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The Ending Of Netflix's Inside Job Explained

Netflix's "Inside Job" asks one simple question: What would happen if virtually every conspiracy known to mind were actually true? That means lizard people really control every global institution, and the Mothman is someone you can actually grab a beer with. Of course, keeping all of these horrific truths a secret is tough work, but there's a team of somewhat competent professionals at the helm to ensure the world retains a state of blissful ignorance. 

That team's led by Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan), whose intelligence is often overshadowed by her less-than-stellar social skills. The fact she can't even hug someone without wanting to punch them speaks volumes, but over the course of Season 1, Part 1, she gradually learns to overcome those boundaries and learn to trust those around her. 

The gang gets into all sorts of zany adventures throughout 10 episodes, and just when things look up for Reagan after she seems poised to take the mantle of head of Cognito, Inc., it's taken away from her. What exactly happened at the ending of "Inside Job" Season 1, Part 1? 

Contains spoilers for "Inside Job" Season 1, Part 1

Rand played the long con

The final episode of "Inside Job," titled "Inside Reagan," lays all the cards on the table. Rand (Christian Slater) altered Reagan's memories so that she had no recollection of her only friend growing up — Orrin. Once she discovers this horrifying truth, Reagan vows to cut all ties with her father because they clearly have an unhealthy relationship. It appears as though Reagan has turned a new corner in life, but that's when it's revealed that the Shadow Board, i.e., the ones who truly run the world, have decided to give the position of CEO to Cognito, Inc. to Rand instead. 

The Shadow Board was displeased that Reagan apparently allowed a mole to infiltrate Cognito, so the only one truly capable of running the company at that point is Rand. After all, he had done it before. 

Throughout Part 1, it appeared that Rand was just a slovenly alcoholic, but is it possible that he was pulling an inside job the entire time? He could've pretended to be incompetent throughout the season so that Reagan wouldn't suspect him of ulterior motives. It certainly seems that way, considering everything fell into place for Rand to take over Cognito. Is there another conspiracy for Reagan and the team to uncover? No doubt that will play a significant role going into Season 1, Part 2 of "Inside Job."

What can we expect for the future of Inside Job?

"Inside Job" ended on a pretty massive cliffhanger, and it gives us a good idea of what the main throughline for the next batch of episodes will entail. Season 1 may have had episodes of the team traveling to a town where it's still the 1980s and fending off the advances of a James Bond-esque secret agent, but really, it was about Reagan coming out of the shadow of her father. It's evident from the start that the two have an abusive relationship with one another. Any of Reagan's social issues result from Rand wanting her to focus solely on science and mathematics so that she would one day become the genius behind Cognito, Inc. 

As it turns out, Rand just wanted her as a backup plan. With her joining the Cognito fray, he could always maintain one ear inside the organization if he ever left, which is precisely what happened. Part 2 should continue this trend. 

Reagan may have kicked Rand out of her apartment, but she hasn't gotten rid of him yet. Instead, her work and family life have become one, and it's clear Rand will continue causing his daughter trouble now that he's the head honcho. But she's now out for blood and will likely want what was taken from her. Expect this family feud to get even more bitter when Season 1, Part 2 airs likely at some point in 2022.