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The Arrested Development Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The zodiac is compelling because it somehow can take big, broad strokes of personality and add enough detail to make it relevant to each individual born under a particular sign. As such, it can be a fascinating tool for self-reflection and self-analysis. 

While each sign has their own strengths, the zodiac can sometimes point out uncomfortable truths with regard to one's personality. Given that there are so many other ways to create personality profiles, like the Enneagram and the Myers-Briggs inventory, astrology has stood the test of time as the original, most enduring version of personal introspection.  

Speaking of uncomfortable truths, finding out which character from the television show "Arrested Development" you are based on your zodiac sign might not necessarily be a flattering experience. Airing on Fox from 2003-2006 and revived on Netflix in 2013, the cult show proved a tough sell on network television in part because the entire cast of characters are privileged, delusional narcissists. Even the presumed protagonist, hard-working Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), proved to be as shallow as the rest of his family; the difference was that he was self-righteous on top of it. 

The series documented the fall from grace and wealth of this family thanks to the "light" treason committed by patriarch George (Jeffrey Tambor), masterminded by his scheming wife Lucille (Jessica Walter). So, let's all make a huge mistake together and find out which member of the extended Bluth family you are, based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries: George Bluth Sr.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th) is the first sign of the zodiac, and it tends to represent powerful, take-charge personalities. Known as "the Warrior," Aries the Ram is highly competitive, passionate, bold, and demanding. They often become leaders because it seems obvious to them that they are best suited to take charge, even if they are sometimes quick to get angry. 

The patriarch of the Bluth family, George Bluth, is the clear leader and a typical Aries. In fact, the family only began to fall apart when George's overseas indiscretions in Iraq ("light treason") led to his arrest. The passionate George was about to pass on leadership of the company to his wife Lucille before his arrest, and he spent much of the show trying to regain his former standing in the family and with his wife. He was competitive with his brother and encouraged competitiveness with his sons. In fact, he would often goad them into fistfights with each other, filming and selling them as a series of videos called "Boyfights." It's why the passive Buster was such a disappointment to him, because he lacked the pugnacious attitude of his other sons. 

Taurus: Oscar Bluth

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th) is another headstrong sign, but unlike fiery Aries, is a steadfast earth sign. Known as "the Sensualist," Taurus knows what it wants and prefers to have life revolve around their own pleasure. They like routine, comfort, stability, and certainty. They can get angry whenever any of this is disturbed. They are the ultimate homebodies

Oscar Bluth, George's pothead ne'er-do-well twin brother (also played by Tambor), exemplified many qualities of a classic Taurus. All he was interested in was getting high, eating, and having sex with Lucille, his brother's wife. In fact, he turned out to be Buster's actual father, something he often hinted at in highly-exaggerated ways. Unlike his brother, he didn't care to compete for leadership in the company or join in the corporate rat race. He wanted affection, time with his family, and creature comforts. Even when Buster didn't know that Oscar was his real father, Buster still felt paternal approval from him, something he had never previously experienced. 

Gemini: Lindsay Bluth-Fünke

Life of the party Gemini (May 21st – June 20th) is a huge flirt and a quick wit. Known as "the Communicator," Geminis love entertaining and hosting events. They're the type who have never met a stranger and can chat up just about anyone. While intelligent and passionate, they are also easily influenced and somewhat flaky, lacking follow-through on their many projects. 

Lindsay Bluth-Fünke was initially known as the activist, liberal member of the Bluth family. Trapped in a sexless marriage with her husband Tobias, they decided to try an open marriage. Lindsay flirted with every available man she came into contact with, even dressing in ridiculously provocative ways, but it never worked out for her. She actually was relieved when she learned her father had paid off everyone in prison not to look at her. 

Lindsay was constantly throwing charity events and going to protests. However, the events typically became self-serving, revolving around her in some way (offering herself up as a prize in a bachelorette auction, for instance). She protested against the Ten Commandments being outside a courtroom, because she broke a heel on it. Lindsay and Michael often got along well (they both had a sense of how ridiculous their family was), but Lindsay's obsession with the trappings of wealth made it difficult to take her stated beliefs very seriously. Like a true Gemini, she went from one cause or failed business to another, usually on a whim. 

Cancer: Buster Bluth

Cancers (June 21st – July 20th) are among the most emotionally sensitive signs in the zodiac, and that sensitivity can often lead to anger. Known as "the Nurturer," family is the most important thing to a Cancer, along with creating a comfortable and supportive home. They are very loyal, especially to their mothers and mother figures in their lives. Sometimes these bonds can grow a little intense; they often take on other people's problems when trying to nurture. Consistency is very important to Cancers. 

