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Elizabeth's Powers From The Seven Deadly Sins Explained

"The Seven Deadly Sins" has had a strong showing on Netflix since it debuted in 2014, covering a total of 100 episodes. The anime has covered all 41 volumes and 342 chapters of the manga series of the same name, written by Nakaba Suzuki. The Netflix Original series follows the journey of Elizabeth, the Princess of the Kingdom of Liones, as she searches for all seven sins. The "sins" are actually warriors, who were all falsely accused of crimes against Liones in the past. 

In the present time, Princess Elizabeth has been deposed, and she believes finding the disgraced warriors is key to restoring her kingdom. They are the only ones who can beat the Holy Knights, the group that has taken control of the kingdom. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, she is the 107th incarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth. Unfortunately, she's been cursed to lose her memories with each rebirth, and therefore, doesn't know how to tap into her powers — except unconsciously. Yet, even before her memories are recovered, Elizabeth is able to heal loved ones who are wounded or dying. 

What is Elizabeth capable of when she is in full possession of her memories, and can use her powers to their greatest potential?

Elizabeth's past led to her downfall and curse

Elizabeth's curse begins long ago when she dares to fall in love with Meliodas, who is a member of the Demon Clan, a rival race. Elizabeth is part of the Goddess Clan, the daughter of their leader, the Supreme Deity, while the powerful Meliodas is the son of the Demon King, the leader of the Demon Clan. The two clans are equally powerful, though, which creates a lot of bitterness, and the Demon Clan has an elite group of fighters — known as the Ten Commandments — of which Meliodas is the leader. Regrettably, the tentative truce between the clans ends after the Goddess Clan breaks a treaty with the Demons, slaughtering many of their women and children. 

When Meliodas and Elizabeth choose each other over their clans, they are both punished. The Supreme Deity curses Meliodas with immortality, but each time he dies, he loses a little bit more of his empathy and compassion, until he's once again a bloodthirsty demon. The Demon King curses Elizabeth to be human, without her memories of being a Goddess. But each time she recovers her memories, she dies within three days time, and always in front of Meliodas. This means that by the time the current incarnation of Elizabeth is born, he has watched her die 106 times.

Elizabeth's memories reveal her powers

Once Elizabeth regains her memories, there is nothing that can stop her from learning about the array of powers at her disposal. One of her greatest powers is to heal, which she can do fairly easily. When her goddess powers are first awakened, she heals everyone and everything in the kingdom. Later, when she recovers her memories, she's able to heal large armies and groups of people, despite many of them being badly maimed. 

Along with her healing powers, Elizabeth has the power of empathy, which allows her to sway her enemies, by speaking directly to their hearts. She is able to convince a group of demons to abandon their war efforts by using her empathic powers on them. Elizabeth also has the ability to use wings to fly. Her wings are also quite strong, allowing her to carry Diane in her giant form.

One of Elizabeth's most powerful tools in her arsenal is Ark, which is a magic power that utilizes light particles and counteracts darkness. This gives her the ability to manipulate and control light. She can weaponize the light, turning it into shards to fire at her enemies or create explosions and barriers. In offensive mode, Ark is Elizabeth's strongest and most potent weapon. Along with Ark, she also uses Let There Be Light, which allows her to cross her arms and fire off projectiles of light to purify the darkness.

Throughout much of "The Seven Deadly Sins," Elizabeth feels powerless compared to the others. She hates that she always needs saving. When she finally discovers her own history and that she is a goddess, it's an intense, freeing moment for Elizabeth. She can finally be the person to save her loved ones and combat the darkness.