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The Best Fight Scene In Netflix's Arcane According To Fans

When "Arcane," the animated show based on esports phenomenon "League of Legends," debuted, there wasn't much hype around the project. Video game adaptations have had a rocky track record, to say the least, and aside from a few high-profile voice actors and some decent concept art, nothing seemed to suggest that "Arcane" would break the mold.

But break the mold it did, and fans immediately embraced the lush visuals and detailed lore, much of which was invented from whole cloth for the show — since, prior to "Arcane," "League of Legends" had never developed its characters' backstories in such depth before. Not only were audiences introduced to an array of diverse and instantly fascinating characters, they were treated to pure eye candy in every frame, thanks to the unique blend of hand-drawn and CG animation from French animation house Fortiche.

Especially gorgeous are the show's fight scenes, which are never confusing to follow despite the flashy style. Each fight is underpinned by character motivations that make such conflict inevitable, which means that viewers understand the emotional stakes of each fight and become invested in the outcome, all the way to the shocking end.

One fight stood out to fans more than any other, who took to social media to express their excitement.

The Ekko vs Jinx fight blew fans away

The climax of "Arcane" Episode 7 sees a showdown between Jinx (Ella Purnell), the chaotic terrorist raining horrors down on Piltover, and Ekko (Reed Shannon), her childhood friend. Ekko is sidelined for most of the season, but truly gets his chance to shine here. After Jinx bombs the bridge between Piltover and Zaun, he steps in just as she opens fire on Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Caitlyn (Katie Leung), saving them. What ensues is a showdown for the ages. Ekko begins to swing his stopwatch (a reference to his powers in the "League of Legends" game), and sequences of the two play-fighting as children are stitched between shots of the current action. As Jinx readies her gun, the opening notes of "Dynasties & Dystopia" by Denzel Curry, Gizzle, and Bren Joy from the fantastic "Arcane" soundtrack begins to play, Denzel's guttural rap style bringing a fierce energy to the fight.

Through the flashbacks to their childhood, Ekko sees how the fight will play out, then he springs into action, dodging her shots and slamming her to the ground. But he hesitates to land a fatal blow, giving Jinx enough time to release a grenade. As it blows, the credits roll ... and fans went bananas on social media.

On Reddit, u/BIBLICALDIARRHEA666 wrote, "I'm obsessed with the fight sequence and the moments before it. It's such a quick fight, but the throwback they do to really give way to how they played as kids was awesome. Not to mention the emphasis on Ekko ULT reference in the scene too." u/XulonA agreed, enthusing, "The ending fight, holy f—ing s— that was heartbreaking, amazing, dripping with swagger, good lord how does this show make me want to cry and get hyped at the same time."