Buster Bluth, the youngest of the Bluth kids, never quite fit in with his more aggressive siblings. He formed a highly-dependent relationship with his mother, to the point where they often wore matching outfits. That included the infamous Motherboy mother-son gala events, where Buster felt a lot of pressure to win in order to please his mom. 

While generally a kind person (he was known for his slightly unnerving shoulder massages), Buster reacted poorly (to say the least) when faced with emotionally difficult news. When he was a kid, he would explode with rage while blaming the maid for the death of his pet bird, destroying his room and hurling a vacuum cleaner against the bus, which he thought was her house. When he thought George was dead, he had a similar freakout, accidentally burying GOB. Buster craved a family that would be as loyal to him as he was to them — but he had the bad luck of being born a Bluth. 

Leo: Kitty Sanchez

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) is the fiery show-off of the zodiac. Known as "the Creative," they are often in performing arts like acting. With their out-there personalities, Leos generally like to be noticed, and it's hard to ignore them. They can be a little vain and self-centered, but they are undeniably charming and fun. If a Leo decides to be your friend, you will have no more loyal an ally than the roaring Lion. 

George Bluth's former secretary and lover, Kitty Sanchez, was the epitome of a Leo. Slightly unhinged, her extreme loyalty to George put her at odds with the rest of the family, who were trying to get her to produce a variety of documents to protect their interests in the government's case against the company. Kitty also hinted at blackmail, making the company pay for her breast implants. She was fond of flashing Michael Bluth, saying, "Take a good look, because it's the last time!" Of course, there were multiple last times. She later became the life of the party at Spring Break. 

Speaking of self-centered, Kitty was obsessed with George in part because he promised to get her pregnant, and she even kidnapped him after freeing him from prison in order to do so. Kitty was always doing things that made her impossible to ignore, albeit much in the same way it's impossible to drive past a car crash without feeling the urge to gawk.

Virgo: Michael Bluth

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd) is known as both "the Healer" and "the Analyst." They want to make things better for loved ones, and usually believe they are right. Indeed, their primary urge is to try and fix everything around them. They are all about the fine details, extremely hard work, and pragmatism — not necessarily big dreams and lofty ideals. While this often leads to them being judgmental, it doesn't stop them from actively trying to help others — even people they judge negatively. 

Long-suffering Michael Bluth is a perfect example of a Virgo. The most sensible of all the Bluths (though, admittedly, that is a disturbingly low bar), Michael always stressed to his son the importance of family. A believer in hard work, his favorite phrase was "we've got to keep our heads down and power through." He had scorn for how lazy GOB and Lindsay were, and pitied Buster for being bullied by GOB and his dad. He put in years of honest, hard work in hopes of becoming president of the Bluth Company, in part because he felt he would do a better job than his father. He was fond of lecturing everyone on what they should be doing, even as he frequently didn't listen to what his son actually needed. Every time he got fed up with the family and vowed to have nothing to do with them, his sense of duty (and, perhaps, superiority) would draw him back in. 

Libra: George Michael Bluth

Libra (September 23rd – October 23rd) is represented by the scales, obsessed with balance. Known as "the Diplomat" and "the Lover," Libra concerns itself with peaceful and harmonious relationships with others, especially with regard to romantic relationships. They often get along to go along, because they prefer not to be alone. They are eager to act as mediators, particularly for loved ones who are in conflict. Their skill at seeing multiple sides of an argument helps them in this, but that perspective also makes it difficult for them to make decisions. When their relationships are going poorly, they often sulk and pity themselves. However, their families and friends are always important to them. 

George Michael Bluth, Michael's son, is a textbook Libra. It was important to him to be a good son because of how much he valued his father's approval, even if his father's attention frequently got diverted away from him. George Michael's mild-mannered personality stood out with the argumentative Bluths, including his bold cousin Maeby. George Michael became obsessed with his cousin for a while, then later became obsessed with Ann Veal, much to the puzzlement of everyone around him. When Ann dumped him, he became morose, walking around like a sad Charlie Brown. He often tried to help Maeby outside of being in love with her, no matter how frustrating she was. 

Scorpio: Lucille Bluth

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21st) is the deep, enigmatic member of the zodiac. Known as "the Alchemist," the scheming Scorpio is adept at exploiting weaknesses, thanks to their sharp perceptiveness. This is a highly emotional and intuitive sign, and their charismatic intensity is magnetic. Scorpios aren't just mysterious; they make other people want to solve that mystery. They sometimes put their own needs and dreams ahead of others, sometimes to the point of betrayal

The scheming, manipulative Lucile Bluth is obviously a Scorpio. The true mastermind of the Bluth family, she let George be a patsy in the whole government investigation of their company. She was adept at setting her children against each other, especially when she saw them getting along, which is what happened with Michael and Lindsay. While she was quite aware that George was sleeping with his secretary Kitty, she was happy to fool around with his twin brother, especially when George went to prison. She enjoyed the devotion of her youngest son, Buster, because it fed her ego. However, she punished him by withholding affection whenever he did something to annoy her. If there was something to illicitly be gained, someone to manipulate, or an imagined enemy to punish, Lucille Bluth would be there. 

