while asleep. What's true? What's false? Hopefully, the documentary sheds light on the case so that the general public has a better understanding of how this tragedy took place once it drops on the streaming platform on December 16.