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The Subtle Detail You Never Noticed About Dexter: New Blood's Title Screen

"Dexter: New Blood" has so far proven to be an interesting experiment for Showtime. As many will likely recall, "Dexter" initially ended in 2013, and the show's original series finale was met with a highly negative response from both critics and fans alike. Even series star Michael C. Hall has commented about just how many fans were disappointed by the show's ending. That said, Hall has also gone out of his way to note that the original series' lackluster ending turned out to be a bit of a "silver lining" because it allowed him to reprise his role as Dexter Morgan for "New Blood" (via Entertainment Tonight).

All in all, "Dexter: New Blood" has mostly paid off for everyone involved too. It has received fairly positive reviews up to this point and currently holds a 72% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. The show has been steadily telling its story over the course of its first few episodes as well, reintroducing viewers to Hall's Dexter and revealing the consequences of the events that took place in the original series. 

However, there's one subtle detail in the opening of "Dexter: New Blood" that fans may not have noticed, and it's related to one of the biggest visual motifs present in the original series.

The Dexter: New Blood logo is getting bloodier

On the "Dexter" subreddit, u/yanislavcho recently pointed out in a post that the opening title logo for "Dexter: New Blood" gets bloodier with each episode. It's a neat little visual trick, especially considering that "New Blood" follows Dexter as he steps more and more into the habits of his old life and embraces his inner nature as a serial killer once again.

u/Northman_Ast also pointed out that the blood seems to be dripping from the word "Dexter" onto the rest of the "New Blood" logo, which would be very interesting if true. "It seems like the blood is dropping from the word 'Dexter,'" the Redditor wrote. "The last 'E' from 'Dexter' has less blood at the bottom each episode. Same with blood drops."

While this could be nothing more than a clever visual trick on the part of the "New Blood" production team, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that it directly corresponds with the themes of the show, including its exploration of how Dexter's legacy has impacted his son, Harrison (Jack Alcott). Whether or not "Dexter: New Blood" will continue making its title screen bloodier and bloodier the further it gets into its story, however, remains to be seen.