Sagittarius: Lucille Austero

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st) is a friendly, emotional, optimistic sign. Referred to as "the Philosopher," Sagittarius enjoys thinking about esoteric and mystical topics, but always with other people in mind. They are truth-tellers, even when the truth hurts. Their emotions sometimes run away with them, especially if it's a new obsession of some kind. Above all else, they love new experiences and aren't afraid to take risks.

On "Arrested Development," Lucile Austero was the resident Sagittarius. Also known as "Lucille 2," she was a firm ally of the Bluth family, even if she was sometimes at odds with the psychotically-competitive Lucille Bluth. Always chipper and friendly, compared to the surly and suspicious other Lucille, Lucille Austero was eager to seek out new experiences after the death of her husband. That even included dating Buster Bluth, whom Lucille thought was staring at her at a party (when in fact, he wasn't wearing his glasses and was trying to focus). That relationship did not please Lucille Bluth, who felt betrayed by her son. Lucille Austero suffered from vertigo, but she never let that get in the way of her love life, or even running for Congress.

Capricorn: Maeby Fünke

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th) is the most responsible, dutiful, and ambitious sign of the zodiac. Dubbed "the Leader," Capricorns are not so much obsessed with power as they are making sure that things get done. That said, they are extremely comfortable being in charge and making sure everyone else is doing what they think they're supposed to do. They never suffer long from setbacks, and are always willing to keep working, playing the long game at all times. 

This might seem to be an odd fit for Mae "Maeby" Fünke, given her well-known preference for taking easy shortcuts at all times. While it's true that she lacked the dogged work ethic of a Capricorn, there were a lot of indications that she was growing into this role. In terms of leadership, she easily bossed around her cousin George Michael, and was by far the most mature member of the family. That's not surprising, considering Tobias and Lindsay were her parents. 

Maeby was a skilled con man, and this was an area into which she invested a great deal of effort. She created a wheelchair-bound alter ego in high school named Surely, and she used her made-up disease "BS" to get donations. Her greatest con/show of leadership, however, came when she talked her way into becoming an executive at Tantamont Studios. In addition to getting several movies into production, she also made an intern do her book report.  

Aquarius: Tobias Fünke

Aquarius the water-bearer (January 20th – February 18th) is the quirkiest sign of the zodiac. Known as "the Humanitarian," they aren't afraid to be the weirdos on the fringe, especially because they view themselves as possessing special knowledge and perspectives. They tend to be the type that can sometimes miss the trees for focusing on the forest, and while they engage with complex spiritual concepts, they're often out of touch with their own emotions. 

Tobias Fünke was an easy choice as the Aquarius for "Arrested Development." The husband of Lindsay Bluth, she married him as an act of rebellion, because she knew her parents wouldn't approve of this weirdo in a million years. Tobias spent much of his life loftily trying to help others in his own way, as the first combined analyst/therapist (producing the unfortunate contraction of "analrapist") until he was disbarred. Pushing the suspect antidepressant Teamocil, he brought Lindsay and young Maeby into "Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution," a musical group whose pharmaceutical folk tunes were filled with disclaimers about side-effects. 

Tobias later believed that the universe was guiding him into acting. He checked into prison to research a role and wound up becoming a gang leader. He often painted himself blue, hoping to be called by the Blue Man Group as an alternate. Tobias was also fond of lecturing others about their emotions, especially Michael, despite the repressed rage and sexuality that led to him becoming a Never-Nude.

Pisces: GOB Bluth

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th) is the final sign of the zodiac. It's "the Dreamer," the sign that often gets lost in the clouds. They love illusions and dreams more than humdrum reality. They have poor boundaries and are huge romantics, but they're terrible at the practical aspects of maintaining relationships. They are creative, friendly and generous. 

Who is a bigger dreamer in "Arrested Development" than GOB Bluth? George Oscar Bluth is a Pisces because he always lived in his own version of reality, one where his career as a magician and escape artist was valued by anyone other than him and his fellow illusionists. GOB was the sort of person who was always terribly lonely and desired friends, but being raised a Bluth made it difficult for him to figure out how to earn them. Indeed, when he developed an actual friendship with magician rival Tony Wonder, he mistook it for physical attraction because he had never developed affection for a friend before. That never stopped GOB from having one love affair after another, however, stomping all over boundaries as he was in them. GOB's just a big kid who loved magic because it made the world seem more special and fun, instead of the boring, treacherous nature of Bluth business.